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  Teachers' introduction

This ten-week scheme of work is based upon the QCA scheme Unit 2B Mother Nature, Designer for Key Stage 1 although many of the ideas/activities are relevant to Key Stage 2 pupils studying patterns.

National Curriculum Links
The scheme helps children to:
• record from firsthand observation and experience through drawing and painting
• represent their observations and ideas
• understand how designers have been inspired by nature in the past by studying the collections of The Higgins
• design and make a textile collage inspired by nature
• review what they and others have done and say what they think and feel about it
• develop their IT skills through the use of online resources

About using this site
You can download and save the full scheme of work as a Word document which you can then adapt to your own needs. To do this click File – Save As when viewing the scheme online. The scheme explains how the activity and resources for pupils on this site can be used in the classroom.

You could also read the Information page on the Making patterns interactive before using it online.

The Lesson outcomes page has examples of pupils’ work from this topic and comments on the lessons.

The visit to The Higgins is optional but highly recommended.