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  Natural objects photo gallery

Adonis Blue Butterfly


Australian Pheasant Shell


Beetle 2

Bullmouth Helmet Shell

Clear Sundial Shell

Common Spider Conch Shell

Death's head Hawk-Moth

Emperor Moth (Male)

English Swallowtail Butterfly

Episcopal Miter Shell

Eyed Hawk Moth

Foreign Weevil

Grey Squirrel

Humpbacked Cowrie Shell

Lettered Cone Shell

Longhorned Foreign Beetle

Major Harp Shell

Male pheasant

Marbled White Butterfly

Nautilus Shell

Puss Moth

Scallop Shell

Other half of Scallop Shell

Scarab beetle

Sea Urchin


Southern Hawker Dragonfly



Tawny Owl

Tiger Moth

Trumpet Triton Shell

Wood Pigeon