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David Peter (24/06/2021)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1979 - 1982, first in the Joint Operations Center, Chicksands (JOCC) for about 6 months then on Able Flight of the 6950 ESG for a little over a year then in the day shop of the 6950 ESG for the remainder of my time there. I left in November 1982. While there I played for the Ampthill Extra Fifths Rugby Union Football Team.

Andrew Taylor (15/06/2021)

I'm trying to track down a guy who was known simply as Eckhardt. He was early 20's then (no older than 23 or 24, I believe). He was based at Chicksands in 1956/57 and I understand married a Hitchin girl before returning to the US.

William DiMeo (10/06/2021)

Hello..2167th Comm Squadron..Dog Trick 1964 to 1967.


Therese (Terry Menger) Huff (10/06/2021)

Hey! I've seen my name a couple of times on this board! Really not sure if that is good or bad, but I remember a lot of good people at Chicksands and hope I am remembered the same way. Stationed there from the beginning of 1974 through early part of 1976. Lived off base a good part of the time and had SO many adventures. Loved England and concentrate on the good stuff. Best to all my fellow vets...

Larry mcadam (01/06/2021)

Was there at Chicksands from March of 1961 to March of 1964Lg

Mona Lisa Ingram (18/5/2021)

Hi Fellow RAF Chicksands 1984-1987! I worked in Supply Systems as Admin. I was MonaLisa Grant. Met my future husband BA Howard and within six months got married. We were a part of the singles group and choir on Sundays with Pastor and Gertrude Douglas and enjoy the Saturday services and Miracle COGIC too. We love the comradeship of the Saints there and miss it so much. We remember Judy n Mel Carter, Ken n Angela Smiley, Brenda Lewis, Liz n Mike Sears, and Anita Dixon - some we are still in contact with today. I was shortstop on the women’s base softball team and my comrade Brenda played basketball. If you’re out there, drop me a line. God bless you and keep you!

Mal Livick (5/5/2021)

Stationed at Chicksands from July '53 - Sep '55.

Howard "CLEM" Kletter (8/3/2021)

Looking for Kenneth Watkins, from Arkansas, We were at Chicksands 59-61

Forrest J Aguirre (1/3/2021

My dad, SMSGT Robert Aguirre, was stationed at Chix 85-88. I was there most of the time, that long haired dependent with the earring that frequented the NCO club. Just visited the Priory in 2019 - good memories! Wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Greg Boehler (my spelling might be wrong) who worked in Finance at that time? Would love to make contact with him again!

Carlos L Lopez (22/2/2021)

Glad to find this site. Brings back a lot of memories. Stationed at Chicksands 76-79. Assigned as Crypto, 30650.

Jim & Becky Goggin (10/2/2021)

Been several years since we were here on site. Served at the Sands from 1975 - 1979 on Able Flight. Some of our BEST years in life. Just wanted to say hi to anyone visiting and would like hearing from any old friends. Finished service as an 0-4 in 1995, retired from teaching in 2011, working on a third career still teaching HS to date, and married 45 years. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Thanks.

Margaret Darker (12/1/2021)

I was a Morse code operator stationed at Chicksands in WW2. I'm 97.

Gary Franklyn F Green (30/12/2020)

Lt Colonel William J Fausnaught Jr Usaf Air Police Chicksands 1951-1955 Anyone who served with him or as civilian i would love to hear from you Gary

Marni Jackson (10/12/2020)

I served at raf chicksands from 1976-1980. I was a morse systems operator. I am Looking for a Larry Wood. Also there during the same time frame. He was an it tech or repaired our equipment. It is very important i get ahold of him. Noted works or worked for FEMA

Please contact me with any information. Thank you so much . And this was the prettiest base. A honor to serve here.

Carherine Braga (26/11/2020)

Looking for info and or photos of my husband james o braga 012 40 3317

Harry Stone (21/11/2020

Harry Stone here. I was a 671 in the admin bldg from 03/66 to 4/68. Lived in Bedford on Kimbolton Rd. and later on Clarendon St. Frequented the Saracens Head I think on St. Pauls Square.

Roger Ward (20/11/2020)

As part of my research for the Friends of Chicksands Priory I am trying to gather details of all the USAF Chaplains assigned to RAF Chicksands between 1950-1995. Sadly, some have died and appear on the site; others seem to be completely missing: Chaplain Ruth Warren, Fr. Joseph Wagner, Fr. Leonard Zeller. I was church organist at RAF Chicksands from 1966- 1995. Happy to hear from anyone who can help. Many thanks. Roger W. Ward, Chairman & Historian, Friends of Chicksands Priory (see our

Kim Kamsch Sisson (3/11/2020)

Hello All,

Does anyone remember my uncle, Charles Gordon Kamsch? He is from Maryland USA? He was stationed in Chicksands from 1961 to 1963. I would love to find some pictures and read any stories about him.

Shane Swope (17/10/2020)

Bill Baum (25/8/2020)

Was at Chicksands from 1972 to 1975 as part of the 6950th, worked as 203. Was a sort of unofficial photographer for the Chicksands football team. Just came across a bunch of the pictures. Anyone interested in them? They are black/white photos.

Harry S. Crawford Jr. (25/8/2020)

I was stationed at Chicksands from August 1958 to August 1962. I was in the electronic maintenance department. It was a small group of about 20 to 25 technicians, sergeants, and officers. Extremely good duty.

I'd be interested in knowing the name of the Lieutenant in the Supply Division who graduated from Texas A&M and who had a sports car. Once its radiator froze up overnight, so he pushed it into the warehouse to thaw it out. It worked.

If you know his name or want to correspond re England of Chicksands, email me.


Looking for Dan Boyd he was there in or around 1979 at Chicksands than went to I think Upper Heyford

Andrew Stoner (19/7/2020)

I have a cricket bat signed by lots of people with a sticker of raf chicksands, fighting chicks, all wishing a mr curry good luck on his next job.
It looks quite old but in good nick.
Is it worth anything to anyone

Suzie O'Donnell (13/7/2020)

Trying to find out about a long lost best friend. Karen Moore. Her dad was J. J. Moore. I knew Karen as 5th graders from Darmstadt and then we both moved with family to Augsburg, me at the end of 72, Karen in 73. Both Mr. Moore and my dad, Don Wadsworth, were 6910th. Karen's mom was from Edinburgh. TY!!!

Mal Livick (24/6/2020)

Basil Kane - Hope to hear from you. I was at Chicksands from Jul '53 - Sep '55. Played on base basketball team during '53-'54 season and coached the team the following season when Chicksands won the Air Force UK Championship.

Howard "CLEM" Kletter (18/6/2020)

Two tours 59-61 & 65-68 D flt 292x2 and the round house with R&D. Worked with Early B Teale & Col DeGraff

Dave Lahey (15/6/20)

Was stationed at Raf Chicksands from 1974-75 Lived off base had a great time while stationed there seen a lot of concerts in London been a great life had a ball while there hope you did too have a great life as I did take care if you remember me write thanks Dave


Steve Quinn (1/6/2020)

@ Bruce Gillette I was at Chicksands from June 1961 August 1968 with a 10 month break from 64-65. I'm pretty sure i had a medical appointment with you and I think it was for bronchitis. That would have been in late 1966. I'm almost positive.

Dr Stephen Dorril (26/5/2020)

Would like to talk to the grand-daughter of Bernard Egan Bishop who was in the Intelligence Corps and may have worked at Chicksands.

Joe Sprinkle (23/5/20)

Stationed here 11/80 to10/83 & worked TTY Maintenance, swing shift. Frank Reyes was in charge of my shift until Henry Reather took his place in '83. Msgt Montgomery was head of maintenance until Peterson took over in '82 I think.

I was married and lived in Barton Le Clay. Owned a Morris Miner I bought from someone in the shop when he left. In 12/80 I was asked to ride with the new base commander to go get our cars that were shipped from the US. I won the base championship in darts at the Rod & Gun club in Sept. 83. In 1982 the military started taking urine samples for drugs. A friend, Steve Hall, refused and accepted a other than honorable discharge.

Loved my job but always wanted crypto maintenance. Did not re-enlist but sure sorry about that. Retiring soon & hope to visit England and old times. Living in Georgia now.

George Montague (23/5/2020)

I arrived at Chicksands in April 1951 at that time it was a 2 year tour not sure when it changed to 3 it was a great assignment but I wanted to see the world and never repeated an assignment following years were in Scotland, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Germany and Vietnam I retired the year after Vietnam.

Michael Meadows (23/5/2020)

I was stationed at Chicksands RAFB from October of 1992 until June of 1995.

Basil Kane (20/5/2020)

I was at Chicksands from 1951 to 1955. I ran the service club . I have very happy memories of both Chicksands and Bedford...especially the dances at The Corn Exchange. Those were the good old days!

Danny Pugh (30/4/2020)

I was at "Club Chix" from '68 -'71 Have been back 4X since including our 50th reunion in 2018. Base Commander ... what a gentleman, indeed. Hosted a lovely tour of base and Priory. That will probably, sadly, be my last visit. Cheerio, then and Godspeed for a wonder future! DP/aka: "The Last Sgt."

David Quiggle (29/4/2020)

My dad was stationed there at chicksands, where he met my mum, he won the 1962 rod and gun club angling contest ,my dads name was master sergeant Bill Quiggle just wondering if anybody ever meet my my dad there, i have a pewter mug that he won from the fishing contest he has past more than 20 years ago, if any one has memories please pass on to me thank you ,his son Davd T Quiggle

Donald Stoneburner (11/4/20)

Looking for anyone that worked in Base Supply in the early seventies. I also worked in the Rod and Gun Club and NCO Club
My nickname is Stoney

Bruce Gillett (10/4/20)

I was a physician assigned to the 7534 USAF medical unit at RAF Chicksands from 1966 - 1968. Wonderful memories including a three week stay in the Chicksands Priory

Gary Bailey (3/4/20)

Was stationed there Sep 76 to Sep 79. 6950/7274th Security Police Squadron.

Richard Gilham (2/4/20)

I was stationed at Chicksands in 1954-55. Those were early days, iiving in quonset huts. First child, son Richard Gilham Jr. was born at Wimpole Part USAF hospital. Lived in Hitchin and Bedford. Fond memories of that assignment.

Donald R Elix (29/3/20)

Was stationed at the Sands Dec 63 - July 66. Many fond memories. Played on the base America football team. wrote a book about some of my experiences "Poetry to challenge the sense". Met a lot of wonderful people from both sides of the pond and have not forgotten. Would like to hear from any who were there, either here or on my email, deeelix cheers.

Marshal Stout (28/3/20)

Was at Chicksands 1980 to 1983 Security Police, Law Enforcement

Chuck Craft (4/3/2020)

I was at Chicksands from 88 - 90.

Just updating my email. CCFLORIDA17@GMAIL.COM


Kenneth Phillips (28/2/2020)

I was at RAF Chicksands from june 1964 to july 1967...

L Sheppard (21/2/2020)

Just reminiscing whilst watching a cooking show featuring an egg on a hamburger, and recalled Flo at the snack bar in the tech site circa 60-63. Remember some conversation about her working the "Dilly" in her youth, but recall more specifically that Flo "retired" at least twice, if not thrice. A base wide donation was organized to send Flo off, but I guess it was either too little or too much and she cancelled her retirement and stayed only to retire a year or so later (with another collection). Those were the years...……………..

Kenneth Phillips (9/1/2020)

I was stationed at chicksands 1964-1967 worked on the FLR 9 Antenna system. Had some great times for sure...

Geoffrey Allan Aitken (4/1/2020)

My husband Geoff worked at USAF Chicksands from 1977 for several years. He worked as Property Manager for the Dept of the Environment and was responsible for the housing and the grounds. He loved his work there and only left because of the travelling distance from Clinton, Peterborough where we lived at that time.

Rodger Perry (29/12/2019)

Stationed at the Sands from 1975 to 1978 as an X2 on Able Flight. Hit me up if any of my old buddies are out there.

Tonia Ward (nee Thurland) (27/12/2019)

I was wondering if there is anyone on here from circa 1955 onwards? My father was born to Gladys H F Thurland lived in Bedford (former land army girl)in August 1956. I believe his father was American and of Afro Caribbean decent but we do not have a name.
Unfortunately my father went into care and his mother passed away before he could ask who his father was.
If anyone has any information we would be really grateful.



Steve Vreeke (10/12/2019)

Just saw your post on the message board. Sorry I don’t remember your name but I was a switchboard operator at Chicksands from 73-75.

Frank Lain (01/12/2019)

I was sta at chicksands dec 1958 to june 1962. I was a 29170 working in g block. ias married living in Bedford. I have for daughters. one born in bedford. it was agreat tour of duty. I am 83 but I always wanted to go back. worked with a great bunch of guys.

Chris (13/11/2019)

Hi, looking for any information on John Colleary who would have worked in RAF chicksands during the Second World War. Might anyone know if there would be re rods I could consult? Thank you in advance

Chuck Moynan (7/11/2019)

Hi just looking here to see if any one remembers?

Johnny Brannon (14/10/2019)

I posted some of this information almost four years so I'll give it one more try. Has anyone heard from Paul "Skip" Hildenbrand, Keith Seifert, "Fireman" Tim Kelly, Sue Liest, Lou Ann Workman, Dan Andrews, Gary (worked in the chow hall), and/or Debbie (Tim's girl).? I was at Chicksands from November 1976 until December 1977. Skip, Dan and I worked in Finance.

Doug Quinn (3/10/2019)

Trying to located Richard "Dick" Shannon, who was a 292X2 in 1964-66.

Mark Mcminn (2/10/2019)

Chicksands 1961-64

Do the names below jog anyone's memory ?

Jerome Kress ( jerry )
Gerry Alexander
Thomas McMinn
Jane McMinn
Josie Nichols
Della Cotton

Frank Lain (25/8/2019)

I was station at chicksands fm dec 1958 to june 1962 ,I worked in g block com center, I live in houson tx now

Randy Walker (18/8/2019)

I served as. Law Enforcement Specialist at Chicksands from Jan 1977-Jan 1980

Charles Messer (12/8/2019)

Stationed at the Sands 1960 til 1964 as a 291. Started out in the old G block. The TTY equip there had bullet holes in it. There was still a gun cabinet in the relay. Moved over to the new PCRS when it opened. I remember the five tall wooden towers, until one day there was only one left standing. One memorable time was walking sandy lane during the middle of the night. Does anyone remember staying on the dark road by listening to your foot steps on the hard surface. I wasn't one of them, but at times everyone would go to the back of the bus going up hammer hill. Driver sure got mad because it lifted the front wheels off the road. Oh to be young again. Ta Ta to everyone

Robert Smith (11/8/2019)

Daniel Pulliam (24/7/2019)

I am searching for my wife's biological grandmother. Her biological grandfather is Jim (James) Sissel, a USAF radioman. He was married at the time, as was the grandmother (to an English serviceman). She would have been in her mid 20's to early 30's. Her name may have been Marian, but we are not positive. We believe she was employed at the Liberty Lanes bowling alley at Lakenheath. Does anyone possibly remember anything about this woman? Any information at all would be useful. My wife's father and biological grandfather are unwilling to assist us in our search

Leah (23/7/2019)

Hello there,
Looking for Tracy Williams, African American man from Baltimore ,MD who was stationed in the late 60s at the RAF Chicksands base. May have worked in communications at the Elephant pit. Was likely on the basketball team. Please email me if you have any kind of information. Thank you all so much. Can't wait to find him or his family. Leah

Daniel A. Pulliam (26/6/2019)

I am searching for a woman, possibly named Marian, who worked at a bowling alley near Chicksands in 1966. She would have been in her 20's. I know her husband was deployed at the time. She also possibly knew a Jim Sissel stationed at Chicksands from the USAF. Marian was English and had short blonde hair at the time. I’m sorry, I don’t have a last name. In 1966, she’d have been pregnant as well. Any leads would be most appreciated.

John Maximuk (18/6/2019)

Switchboard operator 71-73

Martin D Giere (13/6/2019)

Top Cop in the 7274th ABG 1980-1982

Brian E. Richards (11/6/2019)

Stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1978-1982.PL


Patrick B Henry (30/5/2019)

Kenneth Blake (28/5/2019)

Would like for anyone stationed at Chicksands from 1970 to 1972 to contact me. I feel so good when I think about all the good times and even the auto tragedy with many of my friends (bummer) but, because of some of Y'alls input to me I am constantly dealing with on a more level plane. I am particularly looking for Herb Gladney. The e-mail he gave me doesn't work. I would like to hear from many others, such as Perry Heath. Recieved input from Angela, that just melted my heart. Keep the e-mails coming! They are really theraputic. Really miss everyone!!! E-mail

Lorna Leech (21/5/2019)

I am trying to trace my husbands father who was based at Chicksands in 1955 as an American GI All I have to go on is his name Pat Cooper My husband has tried other sites to gain his army number but so far no reply

Michael Disarle (21/5/2019)

Was stationed at chicksands from 1961 to may 1964-'b' trick. had a 'flat' at 4 rothsay gardens in bedford. when i wasn't there many of my friends used it. i am in touch with many of my 'buddies'-jablon, de fazio, purdy, kress, dunbar, mattson, sowards, evans, cryan, pero, auch, halcomb, holland (on 'c' trick) a few others who have slipped my mind and some guys who have died. panis(pineapple), gregory (wtc), munson(thurman's brother), strait and a few more. was in touch with garrage and meza but have lost contact. a few girls i wish i could find-sheila o'connor, leslie freame(from kempton), and barbara stott (had a daughter named lavinia). if i am not mistaken i gave her my high school ring. also shirley and jackie from the record store in bedford. tried to get in touch with stillwell but he never responded. also arthur champ. also a guy named baker who married a girl named helen or ellen-not sure. whenever my above mentioned pals come up with a name-i remember the name but can't put a face with it. since i will be 77 in a couple of weeks my memory fades. also remember one of my first room mates-william e bowden from one of the carolinas-never found him either. rush williams had some of the best dance moves at the airman's club but i had 2 left feet and could not learn them. i remember all the clubs and pubs in bedford and had several english friends. saw the rolling stones at the bedford movie theater (a girl took me) but i couldn't remember her name in a million years. one more girl-ann richey-august 19th, 1961. if any one out there can connect me with any of the girls that would be great. as for all the above mentioned guys-you know i will be in touch. thank you all for reading these 'short' comments but i may as well put them down now because in a couple of years i won't remember them. 3 of my favorite years were spent at chicksands and thanks to all my air force friends for making them so memorable. mike

Larry Cohen (13/5/2019)

Hey Larry, Was at the Sands at about the same time as you. You missed mentioning Tom Jones at the old Airman's Club a few weeks before his smash hit "It's Not Unusual" was released. How about the party girls up at Nottingham? Can't remember the pub where many hung out. Talk about a learning experience. The rest I'll leave to everyone's imagination. As I stated in a previous listing: Make it all come true again, or, I wouldn't want any of it ever to be true again

Larry Malena (3/5/2019)

Still here! Larry Malena

Served at the Sands fm 63 to 66, remember Wimpy burgers, River Ouse, festivals on base double decker buses, the Tubes in London and trains to Edinboro. Roomies and buddies Hutch, Scrill the surfer, Cuda, John Miller and Party girls in town Patty Dodd, Jean Nicholson, Linda Hall and so many more, those were good free times. Were all so much older now with lives and memories of our own but those Chicksands memories remain!

Notman Sturm (30/4/2019

Served at Chicksands from 1964 to 1966.

Tommy C. Thompson (22/4/2019)

Stationed Jan 1976-79. Air Police (SP;-)

Richard A Haycook (20/2/2019)

I was a 292X2 SSgt on Able Flight from Sept 68 to Nov 68. I had come on 3rd consecutive tour from San Vito, Lost my access because I was married to a Italian National and was assigned to the commissary as the Produce Manager until I departed in May 1969. I went to Scott AFB IL and retrained as a Ground Radio Operator. I worked in a small area called "The Swamp" and was supported by 3 or 4 202s. My section supervisor was TSgt Lofton and I think the Flight Commander was Lt Yates. In the commisary I work with 2 Brit civilians in the office (a man and a woman (Irene?)), 2 military NCOs and a GM-something civilian. I don't remember many people.s names from that experience.

Dee Newsome (29/1/2019

I am looking for Robert Novak based at chicksands between 1965/1966. my son would love to meet his dad who he has never met.


Tom Snyder (28/1/2019)

Hello friends from the 7274 ABG who were stationed at RAF Chicksands. I worked in the Traffic management office from October 1990-1992.

William Grayson (12/1/2019)

INVITATION: Former Chicks from the 1950s thru the 1990s who are living in MD, DE, DC, PA, VA, OH, and WV are invited to join the Mid-Atlantic Area Chapter of the Freedom Through Vigilance Assn (FTVA). The Chapter is planning reunion get-togethers to review the history and current activities of USAFSS/ESC/AFIA and successor commands. Please contact Bill Grayson -

Mike Williams (29/12/2018)


Mike Jones (15/12/2018)

I was stationed at Chicksands in the early to mid 80's. I can't remember many names other than Troy and Linda Collins who lived right next to me on base. I occasionally wonder what ever happened to them. Anyone know?

John Foster (22/11/2018)

I was stationed @ the 2167th comm sq. in the 60's and 70's and was looking for some old friends from the TTY maintenance shop.

Damien O'Dell (26/10/2018)

I'm finishing my new book about Chicksands Priory and would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at the base from 1950 - 1995 and who had a paranormal experience there. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

David Haubrick (9/10/2018)

I was stationed at chicksands from 1970 to 1972....I have always wondered what happened to all my friends.....especially James ( Andy ) F Anderson or Andersen.

Sam Squire (RAF Association) (2/10/2018)

Volunteers needed to support the Royal Air Forces Association!

Could you give a little time to be a friend to someone facing loneliness in your community?

Right now there are veterans in the RAF family suffering from loneliness. Often, what can help more than anything is a friendly visit from a like-minded person.
Could you become an RAF Association Volunteer Befriender and help make a positive difference to someone’s life?
If so, please contact or 0800 018 2361

The RAF Association has volunteer opportunities across the UK, although you may be particularly interested in the following opportunity in the Chicksands/Henlow area: Henlow Befriender Volunteer required -

Find out more about our work at

Sam Squire
Area Volunteer Coordinator

Michael Madryga (1/10/2018

We are in the planning stages of a future RAF Chicksands (late '60's/early 70's) reunion to be held in Louisville, KY in mid-March 2019. Anyone interested in attending or just wanting to kept advised as to the progress can contact either of us:
Curt Stendel
Michael Madryga
Thanks and Cheers


Susan Cheezum Schuster (17/9/2018

Wondering if anyone knows if we can come on the base and just tour around? Here from 1986-88 Charlie flight 6950th

Barry Jablon (17/9/2018)

Aside from the weekend dances at the airman's club, there were other dances, I think, sponsored by one of the church groups. Does anyone remember a girl from Luton who came to these dances named Helen Humphries? I would love to know.


Louanna (14/9/2018)

Hi I am trying to trace David James short who served at chicksands with the American airforce in 1976. He return to the states California I’m not sure which base in 1977. Think he was part of radar or radio control section. It’s so important to get hold of him or any information any one can give me please. He was 21/22 in this year


Henry Mixon (24/8/2018)

Getting nostalgic I guess. Can't find any of my 6950 Security Group patches. Would anyone have one that they can part with? I was stationed at Chicksands 1968-74 with brief absence during summer of 1970. 203 on charlie flight and later days

Ruth (14/8/2018)

Does anyone know of the whereabouts of John Henry Schaffer stationed at Chicksands roughly 1970 - 1972/3. Originally from Colorado Springs.

Lavaughn Lee Hamblin (9/8/18)

I worked at RAF Chicksands from 1/64 through 1/67 as an analyst on Charlie flight. A couple of the people on my flight were: Audrey Wakmunski, and Willie Diggs. Enjoyed my tour of duty there on the base tennis team and base table tennis team. Saw where someone observed a UFO during 1964 -1965 timeframe at Chicksands. Remember those "Fighting Chicks" !

Curt Stendel (4/8/2018)

I was at Chicksands from Dec of 1970 until Jun of 1973. Worked as a 292x1 on Dog Flight. There are plans underway to hold a reunion for anyone that was at Chicksands in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A list of about 120 names has been made with only a fraction of those whose contact information is known. If you or someone you know might be interested please let me know and we will put you on the list. More information will be made available in the next month. A firm date for the reunion has not yet been set but it will probably be in the spring of 2019. I look forward to responses from anyone who was there in the years mentioned above.


Curt Stendel

Theresa Day (12/07/2018)

I was at Chicksands, Dawg Flight on The Hill, from 1981 to 1984. Hi to anyone who remembers me!

Ian Rees (7/7/2018)

Does anybody remember the fight between The lads at cardington ,paras and the lads at chicksands

Clarence (BO) King (27/6/2018)

Would like to hear from anyone who worked in radio maint. or antenna maint. 1962-1964 .I worked for t/sgt HOLLY and m/sgt rusk I worked with Leroy shiflet bob konce , stan goff ,Thomas mann, lenny obser, George Nichols.and larry cornwell send email if you were there at that time are know anyone I mentioned be glad to hear from anyone.

Ian West (16/6/2018)

Corky to her friends. A long shot I know but my mum Sgt Edith Cork was at Chicksands 1940 to about 1944. She attended a couple of reunions in 1993 an 1994. I have a picture of her with Vi Steventon, Nicki Adderley, Renee Holmes, Betty Hoyle in 1993. Plus the usual group photos. Can anyone add further detail after all this time?

Lisa Rezendes Lima (31/5/2018)

Doing Research on my father who was stationed with the Air Force at Chicksands in the early 1960's. My brother ordered his service record so we can have correct dates.

Does anyone recall him & any stories you can share would be helpful.

Anthony (Tony) Rezendes Born 1935 & Died 1989

I was 19 when he passed & feel like there was alot of his life that I did not know.

Thanks For any info

Lisa Rezendes Lima

Zack Fleming (31/5/2018)

Was a 304 at Chix on a COT from PI 02/1970-02/1974. Worked primarily in ILC area. Great memories and lived in Baldock all 4 years. Daughter born at South Ruislip in April 70. Still have good friends in the Baldock area. Was back for a visit from 6912th (Berlin) in 1977. Small world. Brit, civilian, Jeff, guest DF position, ran into some of my British friends on a cruise off New Zealand and he remembered me during their talk. Looking for John (Jose) Fernandez. He was a 304 and lived in Luton. Last I knew he was at Harrogate as a civilian. Also Gary Papa. Knew him at 770th RADRON, Ft. Meade, MD and again at Chix. He lived in Luton also.


Bob Bertino (30/5/2018)

Stationed 76-78, X1, Able-Mod Flt. Marilyn Sainsbury?

John Kruger (25/5/2018)

Served with the 2167th Comm Sq, Baker flight, from Jul 66 to Mar 69. Married Sheila Blott from Shillington, Beds in 1968 and we celebrate our 50th this October in the RAF Chicksands area.

Patrick Holena (22/5/2018)

Hey Sandy...I am still alive and well. I was wondering where you went. I was just following some of the events from the reunion this past weekend and found your posting.

Sandra Smith (Sullivan) (19/5/2018)

Miss the times at Chicksands. I have seen a few postings from the time I was there (85-87), but don't know the names as I didn't work at the elephant cage. I was in the dental clinic. I saw a posting from Gordon Ringer, but I'm sure he's not still at Patrick AFB. I was in touch with Pat Holena from the eye clinic for a bit. Best friend I had there. Lots of people I miss. I miss the Airman's Club a LOT. SO much fun. And so long ago. (Sigh) The years go by and I still think of you all and Chicksands. The new (at the time) AMC movies where you had to eat in the lobby- not in the movie, the mall in Luton, ordering Pizza Hut delivered 3 times per night, train rides to London...

Ron McDearis (11/5/2018)

Stationed at Chicksands 1972-1974. Worked in clinic orderly room. Work mates include Phil Schultheis, Richard Riddle, Carlton (Pete) Peterson, Jimmy Doggett, Rocky Dugger, Richard DeGraw, Larry Coleman, Ronald Coleman. Retired from Air Force in 1972. Now live in Augusta, GA.

Susanm (10/5/18)

Looking for Joe Parks and Dave snow stationed at Chicksands late 50's early 60;s

Nancy Blair (9/5/18)

Looking for William (Bill) Smith who served at RAF Chicksands, around August, 1964. (or someone who knew him) His family lived in Ohio, maybe Cambridge area. He knew Chaplin Lance and Patricia Deane.

Tim Carr (6/5/18)

I was stationed at Chicksands from January, 1964 through December, 1966. I was A1C in the 6950th Base Supply unit. Among other supply responsibilities, we supplied the parts to "The Hill". I also worked in the new warehouse which had just been newly build and was near the AFEX building. I also was one of the first troops to occupy the newly build [in 1965 or 1966] barracks which was also near the AFEX and new supply warehouse. I was friends with a few guys on Baker trick. if any body knows me, lets hear from you.

Art Baker (6/4/2018)

I just returned from England on Thursday. If you are going to the reunion be sure to schedule a visit to the Military Intelligence Museum on base. You must contact them at least 3 days prior to schedule a visit. It was the most interesting 3 hours I have spent in a museum. There is an American,who was stationed there from 63 to 71, who talks a little about his time at Chicksands.

Marylyn Garofalo (1/4/18)

Looking for USAF Harry D. Whitt, who was a Captain stationed at RAF Chicksands....1968 Bedford, England...


Hello I am trying to find out information about my 90 yr old friend who says she trained to be an RAF wireless operator at "Chicksands" during the Second World War before being sent to South Africa. Her memory is failing her so I am trying to get anything I can for her. Is there any advise you can give me on tracking down her service history etc. Any help would be appreciated at this point. Her name was Margaret Judith Amm. She can't remember her service number, she is very proud of the fact she was 16 and lied through her teeth when she had then to join up
Thank you for your time

David Koehler (15/2/2018)

I was at Chicksands 1967 - 1970.

Margaret Frost. Aka Campbell (8/2/2018)

Looking for all friends from the sands 84/87!

Donald R. Simmons (14/1/2018)

I was with the 2167th Comm Sq, RAF Chicksands, from August 1964 to July 1967. Looking for anyone there during that period. Frank Moore, Keith Weatherly, Bob Little, the Mada Brothers. Loved my 3 years at Chicksands.

Miss S Chamberlain (10/1/2018)

I am trying to trace my father. I was born in 1970, in Luton and my mother is Zelma Wells. I know my mother had connections with Chicksands and that my father was a US Airforce man

Donald Simmons (6/1/2018)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands, from August 1964 - July 1967 with the 6950th Com Squadron. Got married on the base chapel and reception in the Priory on October 22, 1966.. Lived in Bedford for awhile and Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Been married to that same wonderful English woman for little over 51 years now. I have wonderful memories and quite a few pictures from those days.


Joseph Barkley (28/12/2017)

Hi..Was stationed there 77-79 ..Was TTY maintenance ..Had a great tour of duty there..

Joseph Edmunds (22/12/2017)

I am a USAF veteran , and I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1992-1994. I am travelling to the U.K. next summer, and I am looking for information on touring the base. I know its still a working base, so I am not aware of what would be off-limits. I was hoping to show my family where I spent 2 years of my Air Force life. Any assistance and help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Les Sheppard (22/12/2017)

Once every decade or so I post reminders of people from the past. These are from 1958 to 1965; just some of the people I remember who served there. Some are still around, but many aren't.

Between 1959 and 1965: 202's, 203's, & 29's:
CMS Panter, Hap Appleton, Larry Pruitt, Dick Van Kirk, "FatPat" Patterson, Jim Porter, Davie Deihl, Trageser, Lambert Gonzalez, Earl Franks, Burnie Martin, Louis Burns, Gary Cooper, John Michael Seidel, Grover Jackson, Billy Bingham, Lt Dettmer, Roger Simmons, "Red" Sjolander, Charles Davis, Cotharn, Jerry Haynes, Leber, Lou Piwowarski, Evers, Dallas Swope, Dan"Duke" Dapolito, Doyle"Pappy"Clark, Bill Ricks, Willard Addington, Sue Nichols (Stars & Stripes) and sister, Sally Nichols (NCO Club), Major Breen, Capt Hornick, Willard Anderson, John Arnold, John Richardson, Alan Jackson, Don Haygood, Wallace Williams, Ed Needham. Don Peavy, Al Gray III, John Lynch, Tony Sichenzia, Danny Leslie, Larry"Little Mac" McAdams, Vic Transki, John "Rip" Boyle, Bill Howell, Bob "Ziggy" Spencer,Tony Travato, Shepulski, Budelman, Murray, Ernie Tanaka, Henry Harrell, et al. If you don't find your name here, it's my poor memory. Les Sheppard, 202 Dawg.

Norbert (Mac) McMahon ( 21/12/2017)

Trying to locate Brigadier Holtom. Need a home address, phone number or e-mail address. Am an old friend from the reunion days and helped setup a part of the American museum and spent some time with him. Just to get back in contact with Chris and Karen. Thanks

Bill Homer (21/12/2017)

Jim "Chug"Malay, Don't know if you remember me, got at Chicksands in late 74, 202 on Charlie Flight. Was in Charlie Dorm, we hung out together for a while, we went to the Royal Oak in Barton, you introduced me to JC and Ann and Green King Bitter!!! Spent way too much time there! like you too long ago and hazy memories but went to Stew's wedding, remember Socttie, and knew Mike Spadaccini. Don't remember if it was you and Scottie, but one night coming back from the Royal Oak, me and my roommate Paul Katich, we went off the road into a field and rolled over and the other car (again don't remember if it was you and Scottie in a volkswagon beetle) went off the other side of the road, no one was hurt but Pauls MG was totaled. I think we also went to Knebworth Park to see Pink Floyd. JC and Ann came to my wedding in 76, I cross trained, so did Mike, was stationed with Mike at RAF Fairford, he retired as a CMSGT!!! Last I saw him was in 2002 he was working in the Pentagon in manpower, retired and moved somewhere in VA. Great memories!!!! take care


John Murphy (15/12/2017)

Howdy! I was a 202 on Charlie and later on Baker from 1981-1983. Just looking for anyone that was there during that time that remembers me.

Tom Kirkham (30/11/2017)

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Just checking to see if some people are around from the late 60s. SGT Ryan B. Harr, LeRoy Meyer, David and Pat Johnson, found some of the folks from the KOTBQ that email now and again.

Franklin L Bowlby (24/11/17)

Looking to see if there is any information on Morris (Mo) Ivans who was on Able Flight at RAF Chicksands 1966 - 1969. He used to 1963 Austin Mini, which I bought from him in late 1966 or early 1967. Could not find any information on him on Facebook. Just curious if anyone remembers him and has any information on his status and current whereabouts. Thank you.

Jean Machado Sogorka (19/11/2017)

My ex-husband, Vaughan Machado, and I were at Chicksands from November 1966 through the fall, 1969. I was the secretary in the Personnel Services Office during all that time, making $1.00/hour with a college degree, so I like to think that I also served :-). Vaughan was the quarterback on the football team, and we had great parties after all the games. i will post some pictures of the team. Does anyone remember the unforgettable character, TSGT (Leonard J.) Flynn? He was my boss and ran the football team. I coached the cheerleaders. I worked in the office with Sgt Mike LaValley, from California. I am still great friends with the English girl I met back then, Gill Levy Miner. She married Major Bruce Miner, whom she met on the base. I have fabulous memories of our time there - too many to recount here. Also shout out to Steve Kitchen (my favorite "operator" who REALLY cleaned out the RYL facility), Jimmy Walker (of football and Lotus fame) , Carl Alexander (invaluable friend), Pete Hagert and Dawn (after work drinks at the Rod & Gun), Betty Cornwall (Rec Center director), Jim McMahon (double dater), George Russell (right name? Scottish wife?), Ernest Stephens (beautiful wife can't remember her name).

I hope to hear from you guys!!!

Frank E Martin (6/11/17)

Was at Chicks from 70-71......looking for old friends!

Bob Sakakeeny (9/8/17)

We are organizing a reunion for all who might have served at RAF Chicksands over the decades. Go to FaceBook for details at RAF CHICKSANDS 2018 REUNION "Return to Where it All Started"

Sade Mills (29/7/17)

I'm looking for John Garrett, who was station at Chicksands around 1973. If anyone has any information please can you email me or, pass on my email address to anybody that may be in contact with him.

Much appreciated, Sade


Elaine Knight (31/7/17)

I am trying to contact SGT George Thurston Hill who was based at Chicksands circa 1967/1968 as a Photographer. If anyone knows of George or has any contact information please email me.

John King (21/7/2017)

I was a young RAF technician stationed at Chicksands from October '50 until early '51 and remember the Americans arriving. At the time we all lived in the Priory with the C/O in a caravan out back. Everything improved when the "Yanks" arrived especially the food and the films that were shown in the main hall. We never met the nun but there were plenty of stories about her.

Gordon Banks (4/7/17)

I was stationed at Chicksands in the 6950 RGM from December, 1959 to November, 1962. I was a 202X0 and for the last year I was there I worked the midnight shift. My NCOIC was Jim Lenz and my OIC was Captain Charles Erlinger. Some of the guys I remember were Dave Connors, Larry Dembaugh, Tom Eddleman, Bob McNulty, Frank Appleton, Ernie Maldonado, Dick Quinn. Old age is getting me and I can't remember the names of most of the guys I knew. The big radio aerials were still there then. I remember Chicksands was in the middle of a big area of Brussel sprouts. Enjoyed trips tp London. One memorable evening Frank Appleton and I stayed at the Douglas House, a great place. If any of the above named people are still alive, I would like to talk to you.

Bruce Miner (1/6/17)

I am Bruce Miner and I was stationed at RAF Chicksands in the late 60's. I was a 202X0 and was assigned to Able flight. My NCOIC was Winegar and the OIC was Capt Yates. Some of my running buddies were: Tex Rickard (deceased), Hap Pleines, Bobby Musselman, Greg Krasovsky, and Don Hayes. Looking for a Don Snyder that was stationed there around then and to connect with anyone that may have known me.


Johnny Brannon (9/5/17)

Whatever happened to Colonel Jackson? He was base commander during my stay there (Nov 76-Dec 77).

Mike Butcher (30/4/17)

Trying to find Butch Gutzwiller, worked for the Fire Dept. He came from Omaha Newbraska

Len Capawanna (15/4/17)

Is it possible to visit Chicksands?


Rachel Shead (22/3/17)

Trying to trace a Wayne Davis (Davies) USAF stationed at Chicksands 1965/66 (and possibly outside of those dates).  Only information I have is he is possibly from Idaho and would have been in his 20's during the period mentioned above.

Neil Barnes (19/2/17)

My father, Byron G. Barnes, worked in the Veterinary Service at the Medical Facility during our stay from 1972 through 1977.  If anyone who knew him would like to contact him, please write to me at and I'll put you in touch with him.  He lives in Pennsylvania.  His wife, Mildred, whom friends called Igg, died in 2005.

Any classmates of mine are also welcome to contact me.  My best friends included Mike Gilbert, Scott Morgan and Doug Giles.

Barry Douthat (10/2/17)

Trying to locate any information on a dependent school teacher for the 7th grade GERALD ANDERSON who was from California, best teacher I ever had. Wore dirty buck Chuka boots, etc very young and hip.  Was there approx 1964-1965.  Anyone with any info urged to please let me know.

Angie Dunn (4/2/17)

trying to contact Charlie Ballou stationed at Chicksands on Charlie flight late 1970''s  .can anyone help please.

Joanna Parker (30/1/17)

Greetings to all,

I am currently stationed at Chicksands and I am the Royal Air Force Association Liaison Officer.

It is lovely to see so many comments on this board. I would like to encourage you all to consider joining the RAFA, if you are local to Bedford we have a popular branch and a busy club house and are very welcoming to new members.

To find out more about joining Bedford RAFA: Or information about other branches:

Chicksands is still a beautiful place to live and work.

The friends of Chicksands Priory often run tours for visitors. Find out more here:

Or, why not come and see the Musuem of Military Intelligence which is also here at Chicksands:

All visitors to camp must be pre-arranged and booked in via one of the organisations listed above. Sadly, we cannot accept visitors ad-hoc.

Best Regards to all!

Clarence J. King (24/1/17)

a1c Clarence j.king stationed at chicksands summer 1962 thru spring 1964 was assigned to antenna maint.and radio maint.also worked with e&i team from Germany installing flr-9 radio equipt. building.met lots of local  people at base rod&gun club during dart matches.also spent several months at kirknewton  air base edinbourgh Scotland.met lots of wonderful people over there.

Jim "Chug" Malay (21/1/17)

Hello all from "the world" . I check back on the Bedford site from time to time to see If I can find info on any of us from "the war". LMAO

I was trying to send an email to Howard Kreig Elicker, but email address is no longer accepting messages.

Hopefully we can reconnect. My name is Jim "Chug" Malay. An X2 at the Sands from 1973-75 and do remember a FEW of the names on your list I found on Bedford Council site. David Wehr sounds familiar, but not sure, Solo was Dickie Croy and lived in Arkansas I believe. I shared a house with him in Bedford (48 Brookfield Road) Also living at the house were Steve "Rut" Wetherall (married a bird named Wendy), Stew Wingate, & Mike Spadaccini. Budgie is Terry McKeown and last I knew, he lived in Elkton, SD. Rich Talley & Rick Keel were also guys I remember.

I'll add a few more for you. Al "Big Al" Jenkins, Scottie Watkins, Glen "Fuzzie" McFarlin, Gary "JJ" Stevens, Gary McEntee, Mike Looker, Rick "Rocco" Reilly (He was a 'day lady' but shared a place with Mike Looker and another guy (last name Wilson or Williams I think) from Charlie Flt on the outskirts of Luton, Ron Herron, Mike "Chappy" Chapman, Bill "Hambone" Harris, Ernie "Bullett" Moore, Paul Stefaniak - he married Dina. There's more, but as you put it in your web post, names lost in the fog.

I had a season ticket to Luton when they were in 1st division and still follow them on Facebook. Man that was some great football.
I was also on the base soccer team and would like to reconnect with any of those guys if you knew them. I kinda remember a Bill Guy (Dog Flt). He was dating a WAF from Charlie named Therese Menger (now Huff). Fran Haynes (she dated Budgie), Mary (can't recall her last name).

TA mates

Joseph Carey (5/1/17)

Was based at chicksands from Aug 1970 to Aug 1975. I haved lived in Great Barford ever since.

Mike Pierce (28/12/16)

I was a Morse Code Operator at RAF Chicksands from 1974 to 1977. I was on Baker Flight for about a year. i was then transferred to a mod flight. I remember Dennis Stiffler, Kerry and Dana Laughlin, Abb Smith, George Magraff, Terri Menger, Don Kalil, and many more names that will not come to me now. It was a great assignment.

Victor  Palo 25/12/16

I was stationed at Chicksands from 82 to 84 with 2112th CS,  I also work at the Auto Hobby Shop part time and was the Garden Club President.  During the 1984 Fete that was held on base,  the Garden Club had a booth up that sold watermelons for the first time.  Like to hear from anyone who might remember me. Cheers


Marcella Ramey (18/12/16)

Greetings and Happy Holidays Chicksands.

I've been researching various veteran's histories from Air Force from the 1950s  Base on records, a veteran was mysteriously discharged from the HQ 6950th RAGGRUMO British Isles (USAFSS) on November 24, 1958.  He was then just as mysteriously 're-enlisted' right back in the same squadron the very next day of  November 25, 1958 as both of these entries indicate Chicksands, England Air Force base.  Record entries following right after this show 6952nd RSM which is Kirknewton, Scotland Air Force base.  This individual was shuffled between the two bases afterwards.  Perhaps it's nothing and maybe just a quick 'geez-shucks' I changed my mind over night type thing and re-enlisted..  After many attempts to determine the classification of this COG (Convenience of Government) thru special FOIA requests with no luck, there was another redundant record which has some of the same dates and entries which was overlooked for some time.  These records seem to be kept apparently from different sources back at that time as some are hand-written while others are typed.  Whatever the case this shows the discharge for the same incident on November 24, 1958 having some reference numbers as follows;  SDN 903-COG AFR 39-14.   The AFR 39-14 portion seems to be a standard procedure followed for honorable discharge and is believed to be a general manual procedure reference of some sort. With some internet searches it was determined that SDN stands for Separation Discharge Number sometimes also referred to as SPN.  Base on  reading some people's inquiries on their own military records, the number itself seems to be quite an 'unknown' on many records like it's some type of hidden code number system within the military.  903 in particular for this case cannot be found anywhere although some other numbers are known and are commonly used on others.    Can anyone out there with insight on records from Chicksands and  that time period and with better sources determine what SDN-903 may represent?  Please write me with any suggestions and thanks for the correspondence I've had from some of you.


Mike Reynolds (11/12/16)

Was stationed at Chicksands from 1968 - 1971.  Started on Charlie, then moved to Able.

Nickname:  Stokes

Somehow managed to get in trouble constantly:

= hair too long, not saluting a 2nd lieutenant, going to a concert instead of remedial training, driving on to the base with friends from Bedford who didn't stop at the guard shack,told the base commander that I was giving back my E5 stripe because I was mad about the treatment I was receiving, then wouldn't change into my E5 fatigues after I showed up in ops in my E4 uniform until a direct order from the shift commander, won the base talent contest with my roomies, Al Bartosik and Russ Chevalier, eventually agreed to accept an Article 15 to avoid a court martial (because of missing the training session). 

All in all, the best experience of my life.

Johnny Brannon (3/12/16)

At Chicksands from  November 1976- December 1977. Does anyone remember a girl named Alex? She worked in personal and reminded me of 70's actress Kay Lenz (similar build, but better , and that's a good thing). Very nice, very cool and extremely personable-like Lenz a free spirit if I've every seen one


Mark Velasquez (19/11/2016

Just relaxing looking at this site. I was stationed there from 1971-73. Probably  my best friend back then was Jim  "CW" Moss. We still stay in touch as a matter of fact we just spoke yesterday. Just looking to see if anyone out would like to reconnect



Dawn Gill (19/11/16)

My mother and father were at Chicksands during the war. Was there a hospital at Chicksands? on my mother's war record she was a nurse there, and where she met my dad. His record has him in 75 Squadron, what he was doing there I am not sure. Both their RAF records are confusing to me, I would love for someone to explain it all to me. My father's record also says also see Form 390S but I do not know what this, I am trying to find out.
If there is anyone out there that can help please contact me, Thank you, Dawn Gill nee Hadigate


John W Wright (11/11/16)

Worked at Base Supply from '66 to '70. Worked with some good people, Tom Gillespie, Spicer, Snell, Kulick, and some greaat people. I ran the Bench Stock for Bldg 250, 600, and the antenna, Anyone from the era email me, please, maybe the mind will start to remember some of the fun stuff.

Prof.V.Richmond (1/11/16)

The Richmond family lived in The Priory 1950-1952.
My father Denis was with the RAF, before going to The Marconi company in Chelmsford, aged 30 years.
Would anyone know what work he was doing as no family member knows?

Jean (31/10/16)

hi  i dont know if you remember me,i used to work in the snack bar on the hill  and the small one down the bottom.i really enjoyed it . i also worked as waitress in one of the clubs that was back in the  70s, they were the good days .jeanxxxxx

P.J.Wilt (31/10/16)

Hi there,
Anyone out there know of Don Delk and friends.
Stationed at the "Sands"1958 then went out to Turkey?

Tina Loschiavo (Piggott) (24/10/16)

I was stationed at Chicsands from 8 Dec 1983 to 6 Jun 1985. I originally worked in the Orderly Room with MSgt Clarence Lilly, and then went onto the Hill and into Admin with MSgt William Snyder.  Chicksands was such a fun place, the Rod and Gun was a place to throw darts. and of course we lived our lives at the Club in the Basement on the weekend listening to Disco music. It was the best time I had in the military.


Philippa (16/10/16)

I remember little John, lived at 11 Girtford crescent sandy Bedfordshire approx. 1977 to early 1980s. Would be about 40 years old now. Would love to hear how he is getting on! Parents (dad) based at chicksands.


Don Kalil (12/10/16)

I was at the "Sands" from 1974 to 1976 on Able Flight. I was an X1 at the time. Great tour, great people and a great time. Spent a lot of time at the club on the foosball table. I lived in Ampthill for those years. I remember riding to work with a guy whose name I can no longer remember, but he drove a white 68 or 69 GTO. It was a 389 with three two-barrels carbs. Talk about loud and out of place. Many, many great memories---except people's names. Okay, there are a few:Patty O'day, Kerry and Dana Laughlin, Steve Caldwell, Frank Montoya, Larry Denston, Dave Tweedie, Roger Pfab, Mike Phillips, Walt Bell, Gary Lindmeier Charlie and Charlotte Bates, Brad and Judy Solem and Al Lane.

Would love to hear from any and all.


L Sheppard (23/9/16)

For Keith Thurtel

You might try:
Pinkney J Dent 
223 Amsterdam Ave   
Columbus, OH  43207   (614) 497-2062

Also listed as Jr. Age is about 84. This is best I can do.

Keith Thurtell (23/9/16)


I was stationed at Chicksands 1956 to 1958 (the UK part). I made friends with several of the US guys, but lost contact when I moved to London.
Has anyone the emails for Ted Coryn or Pinkney Dent Jnr, I've tried several of the local state telephone directories when I worked in the US, but no luck.

Beth Eide (5/9/16)

Roger Hack (5/9/16)


I went through the whole list and hate to say it, but only remembered a couple of names. Of course most of my time at Chicksands I was hitting the annex, then after it was converted to a cafeteria either the NCO or Rod & Gun Club.

I was an X1 on Dawgs, later Mods from December 75 till December 78, if anyone remembers me. Of course most of the people who I hung out with probably don't remember much more than I do.

Those were good times gorgeous sure.

Steven Winslet (4/8/16)

My mum Ida Winslet later to be Theobald was seeing an serviceman at Chicksands during the year 1956, she was 16 at the time. She became pregnant and had me, I do not think she told the serviceman about me, but she died not telling me who my father was. Could you be that man? Would like to know my background and who my father was. Anyone who could help that was stationed at that time please.

Thank you

Steven Winslet, my mothers surname at the time.

Richard Kort (4/8/16)

I served at Chicksands from Dec 24 1959 thru 1962


Bill Grayson (3/8/16)

Regret to advise of the passing of Col James L. George in Melbourne, FL.  Col George was Commander, 6950th in the mid-1970s.

Tracie Chance (2/8/16)

I'm looking for my dad name Jean Charles and then I think he worked at the golden egg restaurant Bradford that's all I no if it's true never seen him before and I'm 45 years old .

Alex DeFazio (26/7/16)

Looking for Anne Reed or Carol Wood, Bedford, 1962-64.
Just want to say hi.

Gary Lindmeier (21/7/16)

Assigned to Chicks 64-67 (B flt), 74-78 (A flt-days), 83-85 would like to hear from anyone who was there during those years.  Great Tour(s)!


Marcella Ramey (17/7/16)

Greetings Chicksands Alumini;

I heard back from just a few of you but would like to correspond with more of you.  Any memories of the food service on the base at the time (late 1950s - 64).  Did you know any of the cooking staff?  How was the food back then?  Any stories to share.   Memories are fun.  Please write to me.

QuestCogNov1958 (13/7/16)

Anyone out there that was part of the food staff from either Chicksands or maybe even Kirknewton, Scotland Air Force bases from the late 1950s to 1964?  How good was your memories from that time?  Any photos of the old food staff?  Please write me  Would like the most to hear from someone that served at both bases and remembers other that did.  Thanks

Leslie Stobbs (12/7/16)


I have an RAF Chicksands Calendar for 1983 - 1984 titled Friendship Fete  83 with illustrations by Denis Kelly and a message from Elton S Goff, Colonel, USAF. The calendar is unused and in excellent condition.  Anyone interested?

Les Stobbs, ex RAF 48/49


Paul LaVene (9/7/16)

I served at Chicksands from 60 to 63 "B" Flight any survivors out there try me at

Chris Wilson (24/6/16)

Hi All,
I was 202 on DAWG flight 1978-1980. Great to hear from anyone from that time.

Some names I remember: Charles Bodie, Frank Furgess, Dan Fekety, Lou Palmeri, Robert(?) Sutcliffe, Sue Robillia, Robin Lottie, Elvis Rivers
Larry Webb

Many more that I wish I could remember their full names.

If you remember me, send an email to



August  Trottman (18/6/16)

Looking to locate Richard Humphrey one of three authors of original Chicksands Priory published in 1959.


Brian A Martell (16/6/16)

Hi everyone.

I was station at Chicksands 1964- 1967 2167th CommSQ.

If memory serves me correctly, I was on Charlie flight.

I reported to MSGT Otis Brown.

Roomies were Len Butler who also worked behind the bar at the airmans club....just called and spoke to him after 49 years...

I was an A1C 29550 mo.

Worked also at Ft Meade.

Anyone remembers me, send me an email...


Larry Malena (4/6/16)

Served at the Sands fm 63 to 66, remember Wimpy burgers, River Ouse, festivals on base double decker buses, the Tubes in London and trains to Edinboro. Roomies and buddies Hutch, Scrill the surfer, Cuda,  John Miller and Party girls in  town Patty Dodd, Jean  Nicholson, Linda Hall and so many more, those were good free times. Were all so much older now with lives and memories of our own but those Chicksands memories remain!

Jackie Wing (2/6/16)

Anyone remember Hubert "Tex" Reeves USAF Chicksands mid 50's?


Steve Mills (26/5/16)

Is anybody out there aware of any Doctors that served at RAF Chicksands in 1972?

Clifford Cichowlaz (19/5/2016)

noticed one of my room mates from "b" flite richard e. oleckna (ole)from pa. had posted back in 2006 to find us. I would like to hear from him. I used the e-mail account he posted in 06 but no response yet. I don't know if it is still active or not.
would like to find help to be able to contact him.

Kirk Fleener (5/5/16)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1970-1972. I was friends with Dave Wehr, Mike Binsfeld and "Tiny" from St Louis. I was a 292. It would be nice to hear from anyone who knew me or remembers me.

Kirk Fleener
Cell: 210-556-5301


Terry Whitson (3/5/16)

I was a dependent child at RAF Chicksands from 1972--1975.  My father, Msgt. Joe Whitson, worked at the "birdcage" and my mother worked at the Legal Office.  Our years there were the happiest of my childhood.  My father died in 1982, and my mother died four years ago.

Dick Taplin (1/5/16


We are trying to set up a reunion of children who attended Stratton School in Biggleswade in the early 1960s.

One person we cannot currently locate is Matthew de Staffani (or close spelling!), who was for that time my best friend.

His Dad worked at Chicksands, and they were - clearly - American.

If anyone can help to give me a steer, I would be most grateful.

Dick Taplin
Wg Cdr (Retd)

mckenney (23/4/16)

hey guys,

just a few words to see if anyone remembers me. Ran herd with joe Collins, dorf, rickie d powley and pete conruy. played inramural sports on dog. I was a day lady for a while. I was there for england's world cup championship and went to many premier league games with, and because of, paul Hartman.


Jacquelyn Rasool (13/4/16)

When I lived on Chicksands from 1968-1973, my name was Jacquelyn Boyf. My Dad is Staff Sargeant Jack Boyd. I lived on Adams Place. I am looking for Shawn or Michael Miller, my next door neighbors. The best part of my life was spent in that base. My very first concert was arranged by the A.Y.A to see the Jackdon Five! I was 6! Would love to hear from anyone who knows my father or my mother Joyce.


Jim Cunningham (11/4/16)

Looking for members of the Able Flight basketball team from 1971-1972, and members of the 1971-1973 base slow-pitch softball teams. Softball team was coached by Ron Mitchell and the famous Johnny ( Wood-pile ) Ross.

Nancy Blair (6/4/16)

Looking for WILLIAM SMITH stationed at Chicksands in 1964. He was in his early 20's then. He would have been born around 1943. He might have family in Cambridge, Ohio. Blonde hair bright blue eyes. Thanks Nancy


Bill Grayson (29/3/16)

The Chicksands history book's availability is questioned on this site from time to time.  The book is out of print and rare "new" copies are listed on for between $117 and $382.  Used copies currently list for between $45 and $397.  Some brand new copies of the 3rd edition and brand new copies of the 2nd edition (up to USAF departure from the base) have been found in storage.  The new 3rd edition copies, signed by the author, have just been listed on for $40.  Autographed copies of the 2nd edition cannot be listed on amazon but can be requested from  These cost $27, including postage.  100% of proceeds from both editions are contributed to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Very best regards to all Former Chicks!

Hunt Towler (28/3/16)

My Dad, Col. Harry H. Towler, was an officer stationed at Chicksands somewhere between 1953- 1956. I had some fond but now very distant memories (age 4 -8) of events on base, sporting events ( boxing matches ), kid's parties, etc.from those days. We lived off base in Letchworth, which for me was a very different but great experience for someone my age. Just wondering if anyone going back that far. My Dad was later stationed at Ft. Mead, MD. (NSA) and died in 1959. Thx

Barry Douthat (26/3/16)

One last try for information about my best English friend, Simon Hill, who lived in Bedford from '63 to '66 when we were stationed at Chicksands. He had a twin sister named Nicola and his father was a teacher.  We were in the Boys Brigade together at Brickhill Baptist Church and loved going to the Granada Theatre to see the James Bond movies of the times.  Any information greatly appreciated.

Teresa Hayes (15/3/16)

I was stationed at Chicksands for much of my childhood. I will always remember the waterfall, Priory and 'elephant cage' My father was NCOIC CMSgt Eugene Hayes. He passed away at Brook Army Medical a few years back. Chicksands will forever be in my heart as I met the love of my life there (Curtis Plummer) unfortunately Curtis died. If anyone remembers me please feel free to contact me.

Steve Robertson (14/3/16)

I was a CommCtr Spec stationed at Chicksands Jun75-Jun78. I have a base paper "Antenna" dtd 24Mar78 announcing "6950th SctySvc Comm Center Wins 1977 USAFSS James C. Swindell Trophy" for operating "most efficiently and exhibited the highest degree of communications -electronics professionalism during the year." Leadership of SMSgt "Bob" Dunbar and MSgt Attaway, TSgt  Reeves, MSgt Wilson, MSgt Lujak led to this recognition. I also have a USAFSS magazine "Spokesman" dtd Sep77 with a picture of (British liaison  commander) Squadron Leader David Pownall "winding the century old Priory clock for the last time before turning the responsibility over to TSgt Buddy Wood". Also a program for "Bicentennial Fete RAF Chicksands July 2-4, 1976" open house, fireworks, antique cars, Letchworth Garden City Band, American softball, steam tractor display, Morris dancers, Derby Serenaders and "It's A Knockout" competition. Sponsors listed on the program included Check Cabs (radio controlled), Shefford Service Station, Beadlow Manor, Whitbread Trophy beer, and "self drive hire" Tony Ashton Motors Ltd.  We "enjoyed" a record setting heatwave over 1975-76 as well as record setting drought.  I look back with great respect /appreciation/ fondness for my friendship and association with dedicated professionals such as TSgt Otha Lee Dailey, SSgt Larry Newbold, TSgt Gerald Majewski and SSgt Jim Vargo, Sgt Bill Jacques and their families. Our first daughter was born in England, after our 2am drive from Great Barford to Chicksands clinic (to verify my wife was in labor), then driving in our VW bug across the countryside in the dark of a winter's night to RAF Lakenheath hospital.  Quite an adventure.  My thanks to the Bedford Borough Council for providing this forum to your friends & former neighbors, allowing us to reminisce & reconnect.

Daryn (10/3/16)

Hello all,

I came into possession of a steamer trunk years ago with the following painted on it:

A1C Francis M. Wake, Jr., AF 11704352
2167 Comm. Sq. AFCS
Box 1644
APO New York 09193

6950th Security Group
RAF Chicksands, England

John Foster (27/2/16)

Gary Layman and Rick (Richard) Frye have both passed away in the last year, We were all in the comm sq. during the 60's and 70.
I (John Foster) am still looking for Lizbeth.

Michael diLorenzo (24/2/16)

Hello all, I was an X1/14-01 at Chicksands from 1984-86.  Charlie Flight.  I spent hours sitting with Beverly to my left, Peggy and Tammy to my right, and Rhona behind me.  Yes, work was fun.  :-)

To everyone from that day and age, I hope you're doing very well!


Johnny Brannon (19/2/16)

Looking for Paul "Skip" Hildenbrand, Keith Seifert, "Fireman" Tim Kelly, Sue Liest, Lou Ann Workman, Dan Andrews, Gary, and/or Debbie (Tim's girl).

I was there from November 1976- December 1977.

Margaret Glaeser (19/2/16)

I am looking for Mr. and Mrs. David Mason, Susan and David who lived near Chicksands in the 60s and 70s. They were friends of my parents who also lived near the base, Thomas and Georgina Glaeser.

Margaret Glaeser of Manitowoc Wisconsin


Tom Royle (15/2/16)

Looking for those who served at Chicksands......6950th Security Group

Richard Talley (11/2/15)

USAFSS 6950th Scty Gp 1971-1974 National Security Agency 1976 - 1988

Raised a family in England.  Forever grateful for that.
Never wanted to leave.  So many friends made while in England.  A beautiful and pleasant land indeed.!

Many, many pleasant memories. Would love to hear from others from 6950th, Charlie Flight - 1971 - 1974.  It was a much more pleasant and peaceful world back then.  Get in touch, please, if you can

Howard Kreig Elicker (8/2/16)

Hi fellow Chicksands, AFB Alumni!

I am trying to organize a reunion of members of Charlie Flight from the 6950th Security Group who served roughly from 1971-1974. See if you remember some of these names:
Tom Mayo
Michael Rodney Johns
Bob Potter
Jim Lloyd
John Resig
Dave Wehr
Budgie McKeown (sp?)
Dickie no last name, nickname Solo
Marty Martinez
Rick no last name, nickname Woodstock
Fred Mayer
Rick Keel
Rich Talley from Colorado       

These are just a few of the names I remember If you were on Charlie Flight at Chicksands, AFB in England from roughly 1971 to 1974, please contact me at the email address above or at (716) 338-1040. Thanks Guys!


Chuck Crouser (6/2/16)

Was at the Sands from about 1969 to 1973, 202 on Charlie Flt.

Was there with my high school sweetheart Sheila. Still married after 46 years (in a row). Was a good place to start a family, our daughter Christy was born at South Ruislip (closest military hospital).

All things considered it was a great time and we made many friends, both US and British. Lived off base in Barton-Le-Clay. Somehow I got quite good at darts and even won some tournaments when I returned to the US.


Robert Potempa (27/1/16)

I was stationed at the 'sands from May 1966 until May 1969. I was assigned to charlie flight with the maroon baseball caps.  I was trained as  a diddy bopper - 292X1 but after about 18 months I was cross trained as an Intelligence analyst - 202X0. I remember my time there as being very enjoyable as I found the locals - the "blokes" to be some of the friendliest people you ever would want to meet. . We - charlie flight had the first female flight commander a Chicksansds, a Lt. Wilson. A very nice lady as I remember. I was wondering if anyone would  know the whereabouts of any of the "C" flight crew from back then????  Thanks.

Steve Meador (26/1/16)

I was a 203, Voice Operator, stationed at Chicksands from November 1971 to July 1974.  Worked on Dawg Flt the entire time.  Some of the Characters from Dawg Voice were Bill Springett, Jim Goldston, Jim Fowler, Tommy Pratt, Joe Cerza, John Jenkins, Reggie Smith, Bill Budd, Jimmy Smith....I think that I could still calibrate an R390 like I did at the start of every shift, and still remember the primary freqs of the job that I did for 2 1/2 years.

Randy Atwood (24/1/16)

Looking for teachers at Chicksands RAF:  Dave and Debbie Johnson, Ruth Donniker and Patarica Henderson.  Any contact information would be appreciated as I taught school At Chicksands with them in 1974-1975.  Thanks  Randy Atwoodf

Howard "CLEM" Kletter (20/1/16)

At Chicksands twice 59-61 & 64-68.  Worked "A" flt 292x2 & the roundhouse.  Brent Gates, Paul Yamarik were roommates worked for Col DeGraff & Earley B Teal.

Great duty, a long long time ago.


Bill Massie (18/1/16)

stationed at chicksands from 1958 - 1960 as a 291


Joanne (12/1/16)

Hi there, I was hoping to hear from anyone who may have details for a gentleman called Theodore Roosevelt Hughley, he was based at RAF Alconbury in 1961, Regards Joanne

Kenneth C. Blake (3/1/16)

Hey Herb Gladney it took me all this time to find you, I dont  want to lose you again!  The phone number and e-mail you gave me are not working.  Call me at 4025028774 or 4025950971.  E-mail  Happy New Year!!!

Graham Croft (29/12/15)


My Grandfather John "Arthur" Mack was given a commemorative coin which I believe was struck to commemorate the transfer of USAF 774th Air Base Group in Chicksands back to the UK RAF in 1995.

I would presume that this coin is likely to have been available to personnel who were serving on the base at the time of its closure, but not sure this is the case for this one??

If anyone can provide more information, or can confirm how one would have been obtained, that would be fantastic

Jim Goggin (25/12/15)

Just a change of email to for anyone who might want to contact Becky and Jim Goggin at the Sands from 1975 through 1979 as an X2. Thanks.

Jeremy Herd (Bloke) (14/12/15)

Hi, I was supposed to be working in the Chicksands Accounts Office during 1977 to 78. Wonder if anyone might ever have news from (spellings are approx.); Glenn Johnson, Oscar Scott, Waldo, MSgt Baker, Charles Corrigan, Linda Artner, Greg Pasco, Kathy Chitwood, James Agnew. Would very much like to hear from you. Ta.

John Cumberbirch (13/12/15)

My Father, GERALD (Gerry) CUMBERBIRCH was a radio operator for the RAF during the second world War and I think he was stationed at Chicksands.

Does anybody remember him ? He unfortunately passed away in 2010. He would have been 100yrs old this month

Any pieces of information would be most helpful for his family.

Thank you, John Cumberbirch

Kenneth Robinson (12/12/15)

My name is Kenneth Robinson (Speedo). I was stationed from 1960 thru 1963. I have been in contact with Don Da Mon Evans. I am looking for the following guys:

Quack -0 Clarence Chatton
Garland Walker (Richmond, VA)
Jessie Oliver (Richmond, VA)
Bob Boyd (CA)
Harold Thurston
Big Daddy

This was the best time of my life in The Smoke (London) at the "All-nighter," with Georgie Flame and the Blue Flames. Georgie is currently playing at Ronnie Scott in London.

May God bless all my buddies!

Johnny Brannon (1/12/15)

Still looking to get in touch with Paul "Skip" Hildenbrand, Keith Seifert, "Fireman" Tim Kelly, Sue Liest, Lou Ann Workman, Dan Andrews, Gary, and/or Debbie (Tim's girl).

I think Gary's last name was Simpson.

Once again I was there from November 1976- December 1977.

Jenny Wright (17/11/15)

In 1961 or 2 I used to play with a family of American children who lived near me in Bedford. I was entranced by them, they seemed so exotic and different and have never forgotten them. Theirs was the first house I had ever been in that did not have wallpaper on the walls but coloured paint! 

Possibly their father was an officer as they lived off the base in Elstree but went to school at Chicksands. Probably the family were reposted about 62 because they disappeared. All I remember is a couple of forenames but here goes.

Jack the eldest around 11 or 12 at the time. Then possibly Hank (9) then Mervin or Marvin 7 or 8 and a sister of 6 with blonde hair.  The boys had crewcuts.

Ring any bells with anyone. I would be glad to hear from you.

Peter Graves (15/11/15)

Who do I need to contact if I want to plan a reunion for American Servicemen/women that served at RAF Chicksands?

Stu Kertiss (6/11/15)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from Aug 1960 through Aug 1964 and have very fond memories of the base and of Bedford. I still have a friend in Bedford and we see each other every couple of years. I've only been back the early 1990's but my friend has been here several times. Jim Lenz was my NCOIC and I remember going into town with Ernie the old Peacock Hotel. I used to live on Castle Road.

Johnny Brannon (4/11/15)

I was at Chicksands from November 1976 untill December 1977.

Colin Milton (29/10/15)

My dad, Tom Milton, was stationed at Chicksands during WW2 and later posted to Hong Kong. I was born there. Where can I find more info on his job during that time?

John Guy (16/10/15)

Hi, I was stationed at Chicksands as a 292X2 twice from 1964-66 and again from 1967-69. In between I had a remote tour at St Lawrence Island, Alaska. I married a woman from Bedford in 1968. It was the best base I was stationed at in 21 years of military service. Many in-laws still live in Bedford.

Craig (10/10/15)

Never worked at Chicksands. But as an 80's child I remember being taken on a bus with 9 other children at Christmas and the Americans used to take us Christmas Shopping. It was for poor family's at the time. I'm 37 now and still remember the times. I now as a fully grown adult would like to thank those Americans who read this who may of taken part. You made children of the times Christmas unforgettable without your help me and a few other kids wouldn't not had what we had and Christmas would of had no meaning. So from me and the other kids you help thanks! P.s. Now living in the old Fairfield Asylum building near the new Fairfield Park. It's not haunted I swear! Lol. Take care all!

Emma (9/10/15)

This is a long shot but my mum and dad ( Eddie and Ann Owen) had friends on the base around 1985/87 I only know first names as i was around 10 years of age then. But they where Iris and Boyde. I believe Boyde was military police and Iris use to do craft fairs They moved back to the states and i would love to be able to trace them as i now live in the states I have such good memories of them Hope someone can help God bless

Nokes (7/10/15)

Worked in Civil Engineers. Would like to contact Captain Walters who was my boss. I was there from 1965 until 1980. Great place to work, great guys too. I worked through BSO. I had great friends but have lost their names through old age!!!

Liane Williams (7/10/15)

My name's Liane. Dad was the Maintenance Manager on Chicksands in 1988 or thereabouts. I googled this site to look for the reunion day for my Dad. I didn't realize I could put a message on it.

I enjoyed many good Friday and Saturday nights at the "club" with my sister Kerrie, with our American friends, Fred, Dina ect.....   I am British, however I was engaged to an American - Bill Barratt. If any of you read this note, hope you are well and that life has treated you kindly !!!!! please reply if you can !!! all the very best !!!! Liane

Ray Gray (27/9/15)

I have seen several names on this web sight that I recognize. Roger Larm, John Cody, (Tex) Hardy, Fisher, Montanaro. I am trying to locate Robert Richardson. I have in touch with Louis Hard, Cliff Knots, John Futrell, Billy Johnson. If anyone recognizes any of these names please contact me at

Terry Markley (21/9/15)

I was a 292X1 on Charlie flight from May 64 to Feb 68. Wonderful tour and I enjoyed copying the dits. My room mates were Ray Cook (X1) and Aubrey Waxmunski (202). Just wondering if anyone out there knew them or knows where they currently are.

Mark Carney (10/9/15)

I am trying to get in touch with some of the folks I was stationed with between 1983-1988. This was lucky enough to do some searching around and locate this site. Is there any other sites out there with other information? Loved the darts and the locals.

Yvette Kilroe (4/9/15)

Hi I am trying to find Robert selney us air force pilot 1st class he was based at chicksands in 1963/4

Paul Freestone (1/9/15)

RAF Chicksands - I have been searching for a long time to find details of someone who has been identified as having a link with my family back in 1949. He was based (accommodation wise) at Chicksands but might have worked at Henlow. He had a nickname of "ding dong" but I am not sure if his surname was Bell. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find this it would be much appreciated.

Charles Metz (31/8/15)

Stationed at the "Sands" from 1964 to 1967 on Charlie Flight as a ditty bopper. Couldn't have had a better time or met better people.

Carol Hodgson (29/8/15)

Hello I am looking for any information about William Turner (Bill) who was an American Air Force Sergeant stationed at Chicksands sometime around 1963. I am particularly interested in contacting any of his family members. Many thanks, Carol

Charles Metz (27/8/15)

Stationed at the "Sands" as a ditty bopper from 1964 to 1967. I really enjoyed the country and the people.

Mark Papa (25/8/15)

Hi. I`m researching the history of Poole Stadium and wonder if anyone here can recall an American Football game there between Hahn Hawks and the Flying Chicks on September 1st 1968? The contemporary press gives no details other than the 40-14 scoreline. Thanks.

Charles Metz (24/8/15)

Stationed at the "Sands" from 1963 to 1967. 292 on Charlie Flight...Great memories.

Scott J. Oliva (24/8/15)

Thanks Brian but I was able to find the address for Trip through other sources. He now lives in Grove, OK. And long time no see. My address is 30 Timber Meadows Place Edwardsville,, ILL 62025. I prefer "real" mail vice this digital stuff.

David Fulaytar (14/8/15)

Stationed at Chicksands from 1981-85, in the Personal Affairs Office in the Personnel Division. Hard to believe it has been so many years as I prepare to end a 2nd career at West Virginia University. I'm able to return every couple of years as my wife is British and her family still lives in nearby Milton Keynes. I always take the opportunity to drive up/by the old base ... what wonderful memories of a time gone by. Kind of a shame that the fondest memories come so many years later. Salute out to all who have served! Dave

Brian Richards (7/8/15)

Hello, SJ. This is Brian Richards. Trip was living in Rogers, Arkansas a few years ago. Went to see him (unannounced) while on vacation in Oklahoma but was unsuccessful.

Frank Bowlby (2/8/15)

Trying to locate Ernest R Burnett, a 207X1 SSgt on Able Flight during the time frame of 1971 - 1975. His wife, Kay was a local English lady and I remember one of their children was a son name Ray. If anyone remembers Ernie and/or knows his current whereabouts, please post here or contact me via email. Thank you

Franklin (Frank) L Bowlby, CMSgt, USAF, Retired .

Burns (Tony) Martin (29/7/15)

Looking for any "old" friends from 1958-61. After reading most of the notes here, I feel like a dinosaur since most of the entries show assignments many years after I left. Looking for Tom Gilbert (Irene), Lee Bryer, Herbie Caudile, Bob "Mac" McCarty, Nick Shamma, to name a few. First son was born at Ruislip (sp?) London to my wife (Sarah) and me in 1960. Haven't made any of the reunions because I don't recognize any of the names 8-(


Tom Kirkham (20/7/15)

Haven't been on line for a while, but saw that the Duck was being remodeled and it brought a lot back. I was at Kirknewton for 18 months and then Chicksands for 18 months. Have been in Arizona since discharge. There are a couple other sites of interest and enjoy following them. I have some old pics on force. Would like to hear anything about Ryan Harr, David and Pat Johnson, Evelyn Watson, Leroy Meyer or Audrie Turner. Currenty an active member of SASS, gave up any serious Darts several years ago, but remember it fondly and played for many years.

Ron Betts (30/6/15)

Ernie Maldonado and I are working on putting on a reunion of OED/OPN-X guys who worked together during the period 1960 - 1968 in interrelated shops during that period. We will spin off the Freedom Through Vigilance Association reunion scheduled for 9-24-15 through 9-26-15 in San Antonio, TX. If interested in learning more about the reunion go to the FTVA web site and contact me at Reminiscing can be fun and it's been over 50 years since most of us have had an opportunity to recall those memories of the ladies, pubs, fogs, and lanes of the period.

John R. Northrup (28/6/15)

John is now deceased, but was stationed at Chicksands from 1966-1969. He play on the FIGHTING CHICKS footbal team and I (wife) worked in the Priory for the base catering service in the Officers Club. I would be scared to death waiting for John to pick me up after midnight while looking on towards I remember walking that lane, pushing my son's push chair, after taking the bus from Bedford. It seems like miles to get to the gate after walking to the bus station in central Bedford from our home.. There were many trips into London and lots of football games...wonderful memories.
Marylyn Garofalo

Frank Vasquez (10/6/15)

Sad to report that my best friend Jim Dilks's son Aaron passed away on June 8 2015 . Jim and I became best friends on Charlie Trick. . Lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford. Little Aaron was born in Bedford . Used to bounce him on my knee. RIP Aaron.

Also another good friend Ron Kabza passed in May. He was retired Air Force in Colorado Springs Colorado. We were at Keesler together.. He was on Able Flight and tended bar at the Club . He also married an English girl. RIP Ron.

Rene P.Williams (9/6/15)

Hello, I was at Chicksands from !961_Dec of 1964 I played football for four years We won the U/K U/S championship in 62. We was ahead by two points and backed up on our thirty yard line on the third down. Irby called a pass play , I caught the pass and advanced the ball to their twenty yard line where we kicked a field goal in the final minutes to extend the lead by five points to win that game. I took the football as a trophy. Also that same year , we were scrimmaging and i recovered a fumble and BIG DADDY leaped on my back and rolled on to my right leg ehen I had all of my weight on my right foot. I wore a cast for six weeks. Robert Lee Curtis , I saw your Email, I also remember all of the guys. Shep ,Battle, George Greenwood who got into it with three Bobbies in town Speedo, i met him when i moved to Brookland .Joe Alexander from Port Arthur Texas. Georgie Fame, and Tom jONES, I MET AT LAVALLE AUBON IN LONDON.CHRISTINE KEELER HAD AN ARTICLE IN SOME NEWS PAPER WHEN I WAS VISITING MY FAMILY IN FELIXSTOWE SUFFOLK , THIS WAS IN DEC. OF TWO THOUSAND TEN. I , ALMOST FORGOT, MY PURPOSE FOR WRITING THIS SHORT NOTE WAS TO FIND ANY ONE THAT MIGHT HAVE WITNESSED MY ACCIDENT ON THE FIELD AT SPRING TRAINING THE YEAR OF SIXTY TWO. IF SO, PLEASE CALL ME AT 337-422-1418. OR

Steven David Mayes (7/6/15)


My name is Steven david Mayes and I am looking for my dad David Norman Mayes and he was in the RAF. His RAF number is H8001901.

The last time I saw my dad I was 7 years old and he was posted to Kenya.

I'm looking to reunite with him, if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is

Best regards


Roger Larm (29/5/15)

It was cool to be able to see the old pictures of the Sands - don't know when they were taken but looked the same when I was there, 1964-66, on the Hill, and at the switchboard and Crypto Comm Room.

Unfortunately, I spent more time in Bedford, or the Airmen's/NCO Club, then the Barracks. LOL Sure have some great memories of the place, including the long walk down the road from the gate to the main road to get a bus or hitchhike to Bedford or the Smoke.

Many memories, good and bad!

Left there with great experiences, plus a wife from Kempton.

Anybody have contact with Ike Eisenbraun or Chuck Secrist or George Sisson, my ole roomies, let me know.

Thanks for the memories - maybe someone needs to coordinate a Reunion?????

Roger Larm

Mike DeCapua (25/5/15)

Best SP assignment I had in my 26 +year career, plus our daughter was born in Bedford. Happy Memorial Day to all those who and are serving!

Scott Oliva (23/5/15)

Stationed at Chicks from 1976-1982 on Able Flight. Trying to contact Trip Lapham who was an X-1. Just read an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch that mentions his name and am wondering if this is the same Trip from long ago.


Ron Betts (21/5/15)

Always looking to hook up and chat with old buds from Chicksands era ''61 - '65. OED/OPN-X guys: Whippo, Johnston, Appleton, Crabbe, Kuenzi, Sleeter, Littel, Mik, Forbes, Boggs, Quinn, Banks, et. al. We were young once and made the most of it in a wonderful corner of the world.


Jim Stinson (19/5/15)

I would like to connect with any friends that were stationed at Chicksands in 1976.

Howard "CLEM" Kletter (17/5/15)

Was at the sands twice. 59-61 when the quanset huts still there, and again 65-68 with my new wife from Florida.

I had roomed with Brent Gates, at new barracks. was an x2 on D flt my 1st tour and R&D at the round house 2nd tour.T.C. Carrington quarterbacked our team in 66. great tours

David Koehler (17/5/15)

I was at Chicksands from 1967 to 1970. I enjoyed my time there.

Frank Vasquez (15/5/15)

Ditty Bopper on Charlie Flt 1965-1968. Best friend Jim Dilks. We lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford. Also good friends with Joe Christiano and Stu Neff. Anyone know anything about my first roommate Jerry Morris ? He was a young kid from Boston. Grew up strong Catholic in schools etc. Always said he would probably go back and become a priest. That is after he sowed his wild oats. Sure would like to know what happened to him. Can't seem to find him. Jim and I have stayed friends all these years. Still talk and email often. He will be celebrating his 50 wedding anniversary soon and I am right behind him. Good time in England. Have been back several times as my wife was born there but grew up in the states. We were highschool sweethearts. Have never made it back to Bedford though. Would love to see Chicksands. Good memories.

John Wood (13/5/15)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1971-73. I was a "ditty-bopper" on Able flight and had a lot of fun in England. I am looking for an old friend, Craig "Crazy Howie" Elicker. If you remember him or me, please e-mail me. Thanks. "Woody".

Carolyn Novoa (29/4/15)

My family and I were at RAF Chicksands 1990 - 1994.

I was a photography teacher for two years at the school on base.

Family members then were Joseph (Joe) W. Chandler Joseph (Blake) Chandler Constance Chandler Cassie Chandler We have great memories of our stay in England. I loved the base and the country. We made many friendships we will never forget. Wish I could still be there. Hello to you all and God Bless You.

Ed Miller (29/4/15)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from January 1961 to December 1964. I was a S/Sgt 292x1 assigned to Baker Flight. It was one of the best assignments I had in the 22 years spent in the USAF.

John Foster (S/sgt) (25/4/15)

I was stationed @ Chicksands twice in the 60's and 70's it was a great place for a young airman to experience after a tour on St. Lawrence island in the Bearing straits.

I found an old friend Lizbeth on the old Chix site a number of years ago, but lost her email. I understand that she lives in Wales now. any help finding her would be great.

One of our Great Pals ;( Gary W. Layman ) from those years passed unexpectedly last year.

Jim Smith (25/4/15)

I was stationed there for only 8 months 1962 thru early 63 after 18 months in Crete. Left there to go to Kelly till I was discharged in May of 1963. When I was there I was a ditty booper on Able flight. Loved the base. I remember eating in the old building that you had to walk a ways to get too. Also remember walking down the lane to get the bus to go to town and hang out at a dance hall upstairs in Bedford. Does anyone remember something about the swimming pool in town. I think it was built over a stream or something.

Margaret (22/4/15)

Looking for Solomon Bradley I believe his name was, late 60s maybe early 70s, please any one knows of him contact me, his son would love to connect with him, I think he used to box also. please and ty

Ray Gray (21/4/15)

Station at Chicksands from June 1964 to June of 1967. Live in Florence S.C.

Looking for Robert Richatdson.

James (21/4/15)

I'm looking for my grandad or his family who was based in Chicksands in the 1960s all I know is his name was warren Goldsby and he was a staff sgt I think he was from New Jersey and was stationed in Texas after Chicksands. If anyone knows or knew him please email me, thank you

Don Amundson (18/4/15)

I was stationed at Chicksands from July 1956 to January 1958. Like to hear from anyone who was there about the same time.

Matt Perret (12/4/15)

My father William J. Perret, MD was commander of 7534th Dispensery from 1954-1956

Beverley Bean (4/4/15)

Hi ya, like one of the other entries about 6 down i also recall some guys swallowing Goldfish at the 4 July fair. It upset my little sister and the rather sozzled guys all said sorry to her.My dad was S/Sgt Melvin Brown he was a cook. His best friend George D Kelly unfortunately burst a boil in a rather delicate place taking my sister on a fairground ride that day. ah the memories. Didn't live on base but it was like being in the US. Special treat being hamburger in NCO club. Unheard of amongst my friends. There was a wimpy bar in our town, but not quite the same thing. Also Budweiser was a special treat for adults I recall, not being able to get it outside of base . My memories seem a bit strange eh but i think Budweiser was a bit of a novelty back then. Once i recall bringing some home for family, but every one in the car who was able to, holding them as we were not allowed to take them off base unless they were opened. Oh dear, my family sound like a right bunch don't they, but it was not very often we took some beer home I can assure you. This was mid 60s,the burgers are readily available now as whoppers from Burger King and bud sold everywhere. To me Chicksands was like going on holiday even shopping there was different, me and my sisters only ever went there on day visits but it was really great. Never been to the US, but felt like we were there when ever me and my sisters went to Chicksands with our dad.

Mr Castle (4/4/15)





Jeff Munroe (28/3/15)

1984-1992. Comm Sq.

Sean, Brian, Grant, et al; drop me a line.


Ronald Hunt (23/3/15)

I was at JOCC at RAF Chicksands from 1977 to 1982...I lived in Pulloxhill most of my tour and I cant think of one thing that I didn't like about living there. My girls, now 45 and 48 attended the local schools and we have friends as do they that still stay in touch and occasionally visit back and forth. We spent many special occasions at the Priory and heard most of the tales of Rosetta. The Fox and Hounds was one of our favourite spots as well as the Cross Keys in Pulloxhill...We visited briefly in 2014 and not too much has changed unlike the states where change is a constant.... I yearn to go back but alas we will have to be satisfied with all the great memories of our time there,,,,
David Cox (22/3/15)

HI, I am asking for my sister-in-law Donna Cranfill who was married to Richard (rik) Cranfill she is seeking Russell Holl Jnr (Tex)who was married to Heather she worked at Century 21 estate agents if you are either of these people could you please contact me and I will put you in touch with her she is now in Las Vegas.

Jack Merritts (17/3/15)

Stationed at Chicksands July 1955- December 1957. Was clerk in Motor Pool whole time. Looking at Chicksands on "google earth" it appears the the large "Quonset hit" motor pool maintenance building is still there. However, the base has totally grown.


Malcolm Jarvis (14/3/15)

Cleaning house and found a pewter mug with Fire Protection USAF and underneath R.A.F CHICKSANDS no dates but if anyone knows about the mug and would like it contact me and I will send it to you


Ron Betts (14/3/15)

Hey all. Based at Chicksands from August 1961 -August 1965. Worked as a 202 in Operations Exploitation (OPN-X). Major event during my tour was the installation of the FLR-9 along with a new operations building "up on the hill." Great time was had by all of us but I do recall the thick fogs when, while walking to work in the early morning, one could barely see the next utility pole along the sidewalk. Also, during my tour the chow hall was renovated which caused us a much longer walk to eat and which enriched the NCO and Airman's Clubs when so many didn't take that walk. Great sports during that period with UK champions in both football and basketball. Many fond memories including the annual carnival that set up in front of the library and gymnasium. I recall guys, after a few pops, eating the gold fish out of the bowls that they had won at some game. Be in touch if you were in the same era.


MAC MCMAHON (14/3/15)





Jan Jaeger (11/3/15)

Had some wonderful memories here. Graduated from central high 1970. Dad was Robert hart chief master Sgt hospital dispensary...AWESOME Memory OF THE PRIORY


Andy DeStefano (10/3/15)

Was with the 6950SG and arrived there with the group.

I was in supply and for about 3 weeks had absolutely nothing to do. So played bridge all day with 3 others, but

I only remember one first name "gene" Was there for about 21/2 - 3 years. Was in charge of the 'gay' barracks down closest to the sprouts plants which smell horribly. Don't remember many names. Maj Thompson, Maj Brown Hugh Covington and that is about it. Was second best USAFSS assignment I ever had. Kirknewton was first on my list. Married a Kirkcaldy lassie there and have had 50 happy years. Am now 85 and hardly remember my own name. But if anyone writes, I am pretty sure I will remember them


Gary Bates (1/3/15)

I was at Chicksands from 1963-66 and was an X2 on Able flight. Just looking for anyone stationed there during that time.

JERRY WARREN (21/2/15)

I was at Chicksands from 1969-1972.


Brian Ken Allen (19/2/15)

Hi, does anyone remember a roger from kansas and a wayne who used to go to the nazarine church in Luton? They were from the base. Also does anybody remember a black airman seriously assaulted in stopsley Luton circa 1955.He went with a girl named Ann. I wondered what happened to him Ken Allen

Norm Paulisczak (18/2/15)

Was at Chix from 1980 till 1995. Was a Pub called the Hare and Hound just outside the base where we took newcomers for lunch. They had a great onion soup that I would love to get the recipe for. Anyone who may have an idea of this would really appreciate it. E-mail me at if you have it. Thanks!


Franklin L Bowlby (16/2/15)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands three (3) times, 1966 - 1969, 1971 - 1976, and 1979 - 1985 - nearly 15 years total. My 1st overseas assignment was at RAF Kirknewton, Scotland where I met my lovely wife of 48 years (and counting). Needless to say, we were very fond of RAF Chicksands and spent as many years there as we possibly could. We have a daughter Jacqueline and a son Jason, both born at the North Wing Hospital in Bedford. We had many great friends there over the years, both on and off base. Recently, I have been trying to locate a person by the name of Ernest R Burnette who was stationed there at least once (possibly twice) during our assignments there. He had an English wife named Kay and they had two or three children. He used to drive the MWR or AYA bus back and forth to Alconbury as a part time job. If anyone knows or remembers Ernie and Kay and knows there current whereabouts, I would appreciate any information you have. Please email me at

Thank You.

IM DILKS (16/2/15)



Eileen Murphy (welch) (14/2/15)

I had recently left active duty and found myself stationed in R.A.F. Chicksands...what a thrill, I was there from about 1983-1988. I am looking for anyone who may still remember those days? Chris? Kevin?

So much fun and so many laughs., please respond if possible!!!!!


Eileen D. Murphy or Eileen D. Welch

Thanks so much

Chuck Lyman (3/2/15)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 79 - 81 on Charlie Flt as an X1. Good times.


Scott Benjamin (2/2/15)

My father, Robert L. Benjamin, was stationed at Chicksands from late 1966 until the fall of 1968. We lived in Barton le Clay for the first year before moving on base.

My father passed away in 2005 and my mother, Janet, in 2009.

I have great memories of living in Barton and on base. I was back in 2010 for a visit with our next door neighbour from when we lived in Barton.



Gin (2/2/15)Looking for Margaret Rose Dill, who lived in Bedford 33 years ago. I think in Spensley road?

Please contact me if you have any information.


Henry Mixon (27/1/15)

Does anyone know where to obtain an old typewriter of the style used by the 203's during the late 1960's early 70's



Mike Mattheisen (24/1/15)

I was a R203 linguist stationed there from 1968 to 1973. Mostly on Dog flight, and in ops. Loved living there, and living in the village of Ickwell. Would love to hear from any of the old gang.....


Bob Snell (21/1/15)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from September 1967 to April 1969. I married a lovely English girl in October 1968 in Bedford and we had a wonderful life together for 44 years.


John R. Halcomb (18/1/15)

Stationed from 1960-1963.


Ed Maloof (16/1/15)

Looking for Margaret Thompson who lived near Bedford and worked in a tobacco shop 1958-1960.

Ross Jordan (9/1/15)

Sad news to report that my wife of 57 years passed away on the 5th of June 2014. I was stationed at Chicksands from 1956 to 1960 and was assigned to AIO of the 7534th ABRON. My wife Yvonne was born and raised in Hayes Middlesex and moved to Luton when her mother died. I met her in December 1956 at Chuck Baker’s (worked at the APO) promotion party. We were married the following June in Luton and lived on Foster Hill Rd. Bedford for the first two years. Our 1st son was born at home there. If anyone is interested I have made a very good slide show for her.


William "Mike" Miller (31/12/14)

Was stationed at the sands from from Mar92 to Mar94. If anyone knows of a way to contact the owners of Angela's kebabs would really like to know :). I soooo miss their chilli sauce on the kebabs.


Irene Burns Lopez (9/12/14)

It Is With Great Sadness to inform you That Joseph (Joe) Gilbert Passed Away on 11/29/2014 in San Antonio Tx due to Heart trouble Joe was stationed @ Chicksands in the early 60,s he married a local girl & had 3 sons. Joe was a great soldier & a Great Family. The World has lot a Great Man.


Jessica (Poe) Smith (9/12/14)

 Was stationed at chicksands from 91-93 was best friends with Heather Blose she had an older brother Don-Paul Boise father Don Blose mother Trish Blose they moved tinker AFB in 92ish hoping to possibly reconnect also Carry Songtag. Managed to keep Amy Raslivich around


Beverley Bean (19/11/14)

Hi ya, have some lovely memories of Chicksands back in the 60s 70s,especially 4th July get togethers. My dad was Staff sgt Melvin Brown and served there some years ,also his best friend george kelly. Me and my sisters called [thecage] the squirrel cage, have only just been reminded by looking on web that it was referred to as elephant cage nice to see photos also.


Ron Betts (18/11/14)

Like to hear from any of those OPN-X day weenies who worked straight mids from 1962-1965 with Dave Walters, Bill Bedell, Ken Ford, Jerry Boggs, Steve Quinn, "Major" Aulston, etc. This was a gang begun by Jim lenz with Gordon Banks, Ernie Maldonado, Dale Boersma and others.


Sandra (8/11/14)

Hi I looking for a guy called Bob Dice he was at Chicksands in the 70's we were good friends I would like to hear from him if possible.


Dave Wilson (6/11/14)


I was reminiscing about "Chix" and decided to browse!

I was stationed there from 1958 through 1961 and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My NCOIC was Joe Louis , from Detroit, and I was his baby girl"s godfather. Would love to hear from him.

I am grateful for what we accomplished on the hill with Charlie Flight and think about it every time I watch "Bletchley Circle"!!!


Charlie Hoch (24/10/14)

Hi Alumni. I was at Chix from 62 thru 65. Would love to hear from some of the old buddies. 2167 comm

Guy W. Green (21/10/14)

Haven't posted since Dec 2004(almost 10yrs ago). 1990 - 1993, worked at CBPO(MPF) Training Section. Played and coached HQ Squadron basketball team. If you remember me feel free to drop me a line. Hope it won't be another 10 yrs before I post again :-)


Bryan Foster (13/10/14)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1970-1973 on Charlie flight. Just wanted to say hello to everyone I served there with. Best wishes to everyone who ever served there.


Bill Hayes (8/10/14)

Was a 207X2 2ZY on Dog then Baker flight from 04/1980 - 10/1986. Lived on Truman Pl briefly, then in Bedford and Ravensden.


Kenneth (3/10/14)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1970-1972. I loved it except for one thing I had some friends die in a horrible car/truck accident. Then base then set the crunched up VW at the bottom gate. I am looking for anyone that has any knowledge of this incident. I can't relay to you how important it is. My name is Kenneth (KC) Blake. I was also looking for a John Seymour, or a Perry Lo Heath. Please help me out this is of the utmost importance.


Doug Carroll (21/9/14)

Able Flt. 2167 Comm. Ctr. 1967 -1970.

Hello to Jim Leininner, Charlie Picolet, T-Beaux, Wempen, Cook, Deuce, Surf and rest of the gang.


Bob Penry (5/9/14)

Transferred to Chicksands in 1966 from RAF Kirknewton, Scotland when it closed. I worked in the Ops building - job was Top Secret Control. Worked for MSGT Ables who was a tailgunner in a WWII bomber. He was shot down and was in prison in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped. Didn't say much about it. My roommate was Ray (Nasty) Nosko, an MP Gate Guard. He had been a pro-wrestler in Chicago before the Air Force. I had a band called the Gatekeepers in Scotland, and I played and sang in the "Ship" pub in Bedford. Friends from the base were Jim Jirusek, TSgt George Adams who lived in base housing with wife and three kids, Ron Jones, Bob Shackelford, and some others. Retired from AF in 1980 and became a school teacher after going back to college for my Masters in Education. Retired again in 2004. I now have a Celtic Band called Glodrydd and we play festivals mostly in Ohio.


Dennis Mant (3/9/14)

Able many great mems....Roger Keller where r U Jim Price ?

Bob Brents? Fred Sanchez?? Ira G Burrell

God Save the Queen !!!


Larry Churchill (1/9/14)

Was with the 2167th Comm Sq (D flight)..1967-69......Many great memories.


Melissa Snell (27/8/14)

Hello, my father (late) Ralph Snell,Jr we were stationed at Chicksands from 1980-1985. We lived on new base, growing up a military brat we've met lots of friends, most of us who grew up together at Chicksands still keep in touch via facebook, e-mails, or phone calls! We've had 2 reunions and they we're very successful, even Alconbury!! What would it take for us to get a reunion for the families that were station there during that time? Or what about a year book? Please inform me on what we can do! Thanks and god bless... Melissa Snell 

P.S.... I really miss living at Chicksands, I really wish we could go back, I know not to live but to visit!!

Dick Jacobs (26/8/14)

I was at Chicksands from June, 1953 to October, 1954 when I was transferred to Kirknewton. I worked in electronic intercept. Anyone around from those olden days?


James Hardy (Tex) (21/8/14)

2167 com sq. 1961-1964 baker shift. many many many great, funny, and some sad stories about the Sands, If you think you know me send me an Email. Miss all of you Tex


Gerald Kushner (16/8/14)

Had the fortune to have met Mr. Alf Rochlin & family. He was so very nice to my then wife & many years of friendship after USAF Chix. Any others know or knew Alf (local pharmacist)


Jim Smith (14/8/14)

Hi, I was with the 2167th, Dog Trick, from 1968 to 1972. Some good memories during those three and half years. Great web site.






Ed Ryan (8/8/14)

I was initially assigned to the 2147th working in the PCRS relay and then as NCOIC of the switchboard and then to a security service Sq working COMSEC issues out of a vault. I was there in 1976 when an oblisk ( similar to the Washington Monument) was dedicated for our centennial. I believe there is Budweiser sealed inside. I remember the friendship we had with the civilian GPO engineers, Stan and Brian and our competitive dart matches to win the honour of wearing a top hat until defeated. Those were good days with great memories.

I saw the names of Steve Vereke (didn't post his email address) and Donnie Hare in earlier posts. I'm still living in Lawrenceville, GA . Contact me at Cheers!


George Larson (7/8/14)

Just found this site and am sorry to discover the death notices of Lt Col Varhall and SMSgt Lou Burns. Lt Col Varhall was my Flight commander and Lou Burns was my first supervisor at Chicksands when I arrived there for duty in 1971. They will both be missed. My tours at Chicksands were: 1971 - 1974; 1976 - 1979; and 1983 - 1989. I was on DOFA and DOFD, ending my last tour as Flight Commander on DOFA.


Gerald Kushner (7/8/14)

was stationed at Chicksands 59-61 & lived in Bedford(several locations), with wife & 2 dogs. Great town & friendly Jewish community.

Kieran (Ryan) Andersen (7/8/14)

Hi everyone,

My dad (Ed Ryan) was stationed at Chicksands from 1972-1975. My brother is JJ (John Ryan) and my mom is Anne. I would love to hear from anyone living or stationed there at that time.



Donnie Sarratt (6/8/14)

Was a R291x0 down below and on the hill from 1962-1965. Married a girl from Shefford and daughter born at South Ruislip. Retired in March of 81. Love to hear from anyone that was sober enough to remember me. ha ha Loved the pubs and was on 3 dart teams. Great country and great people. Didn't take long to figure out if I was respectful of their customs and ways they treated you as family.


Robert Lee Curtis (6/8/14)


I was at Chicksands from 1961 - 1964 and have a lot of fun memories! We won the UK/US air force football championship in 1962 (could have been '63).I remember Big Daddy, Ebersole, Irby (QB), Askews (Big Q and little q), Phillip Fouler, Shepaulski, Green, and the head coach Tom Haynes. I recall going to Wiesbaden Germany to play the army team for the Europeon chamapionship and lost big time. I remember Bedford, London, the "Allnighter", the Douglas House, "Georgie Fame and the Blue Flame", Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice Davis, and Profumo! But I don't have a picture of any of the guys or any part of the doings in the early sixies. I've met only 2 Airmen from that period.. would appreciate if someone can share a picture or photo, especailly of the football team! please share and attach whatever you can provide! Thanks Bob


Rosemary Fortney (2/8/14)

My husband Conrad Fortney was stationed at Chicksands from 1954-1957. I was in I was stationed at RAF Bletchley when we met. Would love to hear from any of the guys that knew us at this time. We have been married for 59 years.


Allen Ward (15/7/14)

Hello all.

I am trying to reach Daniel R. Derimiah who was with me at the base 64-67.

I was a Radio Intercept Analyst on Charlie Flight. Started in a Seco Hut then moved to the brick barracks. Primary roommates were John Lotito from Skokie, Illinois & Jim Allen of Ohio who went 2T. Ssgt Charlie Walker was our boss, Msgt Stacknovitz aling with Joe Earley, Ken Corcoran, Steve Hundley, and a whole bunch of others.

Allen Ward


Sean Kelly (9/7/14)

For those who lived at The Sands...this may or may not be of interest.

My name is Sean Kelly and I have just written a book that has come out in the US. It is entitle Home Bases Memories and Stories of US Military Bases Around London. I have to say right up front that Chicksands is not a primary focus of the book (books have been done on your base), but some of your contributors may be interested as it looks in detail at places like USAF South Ruislip, RAF Uxbridge (Where there was a Comms Center), the US Navy HQ in London, Eastcote, West Ruislip and places like the Columbia Club and Douglas House (think old day MWR hotels). The 444-page book, which is only out in the US at this point - mixes history of the bases around London with memories of some of those who were stationed there from WWII until about 2007 when most of the remaining bases were shut down.

Visit and or if you are interested.

There will be dissenters but I think the feeling of many is that no matter where you were stationed in the UK is that it was a very special assignment. I was lucky enough to interview some of the WWII vets who served with Generals Doolitte and Eaker at 8th AF Bomber Command and then the son of the 3rd AF Commander (Gen. Wilson) from 1954-1957. These among 40 or so interviews that cover the decades and many of those places.

My thanks for your indulgence.

Sean Kelly


PS - I miss the 'Elephant Cage'!


Wallace "Wally" West (8/7/14)

Wallace West, served at Chicksands with U.S. Airforce from 1952-1955. 10th Radio Squadron, Bedfordshire


Kevin Bandle
Keith Barnes
John Black
William "Willie" Bowen
Don Chaffe
Jim Davis
Don Leedham
Jim Speaker

I am now in New Brunswick, Canada


Dennis Siple (4/7/14)

I was stationed with the 2167th Comm Sqd at Chicksands from Sept 1962 until Oct 1965. I was on baker flight and my room number was 72.

I married an English girl from Dunstable Beds on May 1st 1965.We will celebrate our Golden Anniversary next year

We are now living in Georgetown Texas. Looking to hear from anyone who was there at the same time..


Robert Baker (3/7/14)


Roger was my boss at RAF Kirknewton, Scotland.. that would be in 1962. I am from Connecticut as well,... Danielson and Brooklyn...believe Roger (and your family) to hail from Plainfield...correct???


Tanya beausoleil (2/7/14)

I thought rosette was buried a lived in the wall and ever November 17th that when she came out looking for her lover as his head got chop off and throw in to the pond


beausoleil (2/7/14)

My father was in communication. roger Beausoleil and we were stationed at chicksands air force base. My mother is Mabel beausoleil. My brother is Steven beausoleil and I am Tanya beausoleil we lived on hover st. Does it ring a bell to anyone. We are from CT be now living in San Antonio tx


Joe L. Wise, Jr. (23/6/14)

Hello again Chicksands friends & family!

If there are any 6950th ESG -JOCC'ette's from 85 to 88 out there or any of the 1985-1986 football players & Cheerleaders out there Hello. What's up guys and girls CHIX's.

I think we were the only Chix's football team to win the USAFEE Championship the 1986 season. GO FIGHTING CHICKS, GO!!!!

A big "UP'S" to everyone on this board. We love you too.


Kenneth Blake (17/6/14)

I would like to get in touch with anyone stationed at RAF Chicksands AFB, England between 1970 and 1972 that remembers a bad auto accident that killed at least four airmen stationed at Chicksands. The car was on display at the base entrance for a long time. Pls. email or call me at 402-502-8774 or 402-595-0971.


Kathy "Little" Batterton (13/6/14)

Just came across this site my family was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 79-83. My dad is James Little was I believe a Master Sergeant at the time while we were there. I have very fond memories of living at Chicksands and of friendships. We left my first year of high school to return to the states and have wanted to return to visit ever since. Would love to hear from others who I would've attended school with from that time.


Paul Stevens (13/6/14)

I am trying to trace any family member related to Capt. Charles R. ERLINGER who I believe was at RAF Chicksands possibly in the 1960's.


Lew Watson (11/6/14)

I was stationed at the chick from 1964 til 1967. I loved Bedford and the Sarcens Head, Luton and Bedford. My favourite Englishmen were Pete and Gordy who drove the cabs that took us every where. I will never forget the hill, fish and chips, and the wonderful birds. If anyone remembers me, Stoney , Connie, Ackerman or others please shout out......


Mark Buschhorn (30/5/14)

2167th from '71 to '73, Football, Boxing and Softball


Jerry Hamilton (26/5/14)

Baker Flt Apr 1966 - Mar 1968 X-1. Married JoAnne Woodward from Harrowden Road, Bedford. 44 Years


Bob Gwin Sr. (19/5/14)

I am the one looking for Robert Lee Curtis & George Beaty from the 1960's, Robert from Detroit Mich area & George from NJ. Maggie Rose is looking for them, & I'm helping her. I live in Oklahoma, Maggie is in Yorkshire, England. They listed my email address wrong in my last posting, as I probably didn't check it first & it was my mistake. Sorry About that. Bob Gwin Sr.


Bob Gwin Sr. (18/5/14)

Maggie Rose & I are still looking for Robert Lee Curtis, age 70-75 years. African American, Stationed at RAF Chicksands, 1965-67, possibly now in the Detroit Mich Area, last known address: 672-740 Merton Road, Highland Park, Mi 48203. Anyone knowing how to reach him, can call me in Oklahoma. (918) 664-5147 or send me an email: . Please if you can, help Maggie to find her friend. God Bless You all. I was at RAF Chicksands, from June 1965 to Jan 67, at the 7534th USAF Dispensary, Medical Records & Outside Appointments, any Medics, who were there, during those times, also contact me. Thanks & God Bless You All.

Bob GwiN Sr. Now in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Les Sheppard (16/5/14)

Tom, Lou Piwowrski lives in Fort Myers, Fl nowadays. I was his supvr for sometime back @ Chix before departing in May '65 for San Antonio. I called him a couple of years ago and it required substantial stirring before he remembered me. Other names from that period in the S&W were Red Sjolander (Supe), Tom Needham, maybe Lieber (although he might have departed by then). Your roommate sounds very much like someone named Redmond who also was a 202. Nice to see people from that era are still around.


Tom Schmoldt (6/5/14)

I couldn't believe it when I saw all the names of people I remembered from my tour of duty at Chicksands. I was a 202 from '65 - '67 on Dog Trick. A1C Piwowarski "Ski" we called him was my AIC in SWAMP in the SWC. I remember my room mate getting in trouble during the 4th of July holiday on the base. He had 2 girls in the room when the AP's came busting in & dragged him off! Yup ... except for messing up royally one night my time at the Sands was great... the B Ball game w/ Bill Bradley was phenom ... I was there too! And when the movie ZULU came to the base theatre it sparked a mini riot as I recall. Who was the Sgt that owned a Rolls? I remember the car but not the man. Capt. Raymor was the CO. Great site and a cool read from days gone by. Thanks!

Andre Brown (6/5/14)

I lived on RAF Chicksands on and off base from 1984-1991. I live in Florida now and would love to catch up with old friends.


Barry Norrington (3/5/14)

Years 1950 to 1954 or 55 trying to contact a mr john william holton anyone with any info would be much appreciated


Dean Peterson (21/4/14)

Hello! My name is Dean Peterson. I lived at RAF Chicksands from 1985-89, and was in elementary school at that time. My father was MSgt Dean Peterson, Sr. and my mother was Cynthia Peterson.


Robert A. Gwin Sr. (14/4/14)

I'm looking for a George Beaty from NJ, & Robert L. Curtis, Detroit Mich, both played for the Fighting Chicks Football team in the 1960's. Anyone with knowledge of either of these two gentlemen, please contact me, would be 72-76 years of age by now. Thanks, & God Bless the "Fighting Chicks"


Brian Fullinfaw (14/4/14)

I have have a new address its, its been a while I was at RAF Chicksands 1959 to 1961.

If you still remember me, worked at rxers. Brian Fullinfaw


Joe Coker (17/4/14)

I was assigned to the 6950th Security Squadron Able Flight from 75-77 as a more systems operator, and later worked in base administration. My best years in the USAF were there at Chicksands and I have many memories of good times and great friends. My daughter and son in law were stationed at RAF Mildenhall and we visited them in 07,08, & 09. I was fortunate to be given a private tour in 07 of the base with my wife and daughter, it was truly wonderful to see the the place and the memories it brought back. Friends included: Abb Smith, Hank Carter, Leo Appersbach, Kerry Staggs, Robert Blackshear, Ed Smith, and many others from the mid seventies. We now live in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.


Robert Gwin Sr (9/4/14)

I worked in Medical Records & Appointments, from 1965 in June to Jan 1967, at the 7534th USAF Dispensary, I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or the 7534th USAF Dispensary, We had Dr. Taylor & Dr. Boynton I believe that's how he spelled his name, Jim Autry, Henry Higgins, Capt. Jackson TSGT Clark, & Many more. I'm now living in Oklahoma,


Joseph Bailey (3/4/14)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 78-82 as a 202. First on Able Flt then in the day shop. Great time. Great place. Spectacular people both personnel and locals. Exceptional memories. Hope to return soon for a visit.


Bill Blake (3/4/14)

Based at chicksands 1969-79 got married then went Mildenhall till 1989 20 yrs in England!!!!!!!!! Great. Then to Andrews A.F.B. for 3yrs then on to Fort Knox retired from there. Now living in KY


Glenn Burkland (14/3/14)


My name is Glenn Burkand. I went to school at Chicksands from 1973-78. My best friends were Doug Stevens, John Shuckurt (RIP), Kenny Melnick. Eric Courville, and Mike Smith. My Dad, Robert L. Burkland worked in Services.We lived at 944C Grant Place.

I want to find my friend Mike Smith. His brother was David Smith and we played on the same soccer team. His mother was Ann Smith and worked with Nick at the Bowling Lanes. Mike, if you see this. please email me or look me up on Facebook.

God Bless
Glenn Burkand, SMSgt/USAF (Retired)


Lynne (6/3/14)

Anyone remember Bob Wilson - stationed at Chicksands in 1972. Please let me know.
Thank you.

Bill Blake (27/2/14)

At chicksands 1969-1975. retired in England, back to the states 1989. retired again now living in ky. would like to hear from anyone from the good old days.

Clive (30/1/14)

I worked at Chicksands for the USAF in 1954 to 1955 and made friends with a Harry j Atkins does anybody remember him and what happened to him. Can you visit the base now.

Kirk Fleener (24/1/2014)

My name is Kirk Fleener and I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1970-1972. I was in the 6950th and was a morse intercept operator. I would like to here from anyone who knows or remembers me. I have been looking for a friend I had named Michael Binsfeld if anyone should know of him. Thanks and I hope to hear from people!


Glenn Burkland (24/1/14)

My name is Glenn Burkland. I lived and went to school at RAF Chicksands from 1973-1978. I have managed to reunited with most of my old friends from that time period; such as Kenny Melnick, Doug Stevens, etc. I have failed so far to find my buddy Mike Smith. His Mom worked with Nick at the Bowling Alley. I was on a championship soccer team with his brother David. Mike and I both loved the Civil War and the Dallas Cowboys. He was a Chelsea fan and I was a Liverpool supporter. Mike and I used to walk from the base to Clifton to buy candy, cards and goodies. Mike left in 1977 and his last address was in Altamonte Spring, Florida. Mike, if you see this, please email me. God Bless. GB

P.S. My Dad Robert L. Burkland Jr. worked in Services while at Chicksands. We were friends with Mister Peacock at the Class VI and Mrs. Thompson at the book store Stars and Stripes.


Sue Pickard (22/1/14)


I am looking for any information regarding Samuel Earl Lee who was stationed at Chicksands in the early 60s.

Mike Butcher (21/1/14)

For any one interested, there is now a patch on sale that says "RAF CHICKSANDS ENGLAND" 6940 RS, 6950 ESG, 7274 ABG. RAF CHICKSANDS SHEFFORD BEDFORDSHIRE ENGLAND GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Just go on Ebay and type in RAF Chicksands. They are made in U S A

Edward T. Curran (20/1/14)

I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from Jan '81 through Jan '83. I was in the 81st AGS and worked in the Unit Orderly Room.

I lived off-base at 50 Fairfield Road in Aldeburgh.

I had a 1968 'F' Registration Morris Mini UBJ-181F.

Good times! I still miss England a lot.

Rock and Candy Ellis (10/1/14)

Rock and Candy Ellis were stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1973-1979. Rock worked the emergency room and Candy worked for at the BX. Would love to here from some of our old friends. We lived in base housing next door to James and Ruby Brown and across the street from Eva and her husband

Ron Moore (31/12/13)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from November 1981 to November 1983. I worked in the CBPO.

Paul Nelson (18/12/13)

Hi Lisa Copas and Kirby Wallace...I was at Chix from '75-'77 and have just recently seen your posts here. I went to school with both of you. Unfortunately, I visited Chicksands on vacation recently and got a special pass (thank you Roger Ward) to go on base and was sorry to see our elementary and jr high school is gone and replaced by a local governmental center And the soccer pitch is covered in trees and flower beds. But the footpath to Shefford is still there where we used to walk into town and buy killer chocolates and candies.The baseball field is covered by a parking lot. Let me know and I'll pass on my picturesl

I have our sixth-grade picture which has Kirby Wallace on it as well as Anthony Stalnaker, Timothy Collins, Haley Allison, Robert McDaniel, Andrew Dunn?, Karen Stoebe, not sure if Lisa Copas is there? Anyone recall me or these names? I was in grades 5-7 back then. I am currently living in Korea as an English teacher, but my father retired at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas.

I do recall our classmates taking that trip to Portsmouth and we went sailing in the ocean as well as kayaking and repelling another trip to Wales through the DYA on base. Lots of "puppy love" at that time and when we met a group of British lads and lasses on the Wales trip it got very interesting. All very innocent, of course, but I do recall lots of love letters being passed around. :) And who was the guy with all the puppets?

During my trip to Chicksands around 2009,I also visited my old home at Eisenhower Place and a resident answered who told me that what was once on base housing is now a private community, but the apt's haven't changed a bit! When I can remember more names, I'll make another post. I recall the Theroux brothers as well and we used to wait for the "fruit lady truck" and then the "ice cream float" to come by on base. I swear, British ice cream is so much better than stateside!


Lisa Copas Wall (17/12/13)

Happy Holidays All. My father, Bill "Cowboy" Copas, was stationed at Chicksands from 1972 - 1978. He was with Baker Flight and worked at the Elephant Cage. I would love to reconnect with others that remember our family. I am also trying to find the McDaniel family. My father and Russ McDaniel were good friends. Russ and Ann had three boys, Rusty, Robert, and Richard. If you know them please tell them I am looking for them. As I have said before on another post here, these were by far the best years of my life and wish I could redo them again :) Take care all and stay safe out there.


Les Sheppard (15/12/13)

Is this the same Louis Burns from, I believe, Cherokee, AL?

If so, I remember Louis from Goodfellow, then Chicksands thereafter, and later on a TDY from EURSCTYRGN to Chicksands in the early 1970's He was a 202, and in 1971, thereabouts, an S&WC Supvr.....Corresponded with Louis over the years after retirement. Will miss him, as I miss all other dinosaurs from those earlier years. My profound regrets at his passing. Please pass my condolences to his family. Life is the poorer with his absence.


Irene Burns Lopez (11/12/13)

I would like to inform people who were stationed @ Chicksands between 1960 -1964 & 1968-1971 That SMSGTLouis R Burns passed away on November 29th 2013 In north Carolina due to Alzheimer's.


Victor Palo (11/12/13)

I was stationed at Chicks from 1982 to 1984, with 2112th Comm Sq. I have a lot wonderful memories of my time at Chicks and the local area. Now living in Conneaut , Ohio my retirement home base. Cheers

Robert A. Gwin Sr. (8/12/13)

I was there, from June 1965 to Jan 67, in the 7534th USAF Dispensary, & would like to hear from other Medics & those who knew me. I worked in Medical Records & Appointments, at the Dispensary.

(918) 664-5147


Todd Graham (2/12/13)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands Nov 1982-Nov 1984. Law Enforcement, gates and patrol.

Kirby Wallace (1/12/13)

Chicksands from 1975 to 1978, my age 11 to 14. best years of my life! What a great time and great place to be a kid.

For you enlisted men, my father was Grover "Red" Wallace. He was an MP (military police). He now lives in San Angelo Texas.

Kayleigh Toulson (20/10/13)

Hi there I'm looking for my birth father, I wondered if anyone could possibly help me, his name Brett Hansen or Hanson he was an a1c at Chicksands Bedford in 1991 he is about 43 years old now and he was originally from Minnesota. If anyone could help me I'd be very thankful I'm finding it so hard to find him thank you x x x


Angel Evans (16/10/13)

I'm an air force brat who lived at Chicksands from August 1989 to August 1992, when I was 13-16 years old. I went to school at Chicksands and Alconbury. I have completely lost touch with all of my school friends, and I don't even have a yearbook. However, they are not forgotten, as those were the best memories of my life. I would like to hear from them.


Margaret Claxton (16/10/13)

Would like to contact Robert L Curtis who was stationed at chicksands and played football there in 1961 to 1963 and also any one who remembers him.Some of the names --little qu- Peterson- George Beaty.It was a lovely time in the sixties.[Flamingo] re Speedy] Great music.


Dawn Cooper (10/10/13)

I am looking for my granddad I don't know if this page is helpful but thought id give it a go. My granddads name is Dale Sunday, he worked for the American armed forces but was based at Chicksands in 1954 or 1955 that Is all I know about him. I hope someone can help.


Robert Pierce (24/9/13)

I was at the coop from 1982 till 1986, played football and worked in base supply. I have had some nice re-connections with some folks from Chicksands, it was my first base, and by far the best.


Tina Johnson (16/9/13)

Hi im looking for a woman that gave her son up for adoption. He was born July 22 1975 he was adopted through a catholic church in leakin heath england.she was only 15 when she gave birth to him...he was adopted to elmer phillips that was stationed there.he is looking for his biological mother and father..he doesnt know their names..his adopted mother has passed..he hasnt got any information on them...if you have any information. Please email me at or facebook me trying to help him..I do now his mothers family was from California.


Craig Brown (20/9/13)

I was there in the early 70's show with my Father Charles Brown and family. I was a star baseball player for base little league team


Keith Williams (20/9/13)

I'm looking for a couple Norman and Marlena. He was army and stationed there with me between 1985 and 1988. Any knowing their whereabouts, please have them contact me.





John (JJ) Moore (14/9/13)

Stationed at Chicksands from 1966-69 on Charlie Flt (29271). Moved to Day shop in mission control. Worked with Jim McKissick, Buddy McGuire etc. Second tour 1974-77 working in Mission Support with Phil Baldwin, Kelly Brown, Chuck Schuckert, Jack Kludge. Great English friends at the Boot Pub in Langford. Many fond memories of my time in the UK


Steve Vreeke (13/9/13)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 71 to 75. First two years in the relay second two years in the 6950SS Telephone switchboard. Now retired Air Force living near San Antonio

Great time will never forget it


Robert Gwin (7/9/13)

I was at the 7534th USAF Dispensary from June 1965 to Jan 1967. I would like to contact any others who were there, also. Bob Gwin Sr. (918) 664-5147 Thanks & God Bless


cosetta cashman cw3 (25/8/13)

I was at raf chicksands in 1977-78 I worked their as a nannie for some family and lived there on the base I was wondering if anyone knew a law enforcement usaf guy on base named vince murphy he was a SSgt then. when I was there at raf chicksands in Bedford the people their was nice.


Andy Dumm (13/8/13)

Trying to track down Russ Donnelly (208 on Charlie Flight). We were at Chicksands the latter part of the 1970s.


Jonathan Tripp (11/8/13)

Hi, I was part of the base fire department from 76 to 78. Just looking to connect with some old friends. It was a great time at the Sands.


Cristina Murphy (7/8/13)


I am looking for my grandad who was based at raf chicksands possibly up until 1952.

His name was John holton and he was from Indiana. I have no further information about him but would love if anyone who knew him could please tell me stories about him etc.

Many thanks



Ron Herron (30/7/13)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1971 - 1974 as an X2 on Charlie Flight. I keep in touch with a few Charlie Flight members: Jim Thompson, Steve Parker, Bob Smith, and Richard Watson. It would be great to hear from other members of Charlie Flight for the same period. I live in Kingsport, Tennessee.


Jim Goggin (28/7/13)

Just found the site and have enjoyed reading the many posts. Amazing the rush of memories. Becky and I were there from 1975 - 1979. I was an X2. Still remember so many great people including MSG Patton, TSGT Klima, SSG Weaver, SSG Sands, SSG Fears, Robin Mansfield, Abe Smith, Bill Lowery, among so many more. Finished college at the Sands and received a direct commission in Army Military Intelligence. Retired 11/95 and teaching high school in Phoenix, AZ since while enjoying the opportunity to teach great kids and work on another retirement. Would like to hear from anyone who might remember us. Life is good and hope the same for everyone else as well. Chicksands is a great memory in our life.


Daniel Deremiah (27/7/13)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1964 through 1967 on Charlie Flight. I would be interested to know anyone who might be around from that tour of duty?

Joe Earley, Rbt Mathewsen, Jim Klingl, Roger Wahl, Al Ward, Steven Huntley, Tom White, Waldo Waters, Charlie Walker, Terry ... , Bernie Mastropieatro, etc..


Tom Kirkham (16/7/13)

It has been a long time since I entered on this site. Always have Chicksands in mind. I was there from 1/66 to 8/67 for the second half of my time, the first half was at Kirknewton.

Have heard from a few people over the years and still have my web site up with a page from my tour.

Am retired now, still in Arizona but further north in Camp Verde. 1st year and still working on the house and getting rid of old accumulations of past years. My family is involved in the SASS, Single Action Shooting Society, six of us are shooting now.

Hear from Bucky Buckman frequently and a group that emails regularly. A lot of them are from the KOTBQ.

Would love to hear from Leroy Meyer, Ryan Harr, David and Pat Johnson. Best Wishes to all....


Dustie Sanders (11/7/13)

I loved Chicksands Military Base and I truly feel that I had the best childhood ever growing up rooming the base. I hate that they had to close it down. Best place ever and it will never be forgotten.

I was there from 1990-1995 when I graduated from the 5th grade.

The memories that I made there will always be in my heart.


John Cody (2/7/13)

Hi, I was stationed at Chick Sands in 65 / 66, was a communication center specialist with the 2167 comm sq. I married a girl from Luton in Nov, 1966. Love to hear from anyone who served with me. Specifically looking for Gilbert Gordon or Richard Tarpey......Thank you John


Don Haygood (Jeannette) (27/6/13)

Looking for Bobby J. Parker. Little Rock Arkansas.  Married to Doreen J. Parker of Bedford England.  Children Denise, Bobby Jr and Beverly.

Stationed at Chicksands until 1964. Last known address at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas. Just recently was told that the Parker's went to Bedford, upon his retirement from the US Air Force. Hoping someone can help us relocate these wonderful folks. Bobby Parker would be about 77 years old and his wife about the same age.

Phone # USA (210) 659-3537


David Usher (22/6/13)

I did my National Service at RAF Chicksands from 1955-57 after a short course at RAF Locking. 2000 USAF and only 40 RAF personnel! One of the best times of my life!

As radio operators, we worked a 24 hour shift system: days, mids & nights, which gave us plenty of time off to visit "The Dirty Duck" in Shefford or take the bus to London at the end of Sandy Lane.

It was a very busy time with the Hungarian Uprising, Suez and Cyprus emergencies.

My memories include: American cigarettes, earning pocket money in the evening at the new US bowling alley, fresh milk from US AFEX, tooth extraction at the on camp US dentist, books from the US well stocked library. Every morning, the big American cars (all chrome winged bodywork) coming past our billet. Many of the married GI's lived off base. Last but not least Independence Day with chicken and food galore. we were definitely the poor relations but the American generosity was overwhelming.

A pity that there are not more entries from the RAF boys but I suppose this is to be expected - we were outnumbered 500 to !

D.J . Usher SAC 2747644!


Frank Martin (20/6/13)

Served as a "202" from 1970-71 at Chicksands - some of the best times of my life. Made life long friends there, both American and British. Now, happily retired after 33 years in the criminal justice/legal field.

Living 6 mos. in Europe, 6 mos. in Florida - the good life! ;-)


Stephen G Transue (17/6/13)

Stationed at Chicksands 1963-1966. Went over with FLR9 team to set up the new system.


Maureen Pearce (17/6/13)

hello James, I worked with your sister Brenda on the base, I worked in the Comptrollers office, along with Pauline Slater Nelson


Donnie Sarratt (17/6/13)

I was at the sands from 62-65 and married Mary Odell from Shefford. Was a R291. Retired from the AF in Apr of 1981 and now live in Norman Oklahoma.


James Poplin (31/5/13)

I am a AF brat who lived at Chicksands. My name is James Poplin and the son Of Sqt James Poplin. I was 14-16 yrs old in 1964-66 and enjoyed the school trips, the priory and an old small chapel, i believe Clopshill(sp) love English History because of my 3 yrs there. Saw Beatles, Lived New Stevenson, Hitchin, Shefford. Bushey Hall High school. It was good times for a teenager.


Terri (20/5/13)

I was an 18 year old in the sixties and my mates and I (6 of us in total) used to live in Luton at the time and every Friday night we would order a taxi and go to Chicksands for our Friday night out. The music was great, drinks were cheap, the airman were polite and we had a great time.


Rick Linder (28/5/13)

Looking for some friends of the Fire dept. 81 to 83 , some names I remember well are Craig Raney, Micheal Grant , Buck Gonzales, John Kotter, Joey Coit


Lindsay (28/5/13)

My husband and I plus our two sons have been living at 1 Truman Place for 10 years now. We would love to know the history of our house.. If you have any info please get in touch


Paul L. Lindstromn (12/5/13)

Was with the 7534th USAF Dispensary 1961-1964. Great memories of both the great group I was stationed with from CO Doctor Preator on down including the civilian nurses. Alice (Gill) Williams in particular.

Loved the Pubs and went to a lot of them, learned to shoot darts in the Wagon and Horses in Silsoe. Was generally the only Yank that went in there. Great friends there.

Met a lot great girls there also with one regret. I will always cherish the memories.


Lisa Copas Wall (7/5/13)

Hello everyone. My father, Bill "Cowboy" Copas, was stationed at Chicksands from 1972 - 1978. He was with Baker Flight and worked at the Elephant Cage. I would love to reconnect with others that remember our family. I have to say these were certainly the best years of my life. Take care all and stay safe out there.


Jeff Hart (26/4/13)

Heading to England tomorrow. I will be in Bedford next Monday through Friday. Would like to get on the base but I have not found any info on how to get permission. Please let me know if anybody has contact info. I was at RAF Chicksands from Nov 1980 through Dec of 1982. I was a 208 on Able Flight.


Joseph Bailey (22/4/13)

Hi everyone. I was at the Sands from '78 to '82. Was a 202 on Animal Flt. For a couple of years and got moved to Day Shop. Great times miss it and everyone.


Janet Mancini (22/4/13)

My ex-husband, Randy Beeman, and I were stationed at the Chicksands Base in the early 1980's Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that may have know me. Thanks alot I would like to connect.

Janet Mancini


Rick--Richard Werwie (21/4/13)

I'm Rick (Richard Werwie) was on C-flight, 1978-1980, as an 207x1. Looking to see if I can connect with anyone. Thanks.... Rick


Henry Mixon (21/4/13)

203xx at Chicksands from 1968-1974 with brief absence of 89 days in summer of 1970. Charlie flight until near end when I moved to days.

Lived in Bedford, Tingrith, Wilstead and base housing.


John (18/4/13)

Hello to all the 1981- 1984 RAF Chicksands family members. My Dad was stationed there from 1981-1984. I went to 6-8th grade at the base school and was active with the on- base baseball league and Fightin Chicks football team (we went undefeated 2 yrs in a row) not to mention the base boy scout troop. I'm not sure if any former class-mates, team-mates scout-mates or scout leaders ever check this site but I thought I would give it a try. Chicksands was a great base full of terrific folks. I hope all is well and look forward to hearing back from you.


Lou DOrazio (LAD) (17/4/13)

I was stationed at R A F Chicksands from Feb. 1965 until Feb. 1967. I left in the Sands in Feb. 1967 for a 2T assignment if Thailand. I was discharged from the Air Force in April 1968 I was on Dog Trick, I was a 292X1, ditty bopper. I worked in the third section of racks from the entrance. I worked for SSGT Bohannan and then SSGT Billups. MSGT Seals was the head NCO on Dog Trick. I worked with John Leslie, Dick Satterwhite, Chuck Schrass, Mike Konegsy, Ken Carter, a guy named Pitts, who I think was the best 292x1 in the whole command. There was Paul Rood, Bernie Mastropeitro, Pat Monroe, Don Schneider, Gary Linn, Larry Cohen, Ted Puusey, Ned Zinawoitz., Doc Doane, Bennet Malin later there was SGT Tipton, Sgt Bluhm, SGT Matowitz. I remember Dave Thiel, Dave Klingborg, A guy named Green. A gut named Nicely, Ron Trosclaire, Rick Bennet, a guy named Shaw. There was a guy named Lee and a guy named Morris, Tex, Windham. I remember a trip to Paris in Aug, 1965. I remember being locked up in a Paris jail for trying to steal French National Flags off of the Effiel Tower. In short it was the best 2 years of my life. I remember Sgt Kale, I remember the time Bill Bradley came to Chicksands leading a team of Americans from Oxford. I remember Bradley hitting the winning shot with no time left on the clock. I still have the program from that night. I could go on and on. I only wish I had Doc Brown's DeLoren, so that I could go Back to the Future, back to the very best time in my life.


Chuck Crouser (13/4/13)Stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1969 to 1973.

Was a 202 on Charlie Flight (6950th). Wow, that was certainly a while ago... :) How time flies.

Lived off base in Barton-Le-Clay with new bride Sheila. We're still together (43 a row) and now living in Oregon.


Larry Mcadam (9/4/13)

Was there from 1961 to 1964. Anyone out there from Dog trick??

Rick Edwards (9/4/13)

Kenneth Greene (8/4/13)

Hello! I am looking for anyone who may recall a MSgt or SMSgt David Rochon that was stationed at Chicksands with the SPS. Time frame would have been the late 80s / early 90s. Thank you.

Donna Garcia (26/3/13)

I was stationed at Chicksands with my Dad from 1977 until 1980. I had some good friends named Joana Glickler and Sandra Howe that I would love to know how they're doing now.


David Johnston (25/3/13)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1971-1974. I spent part of my time as a 207X2 and part as the Operations Supply Sgt. in the Ops building. My wife and I have many happy memories of our times in Bedfordshire living in Bedford and Stotfold. Our oldest son was born at Lakenheath. We would love to return some day.


Kerrie Sharp (19/3/13)

Hi, I'm Kerrie Sharp I worked in the sergeants mess at chicksands 1996/1997 era. I loved my work there and have some fond and funny memories of there. I would love to find old work colleagues or sergeants, that were there at this time, I remember first names and nicknames but never last including Dusty, Paul, Deno, all of top table if anyone has any details or would like to get in touch I would love to hear from you. Kerrie xxx


Jerry Hamilton (18/3/13)

Hello, I was at Chicksands April '66 to March '68. Does anyone remember John Ardoin? Baker flight. He drove a sports car and had a horrific accident in Bedford on the Cardington turn near the Turnpike Pub. Lost track after he left the hospital...


Julian Watson (18/3/13)

Hi, does anybody remember Charles Ford. I am an old friend from school in Bottisham, I would like to get in contact with Charles again. As far as I know he was an Officer, working on computers! in the 80s at Chicksands. He lived with his family at the base, and he drove a Mini Metro, very slowly!! Lovely guy, would love to get in touch again. Thanks Julian.

Shirley Steiner (9/3/13)

I grew up in Cotton End in the 50's and used to babysit for the American families who rented a house there. Liked being invited for supper and trying all the American food and was fascinated by their candy bars. Ended up meeting a guy from Chicksands at the dance at the Corn Exchange in Bedford and we were married in 1960. I remember Dr. Praeter at the base hospital and my first baby was delivered at South Ruislip.

Kevin Coppin (7/3/13)

I was Stationed at Chicksands from 83-87. My new email address is listed below.


Mark Honstein (2/3/13)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands for 18 months and left in 1994 spending the last 3 months as an SP Augmentee. I have a lot of fond memories and would love to connect with others from the hill.


Terry Barr (27/2/13)

Chicksands will be part of my visit this May when I come to England, it was my first tour of duty in the late 60's and I just loved it there. I can't wait to visit.


Ernie Robinson (26/2/13)

On this date, Feb 26, I reported for enslistment in the USAF in Charlotte, NC. After 202 training at Goodfellow I reported for 4 great years at Chix. Was a 202 on Charlie Flt working with Denny Haney, Bobby James, Jim Erlenbach, Norman (Lurch) Kosloske, et al. Hard to believe it has been 45 years. Good friends, Roy & Rachel Edwards who live in Cotton End.


Paul Lindstrom (23/2/13)

I was stationed at the 7534th Dispensary at Chicksands from May of 1961 to 1964 in Medical Supply.

Generally did not have enough to do so volunteered to drive patients to Sth Ruislip to the hospital for the specialists and Burdrop Park for the psychiatrists.

That was an experience in it self.

It was great bunch for the most part to be stationed with from the C.O. Doc Preator on down. Probably the best duty in my 21 years in the AF.

Met some great locals especially in the Wagon and Horses in Silsoe. I was the only yank to frequent the place at the time and went with my then girl friends brothers. Learn to shoot Darts there.

Fond memories including Rosetta.:-)


Charles Kuhns (13/2/13)


I do have a fifty year-old list of personnel assigned to CIV AIR intercept on "C" FLT, which includes you and others you have cited. You may ring me at 772-220-9560. Keep in touch.


Dave Garton (10/2/13)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 80-83 and worked at Traffic Management Office (TMO). Coached some with football team and also done a lot equipment work. CMSGT Earl Land was the Head Coach.

Tammy Kreig, B.J. Winston, Steve Hubbard, Donald Passmore and Steve Sweat along with a lot of other great Transportation people are you out there? My e-mail address is listed please reply!!


Norris Williams (5/2/13)

Stationed a Chicksands Dec 61 to Oct 64. Married in Christ the Child Catholic Church in Bedford. Live at 88 Ampthill Road, and 26b Chaucer Rd. Worked on Charlie flight in D & F block and the civ air section in the new flr9 building. Worked for Buddy Macguire and Charlie Coons (sp). One of the best tours in my 30 year career. Anyone know whereabouts of Joe Fieni, married a young lady from Bedford and they had twins. Believe he was from the east coast. Also Darnel Silva (deceased) was my best man. Give a shout. And thanks for the site !


Mike Butcher (28/1/13)

Were you with the Fire Dept at RAF Chicksands? If so I am having some T Shirts printed with the Maltese Cross on the back with RAF Chicksands Fire Dept England . If you are interested I will email a picture of one and send it,

They can be bought, but not sure of the price yet. I think they run out at £12.00 Plus postage.


Theresa (Terry) Casey (27/1/13)

I would like to announce that I have a website I created entitled: Goodfellow AFB Then and Now found at:


I first had the idea of creating this website when my husband, Lew, and I would attend various military reunions and folks (that knew we were from San Angelo) would ask if the base/San Angelo has changed much.

When the chapel was torn down - that was when I really felt the urge to capture as much of the history of the base as I could. People arriving now have no idea how the base as evolved over the years....I even had no idea of the changes. I never knew the Base Library was close to the old fire station or that the Base Theater use to be right next to the old chapel. When I arrived in 1973 for 202 training, both were located where they are now.

I had been asked if I planned on including base personnel or graduation photographs. With so many courses taught on base, there was no way I could think of that endeavour; however, I discovered that there was once an idea to have a kiosk created that would provide interested parties with a way to check out various graduation photographs from the NCO Academy. But, when it never became a reality, I decided to add NCOA/Leadership School photographs. I also added a tab displaying some photographs of the PME Phase I (NCO Orientation Course) and PME Phase II (Supervisors Course).

I hope that I can get the word out that my website has been operational for a few years now. (I recently redesigned the site, which forced the counter to start again at zero.) So, if any of you belong to other alumni sites, please share the news about my website. Thank you. 


Oh, if anyone was ever stationed at Misawa AB, Japan, and does NOT know about the Misawa Project website, please let me know and I can hook you up with the administrator. Our 11th reunion will be in Virginia Beach, VA, this summer. (If my email address does not appear with these comments, just go to my website and select "CONTACT ME".) 

Terry Casey
San Angelo, TX



Dave Moss (27/1/13)

Is that the same Barry Douthat that used to play on the little league teams?

Dave Moss


Mac McMahon (19/1/13)

Anyone out there from the old 10th RSM, 6950th SG? Was a 291 working in the Comm Center 1954-1955, then sent to 3rd Air Force at South Ruislip. My e-mail address is:

Hope to hear from someone

Barry Douthat (14/1/13)

Trying to locate a Bedford native: Simon Hill. He went to Brickhill Baptist Church and was in the Boys Brigade there. His father was a teacher and he had a twin sister named Nicola. He was my best friend from '63 to '66 while we were stationed at Chicksands. Any info greatly appreciated.


Clark Peterson (10/1/13)

I was stationed at Chicksands from December of 1961 to March of 1964. I have always loved my time in your wonderful country and have made over 20 trips to Britain during the past 20 years. This year I'll be spending the summer in Bedfordshire. Thank you for being so kind to me when I was young.

Ian Prow (6/1/13)

Hi i have been given an essay to do about ghosts, and i was wondering if anybody has any stories/gossip of paranormal activity in the priory, sergeants mess or anywhere else on the camp. I lived in Chicksands camp its a beautiful place with the walled gardens, badger hill and the quietness of the camp too. I remember a few years ago we found an old bike probably from 1960s in our boiler cupboard when I lived there. Anyhow, any help anyone can give is very helpful please email me the stories etc at

Thanks very much

Philip Wilson (5/1/13)

William A Skinner.

I believe he was a US servicemen stationed in and around Bedford in October 1962.  He lodged at 11, St.Andrews Road, Bedford.  This was owned by my grandparents John and Ross Lavendar.  Any contact details or information about him I would be most grateful

Yours sincerely
Philip Wilson

Dennis R. Olson (3/1/13)

Don't know why I never checked this out before. I was at Chicksands from June 1968 until my discharge in July 1970. Was in the 2167 Comm Squadron. Some of the guys I remember were Joe McCann-great basketball player, Rich Seston, who I still have contact with, Ted Coropolous (Zorba the Greek), Joe Oaks and a few others. I am from Minnesota and live in Mora, MN. I have been telling my wife for 36 years that someday we are going to England. I plan on retiring this fall, so maybe next year. I also remember the little lady who was friends with everyone, she worked at the laundry. Dennis


Michael Pousson (3/1/13)

Stationed at Chicksands from 1962-1963 as a 202. Weather analyst. Good memories and have friends from that time. Bedford was great, close to Cambridge and an easy train ride to London. Happy New Year !!



Michael "Weeble" Weiss (29/12/12)

Hello fellow Chix. I was an 207X2 on Charlie Flight from 1982 - 1984. I'm looking to reconnect with friends from the 'Sands. I'm currently in a few Chix Alumni groups on Facebook where I've reconnected with quite a few friends from Chix. I'm particularly looking for Doug Martin (202), Cindy Lynch (X2), Tony Pierce (X2) and Andy Goble (X2).

I must say that Chicksands was an excellent assignment. Being stationed in England with easy access to Scotland, Ireland and France was perfect for me being that I'm a Celtic mix. My only regret is not visiting more places when I was there.

The trips to Edinburgh, Scotland, Dublin, Ireland and Paris were just a few of the highlights of my time at Chicksands. And who could forget the many concerts and the trips to Hatfield House? After-Swing bowling, having a few at the R & G, dorm parties - we definitely had some fun times. Heading to my favorite pub in Shefford, The Grapevine, with my friend Andy Casapini. Charlie Flight winning the base championship in soccer.

Most of all, I remember the camaraderie we shared. I want to close by giving a big thank you to all of you for your service.


David Charles Crawley (28/12/12)

I was a National Service conscript stationed at Chicksands from around mid April to September 1961. I lived in the priory during that period. Subsequent postings were to Aden, then on to RAF Eastleigh and finally RAF Kahawa. George Fee followed me some time later to Kahawa. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Donna (Corbell) Olson (23/12/12)

Hi there! My father, Al Corbell, was stationed at Chicksands several times. I lived there until 1978. If anyone remembers us (mom - Doris and sister - Karen) or has information on my favorite teacher, Mr. Pendleton, please reach out! Thank you!


John King (21/12/12)

I was stationed at Chicksands from September 1950 until February 1951. I was on a radio course, lived in the Priory.

We used to have old B/W films once a week for entertainment, then the Americans arrived in the January and films suddenly improved with colour and up to date showings every night. I remember the convoy of vehicles turning up one morning and it was all change from then on.

There used to be stories of nuns walled up in the priory in those days. It was a nice spot for a service base.


Dan Henry (19/12/12)

Able Flight 1984-1986 (Morse and Technician of year in 1985). Also served there as AF Reservist from 87-89, an 93-94. Closed down 1st Aisle. Great friends there - Bert, Wilmot, Dale Marshall, Denise, Sylvia, Jeff, Dan Jamison, Cal Greene, Henry, and a bunch of others. Great tours.


Phil Morris (16/12/12)

My father, Flight Lieutenant Tudor Morris, was RAF CO and liaison officer at Chicksands from 1957 to 1961. We lived in the priory, my Karen's and my sisters Pippa and Penny. My father coached the base rugby football team which had USAF as well as RAF airmen playing for it. I have some photos of the team if anyone is interested, and also some of Mess dinners, including one in honour of the departing USAF commander.

Phil Morris


Roger Kuykendall (14/12/12)

Attn. susan smith, there are many other chicksands sites that u can try to find ur friend. try friends of raf chicksands. there are many people on there who were at chicks same time as u. good luck.


David A. Minnery (13/12/12)

I was wondering if there is any site dedicated to USAF vets who served at Chicksands. I was stationed there from 66-68.


Michelle Inderrieden (27/11/12)

If anyone remembers my father Lawrence Inderrieden please let me know. Dad was at the base around 1956 and worked in the dispensory. Dad was originally from Cincinnati Ohio, married with two children, myself and my brother.

Dad passed away October 10, 2010 at the age of 92. If you knew him or have any pictures that you can share by making copies please let me know.

Thank you

Michelle Inderrieden


Peter Lester (18/11/12)

RAF no 5091206 stationed at chicksands during 1960/61 royal signals command during National Service.Any info welcomed.


Shalane (13/11/12)

Hello, just found this wonderful site as I was showing the grandchildren and our youngest daughter my fun times in jolly ole England. I was an analyst (202) first aisle, 1980-83.


Ed Gabrysh (12/11/12)

Hello, stationed Oct 66 - nov 68 tight end on fighting chicks football team my wife Maureen Pearce worked in Comptrollers office 6950th would like to know the whereabouts of Tom Freeman part of football team


Diana Westphal (5/11/12)

Hi, everyone!

My father, Jim White, was stationed at Chicksands from Oct. '63 to Oct. '65 with the 2167th Comm Sqdrn. He is still kickin' and busier than ever! Anyone remember him?


Irven (Marty) Martin (2/11/12)

@ chicks in1962 again 1969/1973 T/T relay. Also air club bar keep


David Coplin (2/11/12)

I have just discovered this wonderful web site.

I served in the 6950th at Chicksands from 56 to 59. What a wonderful experience for a young man from Oregon.

In an earlier post from Shelila, she asked about the where abouts of Tony Hester. He is in Phoenix and owned several hair salons the last time I heard from him. His ex-wife Barbara Mason also lives in the phoenix area.

Anyone that remembers me please get in touch. I played in several bands during my time there. We played in the NCO club and the Officers club.

David Coplin


Marion Hill (31/10/12)

Hi I am looking for Ronald Lair and Al Wiliams where based at Chicksands in 1986. They both were security police. If anyone knows of there location now please contact me


Dailey Upshaw (30/10/12)

Hi everyone! I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from July 1983 - July 1987. I worked as admin in Social Actions until they put a MOD civilian in that slot & moved to base admin. I had a wonderful time there & everyone knew everybody like a big family. Would like anyone who remembers me to contact me at my e-mail address I was in a play called Kittens which was a parody of Cats & I played Duetaronomy sponsored by the Youth Centre. I was in a funny play in Luton called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Also got to play an extra in War & Remembrance. I've met a few people from Chicksands in Omaha but have moved back to Missouri. Chicksands was my favorite base.


Brenda Grasty (30/10/12)

Was stationed at Chicksands from Aug 78 to Aug 80 Lived in Dawg Dorm while I was waiting to be assigned to flight then moved to Fox Dorm for the duration. Worked on the Hill as a Ditty bopper on Dawg Flight. Had some fun times at Chix. I remember the towns-Haynes at the top gate and Shefford at the bottom gate. Bedford, Luton, Hitchin, Biggleswade etc. -I remember a bunch of us would get off a swing shift at midnight and go to the chow hall to eat and stay there late playing spades.


Brenda Grasty (30/10/12)

At chicksands from Aug 1978 to August 1980-- Lived in Fox Dorm


David Wakkefield (29/10/12)

Just found this site. Very little from Royal Air Force personnel stationed at Chicksands (90Group). So here is my contribution. Was stationed at Chicksands from 1952(late) until early 1954. I was in charge the RAF Orderly Room during that time. The RAF CO was Flt. Lt. A.G.S Crawford (cant' remember the names of the other officers' etc) Made friends with an American airman and am still in touch with him. (Have many other memories too)

A1C Keith Mullikin (29/10/12)

Hoping to find Mike Couch or Sherry and Mike Morran. Please contact me.


Susan Smith-Tom (18/10/12)

I lived with my sister (Barbara) and her husband (Peyton Northern) off base in 1971-1972 while going to Barnfield College in Luton. I have many fond memories of Chicksands, the nearby countryside and they pubs! Favorite drink was Shanty (sp?). I remember the stories about the ghost! We lived in a rustic four unit cobble stone house (townhouse style) off base. I would ride my bike towards the RAF base area nearby to the little town market or pick up fish & chips to bring home. Being from Hawaii, the store keepers always had many questions about my lifestyle. I was very young then (18 yrs old) and fell in love with one of the US Air Force soldiers at Chicksands, Danny Pugh. Although our parting was not a good one (young mixed up kid that I was, realizing too late what I gave up) I think of him often and wonder where he is today. When I goggled him recently, this Chicksands link came up. I hope to visit England again some day and pass through the Chicksands, Hicken and Luton area.

Love the pictures you have posted. I had forgotten about the "elephant cage." What a fun base.


David Blossey (8/10/12)

I was on Able Flight 1975 to 1978, also spent a little time working with the NSA boys. My one and only duty station after training, really enjoyed my time in England and extended for a year so I spent 3 years there. Got married just before I went to the UK, so my wife (Cindy) and I had a great time exploring the country. We loved the area, it was just so much fun driving around in our 1971 MG Midget and discovering the countryside. Scotland was another personal favourite. We had some great Able Flight trips to London, Holland and Tunisia with some great people. Cindy found a job on base after about a year, opened the Snack Bar at the new BX. Man, that new BX was really needed, the old one was in a 1940's Quonset Hut! Anyway, would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same old 20751! Never made it back to England, but here's to hoping it will happen in the future.....


Dave Lahey (4/10/12)

Hi all came across this site and thought I would see if anyone remembers people who were at Chicksands around 75 -76 time. I was on dog flight then went to mods Lived off base in Ampthill with a few guys. Remember going to Knebworth for a Pink Floyd concert also many trips to London and the Pubs.If anyone does remember me drop me a line Also the guys I lived with that I do recall was Spacey Dacey ,Matt John, Brewer So if anyone knows what happen to any of these guys write me Also many others too just cant recall everyone


Tess (1/10/12)

Not sure how I stumbled on to this site but sure glad I did. Stationed at Chicks 1981-1983, what a great time that was. Ditty bob, swings/ mids/ days, what a grind but the folks I worked with and relaxed with made it all worth while! Fond fond memories!


David Cory (16/9/12)

Hi everyone! I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from June 1987 to February 1990. I was the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate in the base legal office (7274 Air Base Group). Lots of great memories.


Tara Smith (9/9/12)

I'm trying to find some old friends who where based at chicksands from 1986 -1989.

I have had no luck on the Internet so hoping I may be able to find them through this.

Looking for Keith ferguson which I believe lived in Brooklyn and travis Milton but can't remember where he lived, looking for Candice but can't remember her last name Thank you


David Haubrick (31/8/12)

I was stationed at Chicksands Air Base from 1970 ti 1972.

I worked in the Torn Tape Relay the Full Two Years I was station there. I was part of the 2167 Squadron and lived in the Barrack. Lost all contact with my friends. Many times have be looking for Gary Head, think he was from Tennessee. Also Tom Mayer. He and I went TDY to Caramacel Turkey...He ended marrying an English Girl. Another great friend was "Andy" James Francis Anderson...who re-enlisted in the Good Year Blimp in Bedford......He was originally from Boston Massachusetts.

If any of you gents are still alive and read this....Please drop me a note. Also Lt. Jim Nash, who used to come to the Rod and Gun Club for drinks once in awhile and drove a really nice Blue Corvette Sportscar...

My time at Chicksands was memorable. I had lots of great experiences. I have been back to England 3 times over the past 40 years.........Good place to visit...


James Clark (22/8/12)

Feeling nostalgic today, started looking up old friends from RAF Chicksands. I was there 88-91 as a ditty bop on Baker Flight. Great times not soon forgotten.

Elizabeth Sen (22/8/12)

My mother Sheila Holden (married name Hughes) Served as a radio listener and Morse code reporter at RAF Chicksands for 2 and a half years and left following her marriage in 1943. She will be 90 years of age next March. Apart from some black & white photos of friends and colleagues at RAF Chicksands, she does not appear to have any service records, nor did she maintain contact with any of her colleagues.

She is now suffering from dementia and in poor health. She can remember that she trained in Manchester for 6 months prior to being sent to Chicksands. She can also remember some Morse code. It would be nice if anyone can put me in touch with anyone who has any relevant records or history of employment.



Terry Fescina (18/8/12)

I was an SP (SSgt) between Dec 72 and May 76, worked mainly as Desk Sergeant. Would like to hear from anyone who was at the Sands in this time frame and might remember me, my wife's name is Christine. Been married 42 yrs. I retired in 1988 from Chanute AFB as a MSgt. We now live in Chatom, Al.

Rick Taylor (4/8/12)

Chicksands was a great assignment. I was stationed there from 73/75 and was on Able Flight. I also played football. Would really like to hear from anyone to talk over old memories.


Peter Nicholls (28/7/12)



Rich Sedlak (21/7/12)


I was on the net and on the Bedford site I saw a note from Don Elix. I tried his e-mail with no good results. Don and other from the Sands in the early 60"'(64-66) please respond.


Mark Broughton (20/7/12)

I`m trying to contact Sam Abernathy or Sam Tabernacle who server at RAF Chicksands with the USAF during 1992. I know that Sam served in Japan prior to coming to the UK. If anybody know of Sam and could pass on my details I would be most grateful.


Donnie Feltner (17/7/12)

I quite ofen think fondly of my time at Chicksands (1967-1968). A wonderful experience for an 18 yr old Airman from Pikeville Ky. I just loved the English foks. I am hoping someday to go back to Bedford for a visit. Hope all my friends there are doing well. God bless you all. Donnie


Floyd Lanclos (17/7/12)

I have tried several times to access the Greenham side but can't seem to get through. I was at Greenham from 1956 to 1957 Floyd Joe Lanclos


dewey and deborah sykes (16/7/12)

We would love to hear from old friends from 1974- 1976.

Ejoll (24/6/12)

attempting to find info regarding US military policeman who was returned home suddenly june/july 1953 he was based at Chicksands but have no name can anyone out there assist please.....


Terry Mulder (18/6/12)

202W from 1966 - 1969 Baker Flight - only one on flight. Had some very good friends - F. Gillson, Min; R. Lallier, Con; J. Kieth; D. Yoder,IL; E. Stewart, Il.; C. Figg; and many others over the years. Drop me a line.


Larry Mayes (11/6/12)

Found this site while looking for the old CHIXnet site, which is apparently defunct. I was stationed at RAFC, 1973-6, Chief of Security Police, and played football, too. Son born while we were there (at RAF Lakenheath hospital) and his God Parents live in Shefford and we still have frequent contact. This was one of best assignments in a 30 year career, would love to hear from old friends from the day!


Dennis Williams (8/6/12)

Arrived at Chicksands first part of July 1964 with approx. 15 other new x1. Started Baker Flt. Aug. 64 in the fourth aisle down in the Comm ctr. Chief San Miguel was the Flight NCO. What I heard through the head set was nothing like I heard at Keesler. Lived off base on Sydney Place, Bedford. Departed on emergency leave May 1966. Reassigned to Medina (Kelly) in San Antonio. Names I remember from that era, S/Sgt. Patton (section nco), Terry Cardwell, Bob LeGrand, Gary Morris, Ron Coffie, Doug Rowley and (?) Rausch who I roomed with until I left on emergency leave. Good days, good memories.


Henry Higgins (31/5/12)

I would like to hear from some of the guys of the 7531st Dispensary, 1965-68. Also John Fortuno from the post office. I really had a great time, visiting London and Bedford. Still have a friend who I contact a lot in London. I worked with the scout troop on base and had a ball travelling all over the country.


Hayley Jones (31/5/12)

Hi I'm searching for some people who we're at chicksands about forty years ago.William Joseph stramezzi and his wife who he married while at chicksands Jocelyn Anne maiden name Richards but was Campbell when she married stramezzi and Ronald s gooch.If anyone has any information please get in touch. Thank you


George Fee (31/5/12)

I was at RAF Chicksands and lived in the Priory. The USAF guys lived in the main camp, there were several hundreds, but only about a dozen of us from the RAF


Marini (Ralls) Shull (28/5/12)

1980-1982: Morse Operator, Baker Flt, then Mods. Married Larry Shull (TMO) March 1982. Very involved in the Base Chapel, with Chaplain Brad Riza and wife Joy. LOVED Chix.

Trying to reconnect with Richard and Mel Fields. Mel was a cashier in the commissary. Rich was TMO.



Michael Wilson (25/5/12)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1966 to 1969. I am from Philadelphia, Pa. I worked in the 2167th as a Radio Relay Repairman. I would like to get in touch with Teddy Johnson, Bobby Brown or anyone that knows me and possibly jog my memory on forgotten names.


Curtis & Gloria Smith (21/5/12)

We were stationed at Chicksands 1973-1976. Worked in TMO and played football (#62). As expressed by others, Chicksands was the best assignment I had during my 27 years in the Air Force. I went back to visit in 1996 and was able to get on base. Visited my old base house and drove by the Priory.


James Walker (19/5/12)

Was stationed at the sands from 67-70 played football hung out at the rod and gun club played darts at the dirty duck or the white swan.


Bruce McKinney (17/5/12)

Hello Chicksands comrades! Have spent much of today telling co-workers about my Chicksands days 1981-84 with the 6950th on DOFA then PR. Great times and great folks in a wonderful corner of England. Many thanks to the Bedford Borough Council for maintaining this site.


Susan Parry (15/5/12)

I would be interested to learn how I can contact friends who were stationed at Chicksands early 1970's

Michael Ray Roy - Austin, Texas?
Kenneth Lee Beckham - Maryland
Mark Velasquez - Oakland, California


Clive Foley (13/5/12)

I played football between 1971/74 for one of chicksands teams in shefford beds.


Randy McNealley (10/5/12)

We were at Chicksands from 1977 - 1982. It would be great to get in touch with anyone who was part of the Fast Pitch Softball Team, old neighbours and friends.


Gene Coulson (9/5/12)

Looking for old friends at RAF Chicksands. Here are a list of some of my old friends.

Joe Zelnis
Andy Sellars
Dave Moreno
Gary Sterns
Gene Craft
Tom Baker


Ernie Robinson (7/5/12)

Any Charlie Flt guys out there from 1968-1972 era? I was a 202 working mostly in the S&W Center. Lived in Bedford, then Cotton End.


James R. Maxwell (4/5/12)

Was just viewing RAF Chicksands and remembered when I first arrive back in 1968. So many years ago but when I saw the Google Earth pic it all came back in a flash. I also looked at Bedford and surrounding town where I spend many pleasant evening playing dart in various pubs and enjoying a pint or two of beer. Long time ago but the memories are still very fresh in my minds eye. Besides many friends in the military I miss the welcome I receive from the locals and the British Military members I had the pleasure of meeting also.


Art (1/5/12)

To Chicksands Alumni – Did You Know Melvin/John Brown?

Dear Chicksands Alumni;

Every few years I try to post here and contact people. I have contacted some of you in the past over inquiring on a World War II veteran Sgt. Melvin Brown who was assigned to Chicksands, England base for the better part of the late 1950s to 1964. Most of his assignments dealt with the food service. I only received one email that thought they recall him but after an exchange of email and providing a photo of him they remember a John Brown instead that they thought matched the description. I regret now that I never kept the email or the contact as I have recently discovered that he never used his formal name in those days. He was in fact known by most as ‘John’ on the base.

If any of you recall a last name Brown that dealt with the food service on the base, please contact me. I have some stories to share. I would sure like to cherish any memories you may have of him. I have more information and you may be surprised to know some things. I would like to correspond with someone that personally knew him. 



PS; Please forward to anyone you may think might have knew him.

My new email address is


Terry Fescina (21/4/12)

 Looking for SP types who were at the Sands between 1972 and 1976. Not having a lot of luck finding anyone in that time frame on other


Karianne Shaw (15/4/12)

I am searching for Brett Hansen (not sure of spelling) he was in 7274th abg stationed at chicksands in 1991. It is very important that I find him. Any information or assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Dusty Wright (9/4/12)

My family was stationed in Chicksands from 1970-1973. I attended school at London Central High School. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Does anyone know anything about Mike Gunn? Great memories of a great time/place!


Brian Fullinfaw (8/4/12)

I am looking for Phillipa (Pipa) Morris, she was the daughter of Flt. Tudor Morris the station commander at Chicksands. I was at RAF Chicksands from 1959 to 1961, and I attended Phillipa's B'day party. I was to take care of those attending the party (fire duty??). I would like to get in touch with Phillipa. BRIAN


Frank Mulder (29/3/12)

14 Feb 1942

Hello All,

I was not stationed at Chick but was stationed at San Vito AFS 1971-73 We played the first tackle football game there and won the championship(Headquarters squardron(6917th). there was military member by the name of Butch Florance/Florrance(not sure of his rank) but after we won the championship I do believe he transferred to Chick and played or was supposed have gone there....if anyone have any info or know this person please contact me at any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Frank Mulder(USAF RET)

Carol Russell (19/3/12)

My mother Olive Chuter was stationed at Chicksands Priory during WW2. She was part of Y Service and has the badge 'sparks' which I understand signifies she was part of this secret division. She died in 1996 age 75 and never really talked about her work but I know she remembered the times at Chicksands fondly. She and my father attended reunions at Chicksands up until the early 90's. Mf father was in the RAF and a navigator on Halifax Bombers. He is 90 and although frail still doing well. Mums married name is Olive Sims. I am wondering if there is anyone who remembers her or there are any relatives of people who would have worked with mum? I am hoping to make a visit to Chicksands in the near future to look at archive material and see if I can find out more. One of my childhood memories is of mum sitting in the kitchen tapping and saying out loud ' da dit da di da dit da di da dit!



 23 Mar 1945




Jim Malay (26/2/12)

Just wandered across your site yesterday (25th) and found my old supervisor from our Sands days. Really great catching up with him. Anyway, thought I'd add an entry in hopes of finding more old friends. I was at Chicksands from Aug 1973-Sept 1975. I was an X2 working on Charlie Flt. Almost everyone knew me as Chug. I had season tickets to Luton Town (and still religiously follow them - Go Hatters!). I shared a house in Bedford (100 London Road), but spent quite a bit of time at the Royal Oak in Barton-Le-Clay. Hope to re-connect with old friends. Ta for now!


Melissa (19/2/12)

I am looking for anyone who can remember a Captain Nickerson or Nicholson who was in the U.S. Air Force? Stationed in 1960-1962 for sure and adopted a son who was named Reece or Reese Stephen Cox. The baby who was born about 1961 is my half bother. His mother is very sick and we are trying to find him. Anyone with information.


Anthony K. Mills (18/2/12)

Greetings, my name is Tony Mills and I was stationed at RAF Chicksand from 1982-1987, and I worked at CBPO and Transportation. While there, I worked for Capt Hayes and Capt Hodges. The last time I visited Chicksands was in 1992 and I've heard that it has since then closed. I would like to hear from former personnel who had been stationed there. This is the first I've heard about this website and it is a good idea. I still have alot of friends in Bedford, mainly Nigel Howlett, the director of the Eagles Thai Boxing Academy. I used to fight for his team and we even had a big fight night at the gym there back in 1987. Nigel Howlett is coming to my hometown(Buffalo, NY), this October to present me a special award for longevity in the Thai Martial arts. Presently, I work as a Defense Intelligence Recruiter for a company called the Buffalo Group. We specialize in hiring Linguist(All languages) and Intelligence Analyst to work with the Department of the Army. We also hire British Nationals to work for our company and are closely aligned with BAE. If anyone who used to work on the "Hill" is seeking employment in their old career fields, please give me a call at 716-860-4825, or email me directly at Also, please visit our website to review our company's total capabilities and who we service. I would love to hear from everyone and that includes our British friends as well. Thanks to the Bedford Council for providing this website and "Cheers Mate"!




Linda Walsh (18/2/12)

Hi I am still trying to find Robert and Carol Holland Bob was a SP at Chicksands from 1973 untill 76 maybe longer. Carol was from Bedford we met at the Airmans club where I met my husband Barry who worked on Able flight. The last time I was in contact with them is when they come to see us in New Jersey before the went to Eggland FL.


Brian Fullinfaw (5/2/12)

I have a picture of Christmas party 1960 and some to folks you mentioned in your E-Mail are in this picture, including me. My name is Brian Fullinfaw I was stationed at Chicksands 1959-1961, left for Germany in Sept. 1961 . Please contact me at my E- mail address. Brian Fullinfaw


Julie (31/1/12)

I'm looking for a friend that use to serve at chicksands, he was deployed to the gulf in 1990-91 He was called Gerry, he also was on a tv show blinddate, if anyone has any information please contact me on my email address....many thanx Julie

Jim Millikan (17/1/12)

Spent two years at Chicksands1971-1973. Miss those days!!


Roger W. Ward (13/1/12)

The Friends of Chicksands Priory are planning to publish a new definitive book about the Priory and its ghosts. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who had any unexplained experience which could be attributed to the paranormal.

We would also be grateful for copies of any photographs of Chicksands Priory and the gardens around the building, if any exist between the period, 1940-75.

We are still trying to locate Mr August Trottman, who with Richard Humphrey and Paul Lejoie wrote the first book (1958) about Chicksands which made any mention of "Rosata". We have had the pleasure of welcoming Paul to the restored Priory and wish to accord the same invitation to Richard and August.

The Priory has lost none of its atmosphere since being wonderfully restored, 1997-98.

Allow me to remind you that the Priory is open to the public by appointment, April- October, on the 1st & 3rd Sunday afternoons.
Irrespective of this we would encourage former USAF personnel to contact us should they be planning a visit to the U.K. We will do our best to make sure they gain access to see the Priory.

See our website for details,

Roger W.Ward
Base Chapel Organist, 1966-95
Campton Church Organist, 1967-74
Chairman & Historian, Friends of Chicksands Priory.

Marion/nee Carr (7/1/12)

Looking for Carol/West, husband Glen? Carol lived in Clifton. Glen was also friends with Dennis Marshall, this was back in early 60's Denny then went to Vietnam. Would love to hear from Carol, I am now living back in England.


Chris (20/12/11)

I'm looking for anyone that might know or who did know TERRY A CLINE all i know is he would have been at chicksands beginning of 1968 thanks.  Chris

Fullinfaw Brian (19/11/11)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1959 - 1961 and then onto Germany. I have some great memories of my in aroud the area. I would like to hear from anybody also stationed at Chicksands and lived in the priory. I am currently living in Canada with my wife and daughter. I would certainly like to hear from anybody who remembers me.


Alvin K. Ashcraft (16/12/110

I was assigned to 6950th Sec. Wg. RAF Chicksands from 1/'66 thru 12/67 as an X1 on "Charlie" trick. Roomed with Hank Harrison of Ky. and Mike Martin of Va. 2T'D from there to 6937th Comm. Gp. Peshawar Pak. Got there in Feb. '68 after TDY to Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo Tx. Left Peshawar for the ZI in May '69. Retired from UPRR. Live in Whitehall, Arkansas.


Jim Packer (4/12/11)

morse op on dawg trick 63-66

Brian Fullinfaw (2/12/11)

Dear friends I will take this opportunity first to say how lucky I am that I found this, Chicksands Alumni and Friends. I arrived at Royal Air force Chicksands, Dec. 1959, I had no trouble finding the Priory as I was drop off right in front of the building. Walked in and there was not a soul around so I ran out as the driver was about to leave and ask if this the correct place, it looks like somebody home. I turned round and went back in and the airman ask me if that was the transport up to the receivers, I explained to him that I just arrived from RAF Stanbridge.

He took me around to the admin offices and arrived officially at RAF Chicksands.

The rest was history and I went round every creek and corner of that building and made sure I knew enough about Rosetta the Chicksnds ghost. The lads use rap themselves in a bed sheet and walk the corridors to make on the nights of the full moon she would poo out for a stroll. Never ever had the occasion to see her till this day I have been asked by some members of the RAF who spent some time together at Chicksnds.

I left RAF Chicksands with a heavy heart in 1961, miss thed the locals in Shefford and also the local pubs, Bedford was are main shopping area and the maybe an afternoon pint. spent 22 years in the RAF by the time I returned to the UK, RAF Chicksands was closed and Bampton Castle was now opened for business we lived in Brize Norton.

I retired in 1980 and in 1982 I emigrated to Canada with my wife and daughter. Still love Chicksands!!!!


louisa (23/11/11)

I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking for my grandfather who was a USAF officer stationed at Chicksands in 1955. Thats as much as I know about him!!! It is a long story but my Nanna (born Patricia Kershaw) who is no longer with us would not tell us anymore about him than that... My mum was then adopted out but we did find Nanna eventually and she had married another USAF stationed there at the same time called George Reino Bloom. If anyone can remember an officer dating Patricia then please please get in touch. All I really would like to know is what he looked like if you want him to remain anonymous obviously any more information would be so greatly appreciated. It has been funny never knowing even his christian name or where he was from originally etc etc. My mum would also love to hear anything more about her father and this maybe our only chance of finding something out...I know it's a long shot!


Tony DeNoble (23/11/11)

I was a member of the infamous Baker Boozers in 78 & 79. I have such fond memories of my time at Chicksands and of course the surronding area. I didn't realize how much fun I was having until after I left. There were some really good people stationed there during my time. I would also like to thank the wonderful people of England and especially Shefford for taking such good care of all of us during our many excursions to the Grapevine. Also I can't forget Mike & Jan of the Green Man. I would like to hear back from any of my former Boozers!


cathy hoke gates (16/11/11)

Looking for two chicksanders. 1. David Schultz-1981-1984 and Lisa Westermier 1981-1983. If you can help send me an email asap! Thanks


John Torrez (14/11/11)

From Annapolis, MD

Stationed at Chix from 1977-1979. 6950th Able flight until my last six months when I went on Easy flight. I remember my sponsor's last name as Hamilton. I remember before my family joined me, my roommate was Dave Antley. Off base, we lived in Bedford and I can remember my landlord, Mr. Rigby's address as 78 Hookhams Ln. Renhold, Bedford (why I can still recall that, I have no idea). Check me out on YT at:



Mal (11/11/11)

Hi All....has anyone heard of or know Col John Bryant, Sgt Lou Schifano or Joe Mathews. I believe all three were stationed at Chicksands in the early 50's. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


Anna Watson (1/11/11)

Hi I am looking to trace any information of my grandfather Robert (Paddy) Mahon, stationed at Chicksands during 2nd world war



Colonel Bill Smith (21/10/11)

For Josetta, my daughter was born at the USAF Hospital South Ruislip (in 1971), which is a suburb of London. Although it was a military base, the hospital was the only major unit there. Normally, a child born to U.S. citizens received a birth certificate from U.S. Embassy London Consular Affairs (U.S. State Department); however, the birth was also registered with local governmental authorities (and a certificate issued). I cannot recall the town/county that issued the certificate. As you probably know, the base no longer exists. I would start with the State Department, as their certificate meets U.S. standards (e.g., raised seal), and then try the local government in South Ruislip.


Josetta Chatmon (Scott) (13/10/11)


Date:: 13 Oct 2011

Comments: Stationed with husband Sgt Ronald Scott 1969-1970 Looking for old friends especially Candy Mcdowell and husband we lived in Bedford on Wendover Dr, then Kent , Then on base... Son born in London England /8/1970 My name is Josetta or face book


Josetta (13/10/11)

Can anyone tell me how to get a local birth cert.. stationed there w/t husband 1969=1970 what was the hospital we had to go to in london?

Steve Bond (29/9/11)

Teens from 1961-1965. My sister was at the elm. school then...hello.steve


Logan (28/9/11)

I am trying to trace the family of Adriane and Darcy Grey.

They were American and over here as their father was based at Chicksands.

Their parents were Roberta and Norman Grey. Norman worked at the Chicksands Base around 1967.The family lived in Eversholt Beds. The girls went to the Convent in Bedford.

If anyone knows, or remembers them , would love to find out where they are now.


Damien O'Dell (27/9/11)

Compliments on the website! Anyone who has had an unusual experience at Chicksands is most welcome to contact me. I'm writing a book about the American contribution to Chicksands and want to hear from those men and women who served here between 1950 and 1995. I'm certain that there are lots of interesting, fireside stories out there .

Best wishes

Damien O'Dell


Joe L. Wise (20/9/11)

Hello Chicksands friends.

I was in JOCC. If there are any JOCC's from 86 to 88 out there or any of the 1985-1986 football players out there Hello.

I think we were the only football team to win the USAFEE Championship the 1986 season. GO FIGHTING CHICKS!!!!



Mike Chapman (28/8/11)

Diane Artis - My name is Mike Chapman and we were stationed at the Sands 1972 - 1977. My wife Carolyn also worked at the library. I hope you remember her. We remember you and Jim well. He was always trying to get me to do lighting for your plays but I was to involved at the bowling alley. I was an X2 on Charlie Flight and JOCC. One of our best friends were Roger and Beth Kistler (now living in Dallas). They will be visiting us this October in Maryland. Good to see you on the RAF Chicksands page.


Elaine Bruck Zemanek (22/8/11)

Stationed at Chicksands 1981 to 1982ish - worked as the Chapel Manager there and played basketball for the Lady Chicks!!!


James M. Jim Arcesi (2/8/11)

Hello Chicksands Alumni and Friends, I was stationed at Chicksands from 1964 to 1967. I was asssigned to the fire protection branch of civil engineering. After Chicksands i was sent to Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth, TX. I retired from the Air Force at CAFB ( Now The JRB) in 1976. I 've lived in Granbury, TX for 35 years. My wife Shirley passed away in 2000. This last week i received a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Have a great day. God Bless!

Ernie Robinson (8/7/11)

Re: Duncan Harrington post. The book "The Bedford Triangle - US Undercover Operations from England in WWII" also mentions RAF Chicksands and their part in clandestine operations during the war, especially from the Bedford area.


Duncan Harrington (7/7/11)

I have just read the post suggesting that there was never an RAF station at Chicksands. What nonsense. I suggest the writer read Bill Grayson's excellent history of the place "Chicksands: A Millennium of History" which gives a full account of the RAF Y Station at Chicksands.

My mother Jane Kirkhope served as a w/o at Chicksands from 1941 - 1945, transcribing raw Luftwaffe intercepts which were passed on the Bletchley. In 1945, with the German war coming to an end, her unit was split into two parts; one part was sent to learn Japanese morse while her section was sent to master Russian morse. We were spying on our allies even before Germany was beaten. She was de-mobbed before being put to work on the Russian traffic.

I should welcome hearing from anyone who remembers my mother at Chicksands.


D. Bennett (27/6/11)

LENNOX DUKE BUNDY left a message on here just over a year ago, looking to contact 2 of my family members. I have some information he is searching for.

Donald Elix (27/6/11)

I brought a part of Chicksands and England home with me. That would be my wife, Molly, of soon to be 46 years. I played on 2 very different football teams at Chicksands in1964 & 5. We won the UK title in 64 but got beat in USAFE. In 65 we fell short of both, but still had a good season. My memories of Chicksands and of England are still very vivid and the pics on the website really brought them flooding back. Thanks to those responsible for the site. I would appreciate hearing from anyone at Chicksands in those 2 years, especially on the football team. I would still enjoy the comments of any stationed at Chicksands as a US base before it's closure, or after, if anyone stayed there as I tried to do. Don Elix


k larkin (26/6/11)

does anyone know i think ive got the name right sgt buck


David Crawley (24/6/11)


Does anyone remember me? I was a National Service conscript and arrived at Chicksands around May 1961. Some names I can remember, George Fee, a chap called Patterson and there were twins, Roger and ? Fogg. There was also a Geordie ex. Pathfinder crew member who looked after the discipline side of things. He held the rank of Flight Sergeant I believe. He was a most delightful guy and would give you a free afternoon if you could answer questions such as "what is the formula for the volume of a sphere". I managed to answer that one ahead of anyone else in spite of any form of mathematics being my worst possible subject. Would be obliged if anyone could recall his name. Flt. Lt. Tudor Morris was the senior officer. I was posted to Aden in Sept. 1961 and went on to RAF Kahawa which was around 7 miles North of Nairobi in Kenya.

I left Chicksands as SAC Crawley D.C. Service number 5081723.

Would dearly love to hear from anybody who was at Chicksands during my period of service there.



Rodney Kuykendall (22/6/11)

Back in the day..............1980 - 1982 RAF Chicksands..........Senior Airman back then.....


Liam (22/6/11)

Hi, i am trying to trace a man that was based at Chicksands in the late sixties, early seventies. He was as far as we know living with his uncle. The man we are trying to trace went by the name of Carlos Young, he would have been around 19/20 years old. We are not sure what the uncles name was. Any information would be great, so if anyone can think back that far then please get in touch. Many thanks Liam


George Montague (13/6/11)

Bill at my age I have problems with names but I do remember the group that I arrived with. I do remember getting to Chicksands around 9:00 P.M. and a cook took pity on us and let us have some coke to heat the huts, there was around 22 or 23 of us and we were put in huts 87, 88 and 89 to the right of the mess hall. One of the jobs we had was cleaning some m-1's and getting that cosolene off of them. Then I remember when we got our clearances and went to work, 6 hour shifts and 5 tricks, we never had it so good.

Bill Rowe (10/6/11)

George, I don't know if you remember me but we came in with the same group and yes chicksands was an RAF base then, I remember we had those three piece mattresses used by the RAF, They were a little hard to get used to for us yanks.


Ernie Robinson (11/6/11)

Just finished reading an interesting book, "The Bedford Triangle - US Undercover Operations from England in WW2". Mentions Chix as part of some interesting stuff going on during WW2 in the Bedford area. Writtem by Martin W. Bowman. Last chapter speculates on what might really have happened to Glenn Miller.


Liz Wilson (7/6/11)

George, I totally agree with you that the prof. was a fictional writer...Ha!!!


George Montague (4 June 2011)

Liz when I arrived at Chicksands the USAF was a tenant unit, the RAF gave us support. They supplied all of our beds and bedding and they also supplied us with the coke to heat our billets. Maybe the so-called professor was a professor of "fiction".


Ernie Robinson (21/5/11)

Just read where Greg Varhall had died. First met Greg @ Goodfellow and then served with him @ Chix. I was a 202 on Charlie Flt. in S & W Center from 1968-1972. Greg was also Charlie Flt. commander for a short time. Remember he and I were destroying some coded items on a mid shift, burning them in an ash tray in the floor using lighter fluid. Caught on fire and marred the tile floor, so we had to move some desks to cover it. Sorry to hear of his passing.


Liz Wilson (nee Raymond) 20/5/11

Yes, yes, .....Chicksands was an RAF base with a USAF base. My father was in the RAF and we were stationed there whilst I was a little girl. We lived in the priory with 2 other RAF families, one was the CO..... So, that information was wrong!!!!


Brian Harper (20/5/11)

I just looked up RAF Chicksands on the internet and I saw a piece written by some self styled professor who claimed that there never was an RAF STation at Chicksands, just an American Station.

This is not true. I went to RAF Chicksands in 1948 for a Y Service course before going to a Y Station in Iraq. As I understand it, RAF Chicksands had been an active Y station all through the war. I heard that the Americans were due to take over Chicksands after we left - which they did in 1949 or 1950 and used it for an NSA base.



Colonel Bill Smith (12/5/11)

For those who may have known him:

Lt Col (Ret) Gregory Varhall, former 6950th Security Group Able Flight Commander, died on 15 April 2011. He was a graduate of the USAFA Class of 1968.





John Kruger (23/4/11)

I was stationed at Chicksands from July 1966 to 1969 and married Sheila Blott in October 1968. We would like to hear from anyone.


Franklin J Knoop (13/4/11)

Served under Maj. Carlos Risketson 1954 1955 Where you there?

Lived at 18 Park Road North, Bedford


Sally Goodwin (6/4/11)

Searching for Mike Schneider American GI , stationed at Chicksands 65/66.....please help

Ron Horley (5/4/11)

Baker flt from 1964-1967. Great tour of duty.


Eric J. Schneider (29/3/11)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from May 1984- May 1986. I was a Morse Code Operator with the 6950 ESG. My best friend while I was there was Larry Gonzales. Ken Smiley was one hell of a quarterback! If anyone remembers me, please send me an email! I treasure those years of my life. God Bless the United States of America.


Simpson (28/3/11)

Just found this site by accident - please forgive my interloping onto it as a non ex service person! - but it could be fortuitous - i'm hoping to find some very long lost friends of my mother, Georgina, who were stationed at Chicksands in the '50's/60's - they're names are Budd & Lucille - a surname would help I know, but do you think I can remember it! I believe they had 2 children, a boy and a girl and lived off base in Henlow at some point. My mum has fond memories of Chicksands at this time and I know she would be delighted to hear from them, although I realise it's a long shot. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Bobbie Dunham (23/3/11)

Looking for ssgt james arcesi chicksands 1973 approx chief fire officer lived in shefford my name is bobbie live in bedford have brilliant memories of airmans/nco/and rod and gun! my son scott would like to contact him he is now 34 yrs old!i believe jim comes from granbury texas and has 3 daughters also would like to hear from john petite miami? bruce lambright ? love to catch up hope someone can help !x


John G. Carroll (21/3/11)

My name is John G. Carroll, I was a 291 with the 2167th on able flight. I was stationed there from Feb 64 to Nov 67. I was enlisted at the time I have forgotten many names, but some are Robert Bennet, David Young, --- Panic, SSgt Hyde.

I retired as a major in 1988. I have been married to Maureen from Dunstable for 43 years. Our first daughter was born in the Bedford Hospital.


Jean Flannery (22/3/11)

Looking for a Tara model of Chicksands Priory for my daughter. I sent one her Dad left when he died last month but it was broken in transit - DHL!

Many thanks to anyone who can help.


Michelle Pangburn (18/3/11)

My parents Drew Pangburn and Kay Prosser were stationed there from 80-91 off and on. Please let me know if you recall either. I miss the place that was our home


Gail Hamilton (28/2/11)

Hi - I was at Bedford Auction recently and in a lot I purchased was a mug as follows:

Chicksands RAF England
#6950th Radio Group, Mobile
The Fighting Chicks

I understand this was a basket ball team in the 50s?

It is a piece of history and needs to go in a museum or part of a family collection?

If anyone is interested please contact me via my email.

Regards Gail Hamilton


Ken Diebold (23/2/11)

I was stationed at Chicksands, 1963-66, worked in Personal Affairs in the Personnel Office. I remember the pubs like the Dirty Duck, the Bricklayers Arms...What good times.

Sandra Porter (22/2/11)

Good evening:

I am trying to locate a Master Sgt. Rodney Richard who was based at Chicksands, Bedford in the early 1950's.

I understand he left the base in 1955 to return to Crowley, LA, USA

If anyone can help me locate Master Sgt. Richard - It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Leonard D Tolisano (20/2/11)

I was a 29252 on Baker Trick from 1963 to 1966. I was in Supply for the last six months of my tour. My Rank was AIC. My Nicknames were "Tully" or "Top Cat". I would like to hear from anyone who knows me and if there is a reunion please contact me.


Art (11/2/11)

Dear Chicksands Alumni;

I posted a year or so ago about a Melvin Brown that dealt with the food service on the base. I never received any email from anyone that remembers him. I have now found out that there is indication that he never used his formal name although that is what is on his military records and elsewhere. If anyone recalls a Brown that might have been nick named 'Brownie' that dealt with the food service on the base, please contact me. He might have went by the name John.

Although he has passed away, I would sure like to hear from someone that had memories of him. He was stationed at both Chicksands & Kirknewton, Scotland between 1959 and 1964. I have more information and would like to correspond with someone that knew him. With exchange of information we could probably find out rather quickly it it is indeed the same person. I do have some stories to share if it is the same person.




Stephen Lloyd (11/2/11)

Always remember Chicksands, does anybody remember my Dad, Claude Sam Lloyd, stationed from about 1951 to 60. Used to be on the gate sometimes, , Would love more info or photos. has sadly now passed away , thanks . Steve

Diane Artis (formerly Nielsen) (9/2/11)

I left a message on this board a few days ago, but remembered more info after I looked at other messages -- my ex husband Jim Nielsen was a "202" and I think hew was on Baker flight -- he was a Staff Sgt ---- some of the friends I would love to hear from are Roger and Beth Kistler, Jerry and Debbie Kinney, and Bruce and Bonnie Fried --- like I said in the previous message, Jim and I were both active in the theatre group on base (we were involved in Once Upon a Mattress, You're a Good man Charlie Brown, and The Owl and the Pussyvat ------- I also worked at the base library ----- we were at Chicksands from 1972 - 1976 --- previous base was San Vito dei Normani in Italy. OK, that's enough


VERA OTTO (6/2/11)

For a long time Ive been trying to trace KEITH RICHES He went to Florida with his wifw some years ago and is now about 80 years old. Does anyone remember him? He attended Luton Grammar School.


Diane Artis formerly Nielsen (5/2/11)

My former husband (Jim Nielsen) and myself were stationed at Chicksands from 1972 - 1976 (the dark ages)! --- we were both very active in the theatre group on base ----- I had a wonderful time while living in England ---- made a lot of friends that I kept in touch with for awhile, but not currently ---- would love to hear from people who were at Chicksands during that time.


Margaret Kostellic (15/1/11)


my name is margaret kostellic, we were ststioned at chicksands from 1957 to 1961.if anyone is out there that was there at the same time. like to hear from you. my husband was capt. frolin f. kostellic our children are margaret, paul, and terry. we lived off base . have a lot of memories and photos. e m address live in gulfport ms. send me a message.



Steven Bond (8/1/11)

Spent a lot of time in Bedford in the 60's. I was baptised in a Baptist church there and went to concerts in a theater there! There's more that I did as a teen in Bedford...looking for teens I grew up with from 1961-1965 at Chicksands.


Steve Mercier (7/1/11)

I was station at 6950th on Charlie Flight and worked under SSgt Shelly. This tour of duty was best time within my Air Force tour of duty. Am with VA since discharge.

Do they still have any Chicksands Gatherings?


Randy Snyder (1/1/11)

Charlie flight 1978-1980 with Reggie Shannon, Greg Lassila, Randy Dumm, Marty O'neil, Fred Ziemer, Rich Maynard,

"Beaker", "Snaggle Tooth", Dawn Burdette, Warren Pistol, Rich Werwie, and a dependent - Shelly Gresham. There are too many others I can't name. I'm old, senile, and right ready to retire from the Government and move to Portugal.


Lou Burns (29/12/10)

Stationed at The Sands 1963-1965 6950th RGM "A" Flight and then Transec. Married a Letchworth girl, Linda Easton. Now in the great Republic of Texas. I remember many hours spent at The Dirty Duck in Shefford. I keep in touch with my old roomate Rod Noldy who lives in PA. Would like to know if anyone knows the wherabouts of John J. Connolly III. I am now a member of the Patriot Guard Riders keep them in mind.


Frank Bowlby (27/12/10)

I served three (3) tours at RAF Chicksands from 1966 - 1969, 1971 - 1976, and 1979 - 1985 - a total of approximately 15 years of my 27 year Air Force Career. I began each tour working on Able Flight (DOFA) and ended up in the day shop on each occasion. Prior to my first tour at Chicksands, I was stationed at RAF Kirknewton, Scotland (just outside of Edinburgh) where I met my wife Beverly. We have been married for 44 years and have been living in Maryland for the past 25 years. During our 15 years at Chicksands, we lived at three different addresses in Bedford, and also lived in Wooten. Our daughter Jackie and our son Jason were both born at the North Wing Hospital in Bedford. Needless to say, Chicksands was my favorite assignment and we still miss it after all this time. We still have many friends and relatives in Scotland and England and get back there every year for family visits, as well as hosting annual visits to Maryland.

Chicksands was a spectacular assignment and we have many fond memories of our years there. Have lost contact with many of our friends from those days. Would enjoy hearing from any of our old friends, neighbors, workmates, etc who remember us.

Frank & Bev Bowlby


Bill Grayson (23/12/10)

For Elaine Marks: My email to you bounced. You asked about clean copies of the book, "Chicksands: A Millennium of History." The book is now out of print and I'm not sure I will do a 4th edition but, even so, the history through the USAF era will not be amended. Used, clean copies are offered by several booksellers on for just under $100.00. SheffordPress still lists brand new, author-autographed copies for $14.25 and donates all proceeds to the USO for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you plan to order a copy, please let me know if you would like it personalized. Merry Christmas from Bill Grayson.


Elaine Marks (18/12/10)

Anybody know where I can get a clean copy of the Chicksands history book? Thanks and Merry Christmas to all ex-Chicks.

Elaine Marks (nee Kline), Chix dependent 1980s


William Hall (14/12/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands with the USAF from Nov 1954 until Aug 1956.


Tom Harder (9/12/10)


CK Williams (29/11/10)

 was stationed at RAF Chicksands 1974-1977. Coached Base Women's Basketball Team 1975-76 #41. Played on Base Tackle Football Team 1974-77. Dee-Jayed "DJ" NCO & Airman's Clubs. "Sounds Fine Disco."


Chuck Steiner (26/11/10)

Happy Thanksgivings to all 292. Was at Chicksands 58-62


Robert Baker (11/11/10)

Greetings on this Veteran's Day!!!...posted to RAF Chicksands by way of 6922nd, Clark AB, 6987th, Shu Linkou and 6952nd, RAF Kirknewton. At Chicksands from 1966 to 1970 and was X2 on Baker Flight...Names that come to mind...Jerry Johnson, Neil Turner, Early B Teal


Frank Vasquez (10/11/10)

Hope everyone has a great Veterans Day. It always brings back good memories of all my friends at Chicksands. Was there from 1965 to 1968. Charlie flight ditty-bopper. Still keep in touch with best friend Jim Dilks. Also Joe Christiano. Lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford after I got married. Talked to Jim for his 65 birthday and also had a few messages from Barry Jablon. Still looking for my old roommate Jerry Morris. He was from Boston. Guess he did go back and became a priest. Jim and I sure put away a lot of booze during big break. Regards to all the "FIGHTING CHICKS"


Robert A. Gwin SR. (8/11/10)

I was stationed at the 7534th USAF Dispensary, from June 1965 to Jan 1967. I was in Medical Administration, and I know where 2 others from that time are. Henry Higgins, in Ga, Jim Autry in Missouri. I have other entries on the Chicksands site, but the old email address I used then is no longer in use.

I use and now. I'd like to find any "Medics" who were there when I was.

Thanks, BOB GWIN SR. (918) 664-5147


Pedro Figueroa (5/11/10)

Played baseball there a number of times with Hounslow Rangers under Bob Gray's management era. The baseball games were often very competitive but fair, and the best team often won. That's to say us.

All in baseball

Pedro Figueroa - Head Coach at:

Croydon Pirates Baseball Club.

Note: By the way you can visit my website at: Figueras Baseball Academy. Just Google it and voila. In the meantime have a nice day and a better one tomorrow. All the best.


Taff Jones (3/11/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands during the last years of the Second World War as a Morse code interceptor. I was with the WAAF Y service and like most of us kept my war secret until the 1980's.

My son the children's author Mick Manning has written a children's book about my memories of the war - from joining up to Chicksands and beyond.

It is called Taff in the WAAF (available online or at bookshops) and it also looks at Bletchley Park and explains how we at Chicksands dovetailed with the boffins at BP (although we didn't know it at the time!) It is a beautiful book illustrated in full colour by my son and his wife Brita Granstrom and I have found it is a wonderful way to tell the grandchildren what we all did.

Like the books says 'it cheers you up better than a cup of NAAFI cocoa!'



James Maxwell (31/10/10)

I had the pleasure of being stationed at RAF Chicksand from 1968 thru 1972. I must admit that my tour of duty was one of the most memorable of my career. I lived off base in Bedford for 3 years and would not have traded those experiences for any thing.


Robert Morgan (26/10/10)

Anyone know the whereabouts of Linda Hyde ? She lived across from the bottom gate in the early Seventies .


Mike Hardy (17/10/10)

Was at chicksands 79-81. Played football and slowpitch softball for the base team. We went to Spain to play in a softball tournament my second year there. Had a great time and drank alot alot of beer at the Rod n Gun club. And darts was great and made many


Larry Garrard (16/10/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1968 - 1970. 6950th Abel Flight. Have had contact with a few of the guys through the years: Todd Oltman, Roger Patten, Jim McMahon, Baxter Slaughter, George and Barbara Bender, Jimmy Walker. I was from Gadsden, Alabama and now live back in the area.

Would like to hear from others.

Larry Garrard


Ian R Lamb,Sr (14/10/2010)

I think my father was stationed at RAF CHICKSANDS. My mother was a nurse locally. I was born in Arlesey. Dad was a US Army Air Corps Tech Sergeant. My mum was from Paisley, Scotland. We came to the US in 1947, February. I still have cousins in Stotfold, Henlow, Lincoln, and Dumfries Scotland. I"m trying to find the units at RAF CHICKSANDS during this time . Please let me know the units if possible. Respectfully, Ian .


Don and Jeannette Haygood (12/10/10)

We are looking for information on Doreen Parker from Bedford and her husband Bobby J Parker (from the Little Rock area.) They were at Chicksands in the late 50s thru the mid 60s. Their children are Denise, Bobby Jr and Beverly.

If you have information please contact us at 


Mike Thompson (11/10/10)

Hi all,


I recently bumped into a lady whom, it has now transpired, was the daughter of S/S Rod Cameron who served with RAF Chicksands from 1965-1984. Rod has now passed away and sadly missed by me, his long time friend though I'm NOT ex service myself.

His daughter never actually met her Dad and has asked me if I could find a picture of him.

His daughter is now 38 and only found out about Rod some four years ago.

She would love to know what her Dad looked like.

All very sad...can you help me please?


sheila 29/9/10

Does anyone know what happened to Tony Hester. He was stationed at Chicksands between 1955 and 1958. His real name might have been William but was always known as Tony. He married a Bedford girl called Barbara Mason.

He worked as a telephone operator. I think he came from Flagstaff


ALVIN K. Ashcraft (27/9/10)

Assigned RAF Chicksands Jan. '66 after training at Kessler AFB. Worked "Charlie" trick as an X1. Roomed with Mike Martin (Va) and Hank Harrison (Ky). Left Dec. '67 on the 2T program. TDY to Goodfellow AFB Tx. and then to 6937th Comm. Gp. Peshawar Pakistan. Got there in Feb. '68 and endured on "Dawg" trick until May '69. Retired 3 yrs. from Union Pacific RR and live in Whitehall. Arkansas. GO HOGS!!


Kathryn (Kathy) McAllister (26/9/10)


I'm trying to find some old friends: Tim Hogan Pat Henderson

Kim Wilcoxson or anyone who was there during their 6th & 7th grades.

Hope to Hear from you,

Kathryn McAllister


Larry Churchill (21/9/10)


Remember you well....There 1967-1969 2167th Comm Sq. (Dog Flight). Got out of the Air Force in 69. and have been back to Chicksands and England three times. Base has change quite a bit. Much larger, more housing, etc. Retired in 2002 and now living in the Tampa Bay area...


Joe Ahrenholz (14/9/10)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from jan 1967 to aug 1970 I was on Dog Flight in the Criticom Relay. My Trck Cheif was SMsgt Tester.


Su ADAMS (12/9/10)

Please can you assist, My nanna Agnes Steel Nancy Watson/Dale. She worked as a wireless operator in Chicksands and famously had her picture taken with Sarh Churchill next to her. My Nanna was Scottish and went on to marry Ken and achieve her ISM.

Any news, details or pictures would be overwhelming.

Thank you Su


ed mansfield (11/9/10)

Stationed at chicksands, 61-62 as a 292, came from karamursel and prior to that tripoli. suffering from crs, but have lots of good memories


Charles H Steiner (4/9/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1958 to 1962. A ditty bopper I was. The best four years of my 20 year service was spent at Chicksands. Met and married my wife of 50 years there. She was from Cotton End . Shirley Stevens was her name. Still have contact with Tony Martin and the best man at my wedding Jerome Hickman. Still remember Fred SHelton , Andy Anderson. James Price. and a few others. So if their is anyone out there that remembers this old timer give us a shout, Still have my Chicksands mug and patch. Good to see this site up and running.

Thanks to the people responsible


Chuck Steiner  (4/9/10)

Was stationed at Chicksands 1958-1962. Married a girl from Cotton End in 1960. Best years of my AF career spent at Chicksands.


charles steiner (4/9/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands from1958-1962. i was a 292 and worked in d block. Remember Flo at the snack bar with her two inch ashes on her cig. Also remember mom who also worked mids in the snack bar. Names that come to mind Andy Anderson, Tony Martin, Marty Tyson, Volney Blose. Fred Shelton. An mp by the name of Snow. Just to name a few. Those four years at Chicksands were the best years of my twenty I spent in the AF. I have many happy memories of those years. Yes I met and married my wife of 50 years there. Shirley Stevens of Cotton End Beds.


Ray Braybrooks (28/8/10)

Comments: We came ,we saw and nearly conquered the Fighting Chicks the year was 87 or 88 we lost only 14 - 8 and we were the Bedford Stags British American football team..anyone remember..We were made very welcome at the base it was a great day a large crowd watched...

nice people the yanks, miss watching the games against the likes of Mildenhall,Lakenheath,etc

hey long live the Redskins


Peter Harris (29/8/10)

Comments: Stationed at RAF Chicksands, in the Priory, in 1951 on a wireless course. Never forgotten the Grand Piano where Jan Bartlett - a South African in the RAF- taught me to play my one musical piece - " Goodnight Sweetheart"! ( where are you now, Jan? ) Also, will never forget the American M.P's with their big "45's" which were readily produced if you didn't behave at the Guardroom!! Or the hordes of girls leaving the USAF quarters in the early mornings!!Great memories of a delightful posting- went from Chicksands to the Canal Zone, Egypt; what a contrast. Great that Beds C.C. set up this website.


Donnie Haire (24/8/10)

Comments: From Augusta, Georgia

Was stationed at Chicks 1973-1976, worked in the 6950th Comms Division. 1978-1982 worked in 6950th/2112th Comms Division. 1984-1992 worked as a NSA civilian in the Comm Division spaces , Hq was in Germany. Have fond memories of Chicks and the area. Stationed at Molesworth 1997-2002, provided support to an outfit located at Chicks, traveled there frequenly.... big changes after the USAF departed. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Michael Palino aka "Animal" and Joseph Horner or Hager. Have retired for good now and lovin life with my lovely wife Diane. We would love to hear from anyone who was there when we were.


Barb (Ilaria) (17/8/10)

I was there 87-89 on D-flight...wondered if a few aquaintances were out their...Doc Elder, Bob "New York" Weymer, Bob Norris, Dan H., Ken Sabontini, Laura Bakos, Dave O. or Rob Randall...just curious how everyone is and where you are now. I'm in Maryland Had 4 of my kids in the UK, miss the walking paths, friendly pubs and going into London. Went to Harrogate as civilian.


Julian Rutherford (16/8/10)


My name is Julian Rutherford and I am one of the Friends of Chicksands Priory that currently shows visitors around the Priory building and walled garden and providing a commentary on the history of the building and the Gilbertine Order of Nuns and Canons. My wife and I came to an open day when the Priory was still an American base and we saw, in the walled garden, a monastic labyrinth. When we started volunteering with the Friends last year we were disappointed to see that the labyrinth was almost unrecognisable. We spoke to some of the Friends who told us that this had happened as the 7" lawnmower that was used to maintain the labyrinth had ‘disappeared’.

As our own personal interest is firmly fixed in the medieval period and we are trying to get permission to restore the labyrinth we were wondering if anyone has pictures of the labyrinth they would be prepared to share or even better knew what happened to the 7" lawn mower? My email address is:

Many thanks for taking the time to read this email.

Julian & Valerie Rutherford

Art (10/8/10)

Greetings Chicksands Alumni;

Was anyone here involved with the food service on the base?

I'm looking for any information on Melvin Brown that was stationed at Chicksands from 1957 thru 1964. He was a cook. Would really like to share information, stories, and memories of anyone that remembers him.


Patsy Cottle (10/8/10)

We were stationed at Chicksands Base. My Father was Henry Cottle and my mother is Merle Cottle - AKA "Moe" I am looking for some of my school friends:

Laverne Smith
Francis Bussy
Cheryl Bridgewaters
Teresa Canne
Maria Brown


Dennis Siple (9/8/10)

I was stationed at chicksands from sept 65 to sept 65 would like to here from anyone that was there around the same time

Winterland (16/7/10)

Chicksands Alumni.....Join our Yahoo! Group "North Of Watford - South Of Bedford" to reunite with old friends and browse through the dozens of vintage photos in our album.

Calvin Turner (30/6/10)

I was stationed at chicksands from Feb61 to April63 as a 65550A(IBM machine operator). I lived in a quanset hut the entire time I was there. They had just built the first couple of dorms a month or so before I left. I had some great times in the "old airmans club" in the quanset hut with the nickel, dime, and quarter slot machines, I also remember playing darts there before swing shifts and of course the weekend dances.. .Does anyone know anything about those breakfast saugages they used to serve in the mess hall there, the little long ones that looked uncooked, I never learned how they were prepared while I was there and have not been able to find them anywhere since...

I have often wondered whatever happened to some of the people I knew there..Good Friends..James D.(Jim) Hayes from Alabama and George(Buddy) Cowgill from Chicago come readily to mind.. Also the English ladies, Rita (Wyger?), Valerie, Jenny..I would like to hear from anyone who was there around that time or who knows the whereabouts of anyone I might know from then.


Dan Henry (28/6/10)

Hey Guys,

Old Able flighter from 1984-1986. Came back 87-89, and helped close the place in 1993-1994. At least part of it. I've worked with a British Col who has been there since to the Priory/Officers club. Anyway. Miss Chix very much. Married there and had a beautiful daughter there (22 now). Cell 609 332-4819. Dan Henry


Michael Gillespie (27/6/10)

We lived at chicksands from 66' to 71' my Dad was Tom Gillespie and my Mom is Aileen. Brother & sister Barrie & Maureen. My Dad was msgt. & head of supply on the base. I had a blast living there exploring the grounds of the priory hoping to see Rosetta! My friends & I got blasted by the MPs for digging near the river next to the priory looking for a secret tunnel!


Ernie Robinson (26/6/10)

Was on Charlie Flight from 1968 - 1974 as 202, mainly working in S & W Center. Lived in Bedford and later Cotton End. Anyone from that period out there.


Dan Marshall (23/6/10)

Just looking to hook up with old Air Force Buddies from RAF Chicksands days. Anyone who knew me please respond. I was on Able Flight 6950th Scty Sqdn.

Kevin H. Bandle (12/6/10)

I was at Chicksands between June 52 to Dec.54 ...Is anyone out there ???

Steve Rowe (29/5/10)

My wife and I own a pre-war 1937 MG TA that was first registered as a new car to Richard A Justice with an address as RAE Chicksands which we have assumed may have been a misprint for RAF Chicksands. Does anyone remember either Mr Justice or his car registered as IW6196 and was painted Saxe Blue - the car was registered in Northern Ireland which adds another mystery although we have found out there was a military presence at Ballykelly, Londonderry before the outbreak of war.

Lennox Duke Bundy (28/5/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands RAF, 6951st RSM from 1953 to 1956. I would like to contact James Evans, Richard Jordan, Charles Miller or any Airman that new me during that time, I would also like to contact Michael G. Catlin and/or his mother Barbara Jean Catlin of Luton, England, located near Chicksands.

Guy Payne (29/4/10)

Trying to get in touch with Mike Bryant; anyone know of his present whereabouts?I know that he lives in Gadsden, Ala, and left a message on this board in 2003...

Thanks in advance,

Guy P.

Frank Vasquez (20/4/10)

Stationed at Chicksands from 1965 to 1968. Charlie Flight Ditty Bopper. Best friend Jim Dilks who also served as my best man at my wedding. Married my high school sweetheart and will celebrate 44 years of marriage. Roomed with Jerry Morris from Boston when I first got there. Good memories and good friends. Still keep in touch with Jim Dilks and also Joe Christiano. We all lived on Waterloo Road in Bedford at one time or another. Also, Al Buddington. Does anyone know what became of Jerry Morris. He always said he would go back to Boston and probably become a priest.

Larry Cohen (20/4/10)

Was an X1 on Dog Flight from 1964-1966 and then went 2-T to Northeast Cape, Alaska. One of the most memorable things, there were many, was watching Tom Jones perform at the OLD Airman's Club in front of about 5 or 6 bored Airmen. Several weeks later, listening to a radio station, I heard the DJ say: And now Tom Jones singing his smash hit "It's Not Unusual." Make it all come true again or I don't want any of it ever to come true again.

guy payne (21/4/10)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1957 to 1961; was a 29250 until I returned to the States to get (quickly) retrained as a 203. Have good memories of that base; lived with my wife Sally in Bedford, first in a flat by the downtown railroad station, then in Bedford 'proper'. Still remember the awful fogs abetted by the soft coal we burnt in the winter to keep some parts of the house/flat warm. I retired in 1978 after getting a BA and a M.ed from the good ol' UofM.

Greetings to all of you other old duffers who may have been there with me...


karen (18/4/10)

Hi to all you people who were at chicksands. I am fascinated with chicksands and can still just about see the base when walking my dogs there. I have friends who used to go to the dances there, and loved hearing their tales of all the american guys! I'd love to hear from anyone, would be so interesting to listen to your tales and memories of chicksands, good and bad!

Vera Otto (28/3/10)

I have been trying to trace Keith Riches and note that Willie Bowen is also trying to find him.

We were old friends back in school days. I think I have at last found a contact address if anyone is still searching or has found Keith and his wife Shelagh please let me know.

Dave Hough (25/3/10)

Was an X1 on Charlie and Able Tricks '65-'68. Reassigned to the 'Sands late '65 when RAF Kirknewton closed. Personal sign HG. Remember us getting the AFOUA for keeping the floors polished and the positions scrubbed. How about the burn room, few memories there as well. Cool. Many thanks to the Bedford Borough Council for the webpage.

73, Dave Hough

Jim Dilks (24/3/2010)

Hello.......I was stationed at chicks from 1964 till 1967 and on Charlie flt...they were honestly the best yrs of my life ...had a blast...especially at the dirty duck in shefford and the serisans head and peacock in bedford and the "old airmens club " in the quanset hut it was great and then they moved the club to the corner near the chow hall parking lot.....I have not been back since then. had great friends Frank Vasquez and Barry Jablon, Bill Hall, Terry Markley and many many others. Also married a great girl Shirley Prime (maiden name) and we are working on 45 yrs now. have a son who is a road mgr for big rockl groups such as creed, journey, breaking bejam in, nicholback.tommy lee, and many others and also a daughter who is a rn in a childrens hospital in delaware A.I. dupont hospital......well great chatting will close check my e-mail address it would to hear from some of you ...take it easy and GOD BLESS...JIM DILKS

Bill Rowe (15/3/2010)

My name is Bill Rowe, I was stationed at chicksands from Jan. 1951 until Dec. 1953, My tour there was just great, The people throughout the surrounding area were very hospitable and kind, Quite a few years have passed since then and now at this late stage of my life, I am giving you all a very sincere, Thank you. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and will answer all correspondence.

Ernie Robinson (14/3/10)

Hello to all Charlie Flt. 202's 1968-1972 and Hometead 1972-1974. Some of my best memories are of Chix.

Rebecca Fahey (13/3/10)

Just checking in for 1976-79 alumni....

Keep the memories alive all you Chicksters!

Becky Fahey

Janet Mancini (10/3/10)

I wanted to add, I lived off base and made a very good friend in Shefford, her name was Marie Graham. Marie's address was 4 Kingsmede. We became very close when I moved to to Shefford. Would anyone know if perhaps Marie has passed away or is she still next door? She had two daughters Sally & Wendy at the time.

Here's a few names of friends I made while living there:

Amy Blamford
Chris & Leslie Christopher
Valarie Harvey
Michael McFall
Chris & Donna Stapleton
Craig & Julia Wilson

This would have been 1981 - 1984.

Thank you for your time,

Janet Mancini

Janet Mancini (8/3/10)

I lived on #6 Kingsmede, Shefford, Beds in the early 1980's. My ex husband was in the Air Force and was stationed at the Chicksands Base. My name at the time was Janet Beeman. Just wondering if anyone out there remembers me.

Lee Yaccarino (5/3/10)

Looking if any one knew my Mom Carol Whalen or Father Sgt Joseph Yaccarino USAF 1963-64 ?



Marty Martin (3/3/10)

anybody know were Ron Bonham is?? sent email but came back. first time at sands was jan to nov 62. partied alot and was also the bartenter at airman club. sands was the place to be in those days.  worked in relay center at top hill at main gate.(291) my car was the black and white ford ang. lot of guys called it the ice cream wagon or racer. hung out with chuck hail. jerry oden we were always in to some trouble also looking for guy name robie from texas.  can't remember all the names to many hangovers. any who went back again in dec 68 thru aug 73. lived in luton for awhile then moved on base with wife and kids.use to party alot at the nco club with the ragdales and others. also like to find CAL and BARTON, JONNY JOHNSON. or anybody that remember me. great people at the sands and in england.

Vera Otto (28/2/10)

I am still trying to contact KEITH RICHES and other friends from Luton.

Keith went to Luton Grammar School during the last war and I believe he is living now in America..

Can anyone help to find him and his wife Maureen please.?




Jo Ann Johnson (Campbell) (29/1/10)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1986-1988. I have nothing but fond memories during this tour. I have been trying to lcate a few friends. They are Perette Dillard (Ice), Sue McKinnon (dependent), TC and his son (he was the DJ), Kaiser (last name Thomas ?), He was on crutches. Ulysiss White. Please if anyone has any information, let me know. I have so many photos of Chicksands. The Priory, the clubs, etc.

Kraig Rasool (formely Boyd) (25.01.10)

 26 Apr 1961

Hey Im trying to locate childhood friends who's parents were stationed at Chicksands in 1970... Im looking for Michael Miller who was my best friend and others Tony Reed...Jackie Green...Orpheus Evans... and others...It would be great to see how everyone is now that we are in our 40's still have great memories of the base and playing tetherball on the me my last name has changed from (Boyd) to Rasool but Im still the same kid

Jim Dilks (23/1/10)

hey guys.....Charlie Flt...

Just a short note to see if anyone is out there who was at chicksands 63 thru 67...had a great time and loved the old airmens club with Ed the bartender (older man).

M Francis (18/1/10)

Iwas stationed at raf chicksands from 1960 to 1961 and ran the raf fire station

Andy Casapini (17/1/10)

1982 to 1984 - I was an 207X2 on Charlie Flight and RAF Chicksands. I lived on the third floor of Dorm E (Easy Dorm). I remember my boss was MSgt Ronald "Snuffy" Landsaw and I made lots of friends. I cannot mention them all but some were Jon Harrison, Scott Porter, Mike "Weeble" Weiss, Richard Genari, Andy Goble, and the list goes on and on. I remember going to the NCO club which was called "The Wispering Sands", the Rod and Gun Club where the Newcastle Brown ale was always cold. The Burger Bar where they tried to create some resemblance to an American fast-food joint. We used to watch a band called "Energy" play the local pubs in Bedford. We frequented the "Grapevine" in Shefford and ate countless king prawn balls at the Red Sun restraunt in Shefford. And countless donner kebabs (we call them gyros) at countless take aways. I must have jogged from Easy dorm, out the back gate, around the village and in the front gate hundreds of times. I played defensive end and tailback on the base football team "The Fighting Chicks". Our quarterback was Ken Smiley. He could really throw a football. I got married at the church in Compton and had my reception at the Club on base. My first daughter was born at the hospital in the city of Bedford. My second daughter at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. I put in a total of 8 years with the USAF. My first 3 were at Chicksands and the rest were in the States. Afterward, I was in Aerospace working in southern California for just over a decade and now my work is in I.T. playing with computers. If anyone would like to drop me a line, I have several email addresses for most of the folks I mentioned above. Cheers! -Andy

George Ford (10/1/10)

Hi, i use to come to the club most night and had a great many friends at chicksands, i am looking for Dwayne Leadbetter, Mark Tisi, Heather Homeyer, Renee.... if you know of them please contact me at many thanks.

Dave Shortt (15/12/09)

Hello there... as the holidays approach my thoughts drift back to those special days I spent at Chicksands. I was a 491X1 (computer operator) assigned to the 2112 Comm Squadron Data Automation from '87-'89. Some of the folks who worked with me there were Chief Brown (what a small world, running into you in Brandon, Florida), Roxanna Lake (such a sunny personality. did you ever end up retiring in Europe?), Laura Corona ( a better supervisor than I deserved), Roger York, Pat Brashear, and Shellie Stegen (sooooo kewl to hang out with and soooooo doggone smart, winning all those awards). And of course I cannot forget one of the best guys I was blessed to have known there --- Bill Barrett.

A shout goes out to others I remember there --- Stu MAcAulay (a great friend there), Dave Kidd, Chuck Wampler, Bill Rinehart (one my roommates --- I still remember losing your sweatshirts in Paris --- sowwy!), Dave Wood (awesome trip to Switzerland), Angela (worked at DOA for a bit --- used to call me 'Davershmaver'. LOL I hope that was a GOOD nickname!), Melinda Hale, Leanne and her sister (what beautiful British ladies, and what incredible singing voices!).

And finally, a very special hello out there to Kris from the cafeteria... You drew some INCREDIBLE artwork... I'm sorry I hurt you, and I miss you... 

Ed Harrop (22/11/09)

Hi and I was hoping to hear from anyone at the 'Sands 1970 - 1974...was in the 2167 comm, crypto maint...would be great to hear from anyone and as many have said before it was the best of times.

Ron Salko (11/11/09)

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the above named who was stationed at USAF Chicksands approx to 1978/79 pls contact by email.

Curt Stendel (8/10/09)

I am looking for anyone stationed at Chicksands in the early 1970's. X-1's and others on Dog Flight. I have located a fair number of people but many, many more are missing. Any information that you may have will be appreciated.


Nancy Rossignol (14/10/09)

Searching for william holmes whom I met off the off the hms ark royal in mayport florida during a port visit 1971-1972.

Frank Hird (9/10/09)


I was stationed at raf chicksands 1947 to 1948

Can anyone tell me if Bruce Forsyth was there I seem to remember him

Bill Smith (7/10/09)

Here's a question for those who still live in the Bedford area. Are the Silver Tavern (High Street), Saracen's Head (Market Square), and the King's Arms still up and running businesses?

Henry E. Higgins (1/10/09)

 I was stationed at Chicksands 1965-1968 and had a great time. I was a dental tech and worked with Dr. Hecht. I'd like to hear from any of the medics who worked with us. It's been a long time but I still remember some good ol' times in London, Bedford, and the Airman's Club.

Hope to hear from you guys.


Lynn Deamer (21/8/09)


I live in the small town of Potton, Not too far from chicksands. I have a double bedroom with en-suite shower facilities to let, in my own home, it is a new house and very modern. I am not sure if this can be placed on here so hope trhat it does not offend anyone. Many thanks

Alex Houston (14/8/09)

Hello All...

I stopped by the site on a whim, b/c not long ago I recall the site was down and not accepting any new posts. I was more than pleasantly surprised to see new posts for this year!! What really gets me is the fact that many (if not most) of the posts appear to be by 'Fond Memory' Owners that were stationed at this 'indescribable' base long, long ago (50s, 60s etc.).

I was fortunate enough to be stationed there as my very first duty station in July 1986. My first child was born in the Luton-Dunstable Hospital (my wife delivered very early). Needless to say...the amount of memories I hold are very similar to those of others (wayyy too many to count)!

To the individual(s) responsible for constructing the site originally, maintaining the site for all these years, and for ultimately having the time/ability to bring the site back online - - I am sure I speak for a countless number of people in stating that we cannot express our gratitude enough! Thank you for everything!

Alex Houston (Jul '86 - Jul '89 - TRULY not long enough!!)

C.E. Bowman (9/7/09)

I was stationed at the Sands '62-'65 and married Sybil nee Bonham of Bedford. Looking to chat with friends and in particular Dick and Masie Graham of Haynes, Beds. Help please.

Ed & Sybil
434 528 9494
Madison Heights, VA 24572 USA

John Wright (23/7/09)

I was stationed at base supply from 1966-1970 looking for SUSAN BARTON from Bedford

Kirk Ragan (21/7/09)

Was at Chicksands from 1986 to 1989 on Baker flight. Although I longed to get out of there at the time, looking back now, that was one of the funest times of my life. Where are the NADS, PIGS? Bucci, Pee Wee, Nick, the Miller Brothers, Durwood, Ann, Hud the Stud, oh and the Pup? Oh and Bob Ma-something-ski (sorry can't spell your name). I saw Tony left a comment here 5 years ago, but his email address is no longer valid. Anyone know please contact me.

Look me up on Facebook. I'm the guy with the guitar.That's for all the old people that never got computer skills.

The Doc Of Rock

Victor Valenzuela (14/7/09)

Hello Everyone,

Was stationed at the Sands from Nov '81 - Apr. '85. Le Specialist with the 7274th SPS. Towards the end finally made it on Alpha Flt. Definitely great times. Miss the double deckers to Bedford or Hitchin. Hanging at the Com club. Pub hopping. The awesome English girls. Besides my e-mail, I can be found on FaceBook. Hope to find others from all the squadrons who were there. All the best. 

Iona Moore (9/7/09)

Hi everyone my name is Iona i moved to chicksands with my family when i was 5 years old i my dad was posted here from germany i had a friend there called Jennifer Hodge her dad was also posted and serving here however they moved back to america and after 3 years of writing to each other we drifted apart and i wish to find her again however i can't remember her fathers name to be able to find her in some way anyone who knows it can you please help me as it would help me greatly thank you

Iona Moore

Greg Wearsch (24/6/09)

Stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1977-1980.

Worked as a Radio Systems Printer Operator on Able Flight. Starting linebacker on "Tates Terrors", championship 1977-78  Fighting Chicks Football team (Crazy Horse Wearsch).  Anyone remember the Mud Bowl in Bitburg Germany?  32 years!!  Some of the best years of my life. Met so many good people.  First time in all these years that I've made any of these types of entries.


Alex DeFazio (11/6/09)

6950th RGM ,Oct. 1962 to Aug. 1964, opened up the FLR-9 when we became the 6950th Sec. Wing. in Aug. 1963.

Looking for Carol Whalen, Luton, Beds.

Michael Breck (2/6/09)

My name is Michael Breck and I was stationed at Chicksands from Dec 75 thru Dec 78. I married an English girl from Luton named Janice Gurney in 1977. I was in LE/SP's and worked with T/Sgt Red Wallace and T/Sgt Carlton Gatling. I had the best years of my life at Chicksands and remember a lot of people from that time period. I remember Gwen an older English lady who cleaned the Dorms for us and I especially remember a young lady from the Bedford area named Michelle Mann. What I can't remember is if that was her real name or her pen name. The other name she used was Anne Harlowe. Anyway I hope she is well and happy and all those that worked in the power room on the hill. Good Blokes every one. Anyway I have made contact with several old friends and hope that I can make contact with more through this Website. Thanks, Mike

Robert Vann (25/5/09)

I was stationed at the 2167th Comm Sq from 1968-70 as the OIC of the Criticomm Relay Station. CMSGT Harriman & SMSGT Marko Skoff come to mind, along with the Sq Commander Telford Eggleston.

Until my family arrived on base, I lived on the second floor of the Priory, which was the BOQ at the time. I never saw Rosetta, although I was sober every night, which probably reduced the likelihood of sightings. The Ops folks on the floor did a hell of a job during the highest alert periods (invasion of Czech) and the x-Critics flowed out like clockwork.

I lived in Bedford at 8 Tennyson Road, near the river, for a year until Col. Wilson drug me kicking and screaming back into Officer's Quarters, where I lived next to Father Doonan and his aged mother. That Irishman could hold a prodigious amount of liquor and he would serenade the housing area at the top of his lungs at 1:00 am.

Col. Wilson would come around with a ruler and measure the height of your grass, and made you cut it if it was 1/16" too tall. He also demanded that we plant flowers in front of the units. I got 15 plastic tulips, 14 red and 1 yellow, and stuck them in the flower bed. Every few days I would move the yellow one to a different position, always unbalanced. It was a great time with great people.

Jennie (15/5/09)

Hi all.

Can anyone help in my search for an Edgar Staats who was stationed at RAF Bentwaters then went on to RAF Chicksands in the early 1950's. I think he moved to Norfolk Virginia thats all i know. thank you.

Al Montanaro (10/05/2009)

Hello from Bellwood. PA. Thank you for providing this site.  Just wanted to provide new e-mail address..

Was stationed at mChicksands from Dec 63-Dec 66.  2167th -would like to hear from any of the guys I worked with..

Take Care

Christopher Leluan  (28/4/2009)

Hello, im here looking for people who may know of my grandfather, Sidney J "rocky" Leluan. I never really had the chance to sit down and just talk with my grandfather as i was too young to to sit still long enough. Since his passing his memory is only held through photos as my family doesnt speak much of him at all anymore. He was a wonderful man and i would love to know anything more about him. From a loving, very curious grandson. Chris Leluan

Bill Grayson (23/4/09)


Greetings to all former Chicks on St George's Day. Coincidentally, today marks the 50th anniversary of my arrival at RAF Chicksands in 1959.

Cheers and best regards, Bill

Colonel Bill Smith (19/3/09

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Sgt Timmy Barnett, formerly an X1 on (6950th Security Group) Dog Flight? He was from Los Angeles and dated a girl name Gillian (or Jillian) from Stevenage for most of his tour at Chicksands. We're trying to reunite a core group of Dog Flight party-ers from the era 1968-1970.

Margaret (17/3/09)

I wrote an entry here on 17/1/08 and mentioned my friends Ed and Angela Rotzinger who moved to Las Vegas from the UK (Bedford) with Angelas daughter Lisa, but they subsequently divorced and went their separate ways, I hadnt heard from Angela in a long time, probably sometime in the 1990's, I was looking for her on the internet and was saddened to read that she had passed away in December 1998, if anyone out there knows of Angelas family or knows Ed Rotzinger could you please forward my e-mail address to them.

Thanks, Margaret

Liz Wilson (nee Raymond) (16/3/09)

I have more than fond memories of Chicksands. My first being of an early childhood when there was only 3 RAF dependant families on base. That was in the 50's...oh my gosh!! USAF personnel too but no family housing.

We lived in the priory with 2 other families. If anyone remembers the buildings on the left after entering the courtyard...that's where we lived. Dad was an RAF Sergeant, our next door neighbor was a RAF Corporal and to the back of us lived the CO his family and my playmate Penny. I remember being in her house when she took me through a secret passage and we ended up in the Officer's mess(at that time). Actually, somebody has some pictures I have just seen of the landing at the top of the stairs and that is where the secret door was. Anyway, I remember the beautiful lawns and rose gardens leading to the lake and the nights of the dreamy Officer's Balls where the trees were lit up down to the lake and the ladies dressed in beautiful long evening gowns! And, of course there was ample places for us to play.

My next time was around 1971/72. Boy, did we have some good times in the Airmen's Club. I met some nice people whom I have lost contact with and have forgotten their names except 2 guys I dated before they were shipped back to the US.

Glen Twilligear from NY and Steve Glessing from WI. Anybody remember them?

My next episode was in 1981/82 I met a guy, married him and moved to the US. For 24 years I lived in many different States and am now back in the UK (unfortunately waiting a divorce).

I was saddened to see the base was closed and with it the memories of all of us that had the pleasure of living there.

Just thought somebody might find this interesting. Take care!

Vera Otto (14/3/09)

Trying to find KEITH RICHES who went to Luton Grammar School during war 11. Does anyone know of his whereabouts?

Tom Kirkham (18/2/09)

Loved my stay at Chicksands from 1/66 to 7/67, I was a transplant from Kirknewton. The last entry reminded me of the Black Swan and the great times playing darts there. I've played on and off since then, just recently gave it up because of a back problem. It has been great to watch it change from feathered brass darts to high tech materials that run 100.00 or so a set and from steel tip to machines. The major tournaments in Vegas and Tahoe draw thousands of players from all over the states and foreign teams. The have major money prizes and pros that make a good living from darts. If you played at the "Dirty Duck" you will remember the "Knights of the Black Quack". A Tournament at the Swan was the only time I ever partnered with a Blind player and we went to the quarter finals. Great bunch of people. Check out for some pictures on the Air Force page.

Howard Reynolds (16/1/09)

 I just stumbled on the site. Great that the Bedford Borough Council erected this. I was an X2 on Able Flight from '64-'67, and as with the rest of the folks who posted here, I loved the time, the place and the local people who were generous to a fault.

The fish & chips and pickled onions after pubs closed were the best I ever had.

I spent quite a few mornings after the last grave shift at the Black Swan (Dirty Duck) in Shefford, and developed a great fondness for British darts.

I went back to the UK in 1971, bought a Norton 750 Commando, drove around for a month and brought the bike back home - still have it and it still runs.

I stayed in touch with Rick Atwill (202) - my roomate. He was from Miami, FL and now lives in Charlotte, NC

Howard (HP)

Steve Meador (23/12/08)

Been a couple of years since I last posted on this site. Was a Russian Linguist (203XX) at Chicksands, Dawg Flight, from October 1971 to July 1974. Sitting here today, looking at the messages, hoping to see some that I knew...One so far, is all that I have found. I'm glad to see people posting to this site again. About 10 years ago, when I found this site, it averaged 20-25 messages per day.

Well, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hogmanay 

BOB (Z00T) MONEY (4/12/08)



Larry Ward (3/12/08)

Just checking in ... still here in Bedford

Mike Perkins (Peanuts) (28/11/08)

Hello to all Chixsters. I was at the Sands twice. 74-76 and 79-82. If anyone remembers me, I'd enjoy hearing from you.

John Fratellio (23/11/08)

Am trying to contact Kirsty Mcnee Smith. I seen that you were looking for information about Jack Fratellio, my e-mail is please contact me.I have information about Jack Fratellio Thanks

John Fratellio (23/11/08)

23 Aug 1956

Hi, I am Jack Fratellio's son, my dad was station in England when he was in the service. If you were station with him please let me know.


Kim (28/10/08)

I am a dependent that lived on base in the 70's. I'm trying to find out how to obtain a copy of my first communion certificate from April 7, 1977. Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Butcher (26/10/08)

Bill Green Chicksands Fire Dept, Understand you have been trying to contact me. This is my new email. Mike

George Solo (20/10/08)

Please does anyone know Eugene Mikulak who was stationed at Chicksands in the 60's a family member wants to make contact

Ned Crimmin (11/10/08)

Great memories Ed. I was there from 64 - 68. Started on permanent mid shift is the day area, when our job was outsorced to NSA, we were all finally transferred to a flight, can not really remember it, but I do remember our reporter had a Mini Cooper, that he souped up with a lotus twin cam engine, that had duel DCOE 40 carbs. As mentioned in another message, road like a tank but really went fast.

Flight, what do I remember, having new troops get DF bearing from maint., E.M.H.O.R. report, and the infamous QRM filter, which really looked professional with a jack on it. I remember drinking so much coffee, I got coffee drunk.

Then as you, the infamous day that one of my former Sgts. who civilianized himself and went to NSA, came back and hand picked me for the same. I liked only a couple of thing about NSA and the old WWII hospital bks, Luray (sic) Caverns, the antiques store in the area, and the Virginia Smoked Ham. Other than that I could not wait to leave for Osan AB.

Of all assignments the Sands was the best. To check out about 80 photos I took of the area, go to and look up North of Watford under Yahoo Groups, join it (may take a week to get accepted, they are slow), and enjoy the photos.

Later, Ned

Ed Marek (9/10/08)

I was at Chix i967-9, flight commander Dog Flight. When I got there, SMSgt Bioris Pepoff was the mission super and SMsgt Lloyd Rockwell was in charge of analysis and reporting. TSgt Chafrlie Smith was the Asst Mission Sup. I of course was a 23 year old butter bar who was one happy camper to have a SMgsgt hanging on to each of my arms. Because I had to come without my family and lived in the Priory BOQ, one of the dullest places I have ever been in. Then moved to a semi-attached out in Bedford, and was then forced back on base. Col Richard "I got radar in my finger tips" Wilson was the group commander, and Lt Col Laddie Marin our ops officer. Capt Merle Vernone flew combat air patrol defensive flights between the flight commanders and Laddie. On Dog Flight, Pepoff inaugurated one of the greatest inventions of all time, we called the "Roving Buffer." We had a buffer standing at alert right at the end of the ramp with a troop assigned alert duty to respond to it when the klaxon rang. When Col Wilson came into the building, the cops called down to us, the troop assigned alert duty ran over to the buffer from his rack, fired her up, and got out there on the floor as the roving buffer, polishing the polish. This tactic worked like a charm and the old man treated us pretty well. He was the damndest guy tho, former B-52 pilot with radar in his fingertips. I would have to walk around the flight floor with him, he'd always walk behind the racks, and then stop at one and open the back door to check for cleanliness. Invariably he found a wad of paper. He'd just stand there and stare at it. What is that Lt? IT's a wad of paper sir. Then there would be a Mexican standoff to see if I would pick it up. I didn't know much, but I decided that I was an officer and was not going to pick it up. I thought it was a way he had of belittling me in front of the men. After perhaps a minute, one of the troops would walk over and pick it up. Ha! I asked Pepoff if that was ok, and he said Oh yes, the troops love to watch you stand the old man down. This was our action during the great war. My flight had lots of guys who had already flown the EC-47 with the 699th in Vietnam and they just smiled and laughed at it all. I loved it there, our flight had lots of parties out at the pubs, and just as I got a day job, they curtailed my assignment and sent my buns to NSA. Barf.

Chix Alumni (7/10/08)

CHIX SHIRTS ARE ALL GONE! If you mailed a check and it was received wgen the shirts were gone, your check will be securely shredded.

RAF Chicksands Alumni Assn (30/9/08)


Leftover shirts from the great JOCC Reunion just held near Baltimore. White polo with navyblue collar and sleeve edging and full-colour "Fighting Chick" logo over pocket. See photo on currently inactive on the "store" page. Originally a $21 shirt now closing-out for just cost of postage to US addresses. Size L and XL only while supplies last. Send check for $5 and your mailing address to Shefford Press, POB 4053, Crofton MD 21114.

Cheers from Alumni Coordinators

Charles Peterka (26/9/08)

Chuck Peterka here.

RAF Chicksands Charlie Team from 1967 till the end of 1970.

Early out to go back to college.

Grad Univ of North Dakota, Math, 74 and a bunch of other stuff. Now Grandpa and celebrating 33 years of wedded bliss.

See me at ChuckPeterka (at)

MoonMan says... HI !

Ned Crimmin (27/9/080

TO ALL: I finally got to put all the photos of Chicksands, London, the Henlow Air Show, and other areas, on three galleries at the Yahoo Site entitled ----- North of Watford, South of Bedford. Close to 80 photos from 1964 thru 1968. The site takes a bit of time to join, so please bear with it, I think you will enjoy all the photos. Ernie Robinson, thank you for the comments. I too loved my time in England.

Anyone that would like to have a cd disc of these photos at a high resolution can have them for just the cost of the disk and the postage. It will be my pleasure to add to the memories of a wonderful time for all. I would also love to receive photos from others of Chicksands, Shefford, Bedford, London, and other areas.

Thank You All,

Ned Crimmin

Chicksands Alumni 1964 - 1968

Maggie (3/9/08)

Hi Dan Spoon of Missoula Montana if you see this message please get in touch with me (lost your e.mail addy) P.s. con artists and stalkers need not respond!

Ernie Robinson (18/8/08)

I check this site occasionally and was just reading the entry by Ned Crimmin. I was at Chix from 1968-1972, but reading Ned's entry brought back a lot of memories. Great memories.

Anyone from Charlie Flight, 1968-1972, out there? I was a 202 working mainly in the S & W Center.

Robert Edlin (12/8/08)

Stationed at Chicksands in RAF from 1947-1948. Played in CSA Football team which won the Central Signals Area Final.

Names spring to mind are Brummy Powell, Taffy Morgan, Jock Lowe (Played for Shefford and Montrose).Cyril Guest, Percy Fulcher, Ginger Banks.

Anyone out there with memories

Bob Edlin Now living in Hertfordshire

Ned Crimmin (11/8/08)

From Sept 1964 thru late 1968 I was stationed at RAF Chicksands. Loved the assignment, the country, and most of all the people. I met many wonderful people in England. Ate many different foods, and visited many different places. It does not seem almost 45 years ago. I knew the Charman's, Golder's and others from Haynes. The most wonderful families you could not hope to have known. How we all mature over the years, to see all that happened in a different and more mature light, and understand that blame or excuses of an era in youth have no place in older age.

I remember my assignment to England as a sort of fantasy world when I look back on it. Like a really good dream.

What I remember, I REMEMBER: bowling at Lee West Lanes, and learning to like warm lager and lime, never did like bitter or stout, walking the river walk and being chased by mad swans, seeing my first Color TV in the window of a Bedford Shop, got our hair cut in Bedford, bought Mohair Sweaters I loved, walking the Bedford Market on the weekends, eating the wonderful fish-n-chips - with the tailings and lots of salt and vinegar and wrapped in real newpapers, shooting dart, and playing skittles, trying and not really liking Pork Pies (sorry), taking the train to London, being in Trafalger one New Years Eve, seeing Picadilli at night, playing at Battersea, eating Wimpy Bergers in the shadow of Big Ben and Westminister, actually walking across the REAL London Bridge and looking at Parliment, going to the Tower of London, seeing the Crown Jewels, and the suits of Armor, terrified while riding taxi back to the base from Bedford in the fog at unheard of speeds while the driver drove by the cats eyes, amazed at the blimp hangers, going to the RAF Henlow air show, running behind a fox hunt near Chicksands, and actually getting an 8mm film of the fox running across the access road between the top gate and the Bedford Road on Sandylane, amazed at the 1965 and 1966 Fete's at the Sands, watching the fields burn during the fall from the base theater roof, waiting each year for Rosetta to walk the river, Gene Vajgrt and I secretly getting into the cat-a-combs of the Priory and somehow coming out at the boat house, so there really was a tunnel guys, walking the beautiful Priory grounds, Gene, myself and others, starting out at the Elephant Cage, and going cross country coming out at the river then finally at the Priory, bad idea believe me, getting drunk and climbing the waterfall on base, teaching archery at the AYA on base, going to South-end-on-thr-Sea, walking the Shefford on a cold day, stopping at a small Pub and having a nice warming drink of port with very nice company, driving the Bright RED two door 1956 Chevy, that Gene Vajgrt and I owned, going the wrong way around a round-about, bet no one ever did that, huh???,watching the Mods and Rockers in Bedford, getting used to Mini Coopers, Moris Minors, Ford Anglias, and riding in a shift supervisors, HOT Mini Cooper, with a Lotus twin cam engine and dual 40 DCOE carburators, it road like a tank and went REALLY fast, getting to know Jim Skalski, Leon Rhoder, Bill Bedell, Bill Dowdy, Gale Kees, Victor Gibson, Warren Seeter, Bonnie Miller, Kathy Buttery, Danny Buttery, Buddah, and so many others, I wish I could remember.


Thanks to ALL of YOU for the Memories,

Ned Crimmin

Glynis Whitmee (22/7/08)

I am trying to find an old friend of mine who married Chuck Simonez who was based at Chicksands during the late 60s and seventies her name was Cristine Foulia they married in London before they went back to the states.

I would love to hear from them if any one knows of them please email me, thank you

Paul Folsom (16/7/08)

I was at Chicksands from Jan 84 to Mar 87. Those were great days.

Donald Hambright (19/6/08)


I was stationed at Chicksands 1951-1953 as an intercept operator. Played basketball with the "comets" which consisted of American and English. Married Thelma Simpkins from Luton on 9-21-1953, still together.

I am looking for Edgar "Red" Lautenheiser, Walter Shearer and Keith Riches.

Many thanks to the Bedford Borough for maintaining this site. I just located my teammate, Willie Bowen.

Donald Hambright 73731 Kathryn Circle, Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-568-4902 email

John Keenan (18/6/08)

just an update to my previous entry dated 4/5/08.

the name of the street where dale and my relatives john and janette hilliar lived was called lely close.not far from bedford public park.most residents there would have been u.s service families and i am hoping somebody out there will remember dale and her parents.the year would be about 68-69 i know its not much to go on but it would be something else to be in touch with her after all these years

JosephineTyers (9/6/08)

Hi would love to hear from anyone who remembers or knows AF14721222St/SgtJames Ronald Hill My son who now 38yrs of age ,has suceeded in his life ,same name has his papa on Birth certificate signed by his papa thinks of him lots, he also has son James 9yrs, James and wife Lisa were married in Las Vegas Chapel of Flowers,Lisa would love to meet James papa,i now live in Spain i would love Jim to get in touch,i live on my own but see my son regular have lots friends still do lots of traveling around Spain with my friend who also a widow, hopes someone who remembers me as i did work on Base love to hear from you Josephine /Jo

Paul Lindstrom (6/6/08)

I was stationed at the 7534th USAF Dispensary in Medical Supply from 1961-1964. Commander was Capt Preator (one heck of a Doctor and CO) at the time.

Probably the best duty of my career. I drove ambulance for something to do ferrying patients to Sth Ruislip Hospital and to Burdrop Park. Loved the driving and seeing some of the country side.

Married the sister of one of our civilian Nurses and later divorced.

Also had a strange occurance one night while on duty. 17th of the month I was in the office reading when I heard the emergency entrance door shut, rest of the doors were locked, and looked out and heard foot steps going down the hall to the clinic. I went looking for someone and found nothing. So I went back to the office thinking I was hearing things, moments later I hear the footsteps again and look down the hall and again no one but the door opens and closes. Rosetta maybe?? Did hear a lot of stories about her and some folks who said they saw her but generally it was after the club closed. Now I wonder if they actually did.

Had great time, did a lot of Pub crawling, learned to shoot darts, and met a lot of nice girls.

First quarters were in a quonset hut next to a brussel sprout field across the street from the chow hall, heated with a oil burning stove. Latrine/showers were across the street. Fun time.

Later we moved to new barracks across the street from the NCO Club.

Would like to run across more people stationed there at the Dispensary during the same time frame, 61-64

Paul Lindstrom
Retired AF

Carrie Stone (1/6/08)

Hello, I just returned from a visit to England where I lived from 1964-1967 while my father was stationed at Chicksands. I stumbled upon this site while looking for historical information about the base and thought I would list my father's name in case anyone wanted to get in touch with him. His name is Harvey Stone and he was a SSgt working in the communications field. Please feel free to email me since he doesn't have email access. Carrie Stone

Mike Butcher (23/5/08)

Nice to know Tim Bigalow is still about. I worked as a civilian at the base fire dept. 27 years all told. I saw a lot of changes, and a lot of good people come and go. Tim was one of my supervisors. Although now retired I think of the fond times I had working at RAF Chicksands The July 4th fetes, b.b.q's on weekends, the firemans' ball in the nco club. etc. etc Times gone but memories for ever.

Timothy A. Bigelow (15/5/08)

Other than the 4 SP's who work the last of the shift before the base was officially closed by the American, There was a group of individuals who watched ever one else leave while we remained behind. I was one of those lucky few. I served there between May 1991 to close in September 1995. I retired from Chicksands in December 1995, albeit the paperwork was handled by Lakenheath. I pass Chicksands several times a month these days and cannot go past without a thought for those who served there that I knew. My eyes require glasses and the hearing aid won't be long now, my weight is up and my hair is down, but when I pass the gates to Chicksands I feel like the military man I used to be. It was a pleasure to serve at Chicksands, I think all will agree. The base has changed so much since the British have taken over it is a shock when I visit. For those who used the "Elephant Cage" to find the place, well look for a tall mound of earth where it used to be as it was taken down years ago. I still live in England and enjoy the hospitality shown by my host country. I hope some of you will come back, visit and enjoy the same.

Hondo and Mona Stewart, Tom and I still ride together! Get in touch.

JOHN KEENAN (4/5/08)

In 1968 - 69 i visited my aunt jannette ,who was married to an AmericanServicman (staff Sergent) called John Hillier They lived offbase in the town of Bedford and had 2 children, Johnny and Yvonne. I was 11years old at the time and played with other children who lived offsight but who's fathers worked at the Base. I cannot remember the exact address but it was near Bedford Park possibly BrickHill. I am trying to locate a girl called Dale. We all played in the park and other names I remember were Edwin (whos mother was called Dot) and an American girl called Cathy.

I would really like to find out more about Dale and where she is now. i have some great childhood memories of that time and it would be great to reminisce. A shot in the dark hopefully someone out there will remember something from this time.


CHUCK CRAFT (17/4/08)



Gordon Ringer (16/4/08)

Assigned to the Readiness Office at the 7274 ABG Clinic from 1984-1987 with Doc Rivers, Smo, Davie Bauers, Tom Hodges and our unofficial medica, Bobby Sanchez. Great Assignment.

Tom Kirkham (7/4/08)

update of email back to

Eric Huesman (27/3/08)

Hello everyone! I was reminiscing about my tour at RAF Chicksands the other day and started doing a little internet searching on the old place. One link led to another and I found myself at this wonderful place. I served as an SP there from April 1994 until September 1995.  Not only was I one of the "Final 99" (I have my coin to prove it!) but three other SP's and myself were the last four American military personnel there. We literally locked the gates when we left! I remember some names and many faces and would love to hear from anyone else that may have served with me.

carl and joyce jesmer (21/3/08)

Just found this web site and enjoy very much. Was stationed @ chicx from 1969 to 1973. Spent most of my off time at the bowling alley. My wife Joyce bowled for the ladied base team. I also coached little league base ball . I was on 2167 dog flight, with big and little Testers as my supervisors. Would like to hear from anyone from those years tho remember us.

Carrie Harmon (8/3/08)

I'm looking for some 7274th Airbase Group info.


Marty Rogers (22/2/08)

Teletype Maintenance Technician with the 6950ESG from 1982 until 1986. Retired from USAF in 2000 and now living in Ontario, Canada.

Chicksands was the best assignment of my 20 year career. I met some amazing people and lived in Renhold most of the time I was there.

Keep the board up and going.....thousands (if not hundreds) of us remember RAF Chicksands with the fondest of memories. I personally met the lovely lady I am married to while assigned here and we now have three great children.

Very best wishes to all members of the Chicksands family.


Jerry Spencer (7/2/08)

I never made it to Chicksands, though, I knew some fellows who worked at the relay. I worked at a "RUA" comm center in Darmstadt 6910th SW and SG. I have a scan of one of the YDHA Bravo signs from one of our terminals. I was going to post as some point of interest.

B. B. (Andy) Andrews (28/1/08)

Greetings from Memphis, Tn.

I served at Chicksands twice: From 1950-1955 as an enlisted man, went to OCS (Class 56C) and then a second tour as an officer from 1962-1965.

Served as NCOIC, Teletype on first tour and then as Operations Administrative Officer from 62-65. Would be pleased to hear from friends from these eras.

Kudos to Bedford Borough Council for the website.

Andy Andrews
4000 Germanshire Cove
Memphis, Tennessee


Harry Foster (25/1/08)

Any teleprinter operators or wireless operators still alive and kicking who were stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1947 until the closure of the camp in December 1948

hutcheon (21/1/08)

I am trying to locate/find out about a man called Johnny Belcher based in Chicksand during 1942/43

He came from La Fayette(Spelling?) in USA

In information would be most welcome.

Thank you

Lynne Hutcheon

Margaret (17/1/08)

Hi there, I lived and worked in Bedford from 1971 - 1976 - in the Bernie Inn steak house on The High Street Bedford, a regular eating/drinking place for the guys from Chicksands. (I now live in the north east of England near to Newcastle on Tyne).

I lived in Foster Hill Road in Bedford.

My friends and I often used to visit the club at Chicksands where we had some great nights.

I met some really lovely people there one guy in particlular named Danny Lincoln Spoon - who could forget a name like that? we went out together for some time but alas all good things must come to an end I believe he went back to Montana and married his childhood sweetheart.

My friend Angela married a guy called Ed Rotzinger who went back to Pensilvania (excuse the spelling) the last I heard they divorced and Angela went to live in Henderson near Las Vegas, she married again but I have had no contact with her for a number of years.

Its a long shot but if anyone out there remembers me or any of the above mentioned people please get in touch.

Happy days!

Alex DeFazio 911/1/08)

RAF Chicksands 10/62 to 8/64 update to my e-mail address, also looking for Anne Reed of Bedford.

Robert A. Gwin SR (7/1/08)

I was stationed at the 7534th USAF Dispensary, near the Base Chapel, from June 1965 to Jan 1967. We went from "Quanset Huts" to a Nice Brick Barracks on the hill, next to the fense around the Base. I fully enjoyed my stay in England. My family descented from Wales, and any one can go to a search engine & see: "Castles of Wales" and "Gwydir Castle" and get a closer look at the Ancestral Home of the Gwin's, it "Sold for it's Taxes" a few years ago, & On the Outside, it still looks like a Castle! Inside, it's a "Bed & Breakfast" & a Wedding Chapel! I try to find people who are "Missing" and have been quite successful, "Some time"

anyone looking for "a Person who they believe to be living in the USA, can call me at 1-(918) 664-5147 or email me at one of 3 emails, all my old ones, are "NO LONGER ANY GOOD", CGwin@SBCGlobal.Net, and . I enjoy helping others, and the best part is, "I WORK FOR FREE"!, I found the Father of a British Lad, who had never seen or heard from his father. (His mother didn't know that she was "Expecting" until the Father had gone "Stateside", I found him in "Two Clicks" The first one, I found the Lad's Uncle, who gave me the Dad's Phone Number, & I called him, and "Broke the News to him" and gave him the email, of the "Lad" & I assume that they got together over the internet, & hopefully, one day in Person!

Note; Men are easier to find. FOr women, we need husband's Name, , or in a young person, the Dad's Name.(Or a Brother's) That way there is an outside shot that we can find them. Those who want to "Have a Go" at it themselves, the main web site I use (Because it's Free) is and also also, if you know an address on the Mainland, "across the Bigpond" from England.

God Bless You All! My Church, (Church College) (Directory) See OKLAHOMA, look for G's, and Robert A. Gwin Jr. & Sr. I'm Sr, aged 67, Jr is 34, and we're both Ministers. Look in the UK, to see if you know any one there who is a Minister in our church, the Universal Life Church Inc, Out of California. The Beetles were all Ministers in our Church.

Rev. Bob Gwin Sr.

(918) 664-5147  (SBC Global added an extra "n")


Tom Kirkham  (29/12/07)

It's good to see this site back up and running. We all hope that this will stop the nightmare you went through, that type of scum had several other sites shut down.


I did tours in Kirknewton and Chicksands in the mid 60s. Always glad to hear from anyone. The Video Ranch is still down, but Zan has his site back up. I have a few pictures on my home site TMKX4.COM look at the page marked AIRFORCE SS. Still would like to put some names with these people.

Would love to hear from LeRoy Meyers, he rotated from Chicksands to Thailand in or about 66. Old Man and a few of the folks down the hall have never showed up on a site, Dave Johnson married a great Scottish gal named Pat. I have a picture of myself and another gal from Scotland whose name I can't remember. Some of the pictures go back to Kessler.

Let me know if you know anyone or what became of them.

I still think of the Black Swan when I am out playing darts. KOTBQ ring a bell to anyone that hung out at the Black Quack.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

Any SASS members out there?????

David A. Minnery (27/12/07)

I served at RAF Chicksands from 1966-1968 in the USAF as a Morse Code Intercept Operator, 29251. I played a lot of softball on the base teams and also did a lot of traveling around England. After leaving Chicksands in the spring of 1968, I was sent to Udorn, Thailand, Ramasun Station. I finished my Air Force career there and then went back to civilian life in the spring of 1969. I would like to get in touch with others who served at Vhicksands at the same time.

Jacqui Fallowes (11/12/2007)

Hello, I work for Hertfordshire Youth Service and we would like to bring a group of young people (aged 13 - 19 yrs) to Chicksands RAF base next summer. Could you let me know if young people are allowed on site and what activities they could do.

Henry Higgins (10/12/2007)

I would like to hear from fellow Medics from the 7534th between 1965 and 1968.

Kevin Coppin (9/12/2007)

Stationed at Chicksands from 1983-1987. Worked in M.W.R. used to D.J. with Lilly at the N.C.O. club. Bob Pierce was my room mate and we still see each other. I am now in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Matthew Kohn (15/11/2007)

Chixnet message site is up and running again. Thanks to Zan!

D HILL (13/11/2007)

Goodbye from 'Miss Jenny'.

My Grandmother, know as 'Miss Jenny' to chicksands residents during the late 50's early 60's passed away last Thursday.

She worked as cook in the mess halls, and never tired of sharing her many great memories of her time Chicksands and the wonderful people she met there.

Jonathan (6/11/07)

Just wanted to ask if you could please note the NEW URL of my RAF Greenham Common website as follows below;

Many thanks

Dennis Hartsock (4/11/07)

I was stationed at Chicksands from 1978 to 1981. I was on Baker Flight but had many good friends on the Able Flight Animals. Just trying to re-establish contact and see if there are any plans for a future reunion.

David J. Paterniti (20/10/07)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksand from 1963 to 1965. If anyone remembers me I would like to meet some of my old friends. I was on Dog Flight and was a 29252.

18 Oct 2007


The Freedom Through Vigilance Assn (FTVA) National Capital Area Chapter together with Chicksands Alumni in the mid-Atlantic area are hosting a dinner meeting on the evening of 22 February 2008.

The location is the 94th Aero Squadron, a World War One-themed restaurant featuring early aviation artifacts and great food - a perfect venue for a gathering of USAF veterans. The restaurant is adjacent to the runway of the Nation's oldest continuously-operating airport in College Park, Maryland and is not subject to base security ID checks.

There will be a three-course dinner with choice of steak or broiled salmon entree, including red or white wine and dessert. The $36.00 per person full cost covers tax and gratuity. An after-dinner speaker will be announced when confirmed.

All former members of USAFSS/ESC/AIA/and subsequent descendant organizations are invited to renew old ties. Attendance is limited so don't wait to sign-up. Send an email to or lettermail to Chicksands Alumni, PO Box 4053, Crofton MD 21114 asking to be placed on the reservation list. Be sure to specify number of persons attending and a phone number where you can be contacted.

Watch for additional details sent to your email address or at this site -

Al Montanaro (13/10/07)

Was stationed at Chicksands from Dec 1963-Dec 1966.. Was part of te 2167th Comm Sq.. Wold like to get in touch with Rick Thompson -Rich Kirsch - Ron Boyles - Pat Gagne - George Sisson or any of the guys who were on shift with us.

Thanks for making this site available - so we might connect with old friends.

Al Montanaro
Altoona/Bellwood, PA

Robert Edwards (13/10/07)

I was posted to RAF Chicksands on two occasions, 1965-69 and again 1977-1981.

I would like to be added to your list and allowed access to the site.

Thank you

Bob Edwards
San Antonio, TX

David Lawless (8/10/07)


I was a PSA apprentice at Chicksand from 1982 to 87, after finishing my apprenticeship I work up at 600 for about a year before leaving and joining BT.

It would be great to hear from some of the people who remember me Richard Kiteley, Andy Davis and Chris Roberts to name a few, i'll never forget the good times we had working on Chicksands especially frightening the life out of the boss, involving a coffin found after Halloween (not real) and a hole in the ground at the Priory still laughing remembering the look on his face I think he thought Rosetta had come to visit.

I did work for a while with the fire crews so if any of them remember a 17 year old with long black hair let me know.

Dave Lawless

O J Fisher (29/9/07)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1965 - 1965 with the United States Air Force working with the Air Force Communications Service. It was definitely one of my favored assignments over a twenty year period.

At least once during my time there a few friends and I stationed ourselves on the lawn at the left of the Priory to attempt to catch a glimpse of Rosetta (never did). We had heard a story of an Air Police guard dog positively refusing to cross a small footbridge located in the vicinity of the Priory due to it once being used by Rosetta and her lover, no verification of course.

At any rate just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed being an extended visitor to your wonderful country.


Orlan J. Fisher

SSgt, USAF (Retired)

Bill Smith (11/9/07)

This is the perennial shot in the dark. Back in the 1968-1970 timeframe, a short, thin, pretty young lady named Glynnis (I don't recall her last name) from Arlesey would come to the Chicksands Airman's Club for band nights. She was a great dancer and very popular. My Dog Flight crew "adopted" her as one of our own. I've always wondered what became of her after we all left England. Does her name and description ring a bell with anyone?

Mike Butcher (3/9/07)

Message for Bill Grayson. I received your email, but before I could reply. I crashed and was only left with a blank screen. Now I am back, would you please resend the email regarding The model of the priory. Thanks Mike

Alex Houston (1/9/07)

Hi All...

I was at Chix (207X2 - Able Flight) between '86 and '89 and haven't posted in quite a while. Thought I would check the site and was pleasantly surprised to see that so many people are STILL keeping the memories alive. I would love to hear from others stationed at Chix and making memories during the same time period.

Billy Pemberton (31/8/07)

I have fond memories of the servicemen of Chicksands,in 1963 to 1966 I was placed in a Boys Home named St Francis which was situated a couple of miles down from Chicksands in a little village named Shefford,we were often invited to the base on supervised visits and would sometimes watch a movie,I also remember they once gave us a Christmas Party,to any of the Servicemen of Chicksands who made the effort to be so kind and take time to make us feel welcome Thank You Billy Pemberton

Ed Maloof (26/8/07)

Looking for Margaret Thompson. Chicksands (Bedford) 1958 - 1961

CHUCK CRAFT (25/8/07)





Steve Stevens (23/8/07)

Many thanks to the Bedford council for keeping this board alive. I like to check in from time to time. Was stationed at the Chix in 75-77. Visited in 95 soon before they decomissioned it. Cheers all!

Ron McNaughton (18/8/07)

Good to see so many people back on the Chicksands Link again. I sure most of you will remember me (Ron McNaughton), we were stationed at Chicksands (6950 Scty Gp/LGM (FLR-9 Maintenance) from 74 - Dec 80. My wife Carol worked at the Chicksands school in the cafeteria for five years. Dan Toloso, Bob Edwards and I (and several other helpers) coached the kids DYA football team at Chix's for several years. Plus our kids all played together on the same team and we won the UK championship one year.

After Chicksands, (Dec 80) we went to USAFSS Headquarters for a little over a year, got promoted and then shipped up to the 6981st at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. After spending eight years here in Alaska, I retired with 28yrs, 11 months. The chief's group was trying to send me back to USAFSS Hq, for my last year in the service, the boys were all in college up here, so I retired. Then immediately went to work the State of Alaska Court System maintaining all their electronics. carol worked at the First National Bank on Elmendorf AFB for 15 yrs. Carol and I are both semi-retired now, enjoying life traveling and enjoying the grand kids.

Again, it's good to see the link working again and get several E-mail addresses of old friends.

Keep in touch and send us an E-Mail.

Ron & Carol McNaughton

Steve Quinn (15/8/07)

Hello to all fellow Chicksands Alumni. I was there twice, 61-64 and 65-68.

Robert W. Edwards (15/8/07)

I enjoyed two tours at RAF Chicksands, 1965-69 and 1977-81. I was a 304X4, Radio Maint. type. I worked a lot on Charlie trick during the first tour and was NCOIC of Radim maint.1 during the second tour. My wife Trudy and I lived in Ampthill during the first tour where our kids, Mike and Connie were born. We lived down by the school during the second tour. Trudy did a lot of Red Cross work as well as Girl scout stuff. I helped out with the Boy Scouts as well as did some coaching of the boys football and baseball teams. In total it was the best 8 years of our lives. We go back every chance we get but I still hunger for hot fish and chips and a brown ale. Many thanks for getting this site back in operation!!

Norm Taylor (10/6/07)

Thanks for the site, nice to read messges from former Chicksands folks, was there from July 1954 to July 1958, lived in 4 differents housed in Bedford. Road with Tom Berlinski to work each day for couple years, rest of the time, took the double decker bus to end of Sandy land and walked up the hill to work. A fun time back when, only memories now and old fotos. also thank you Bedford Borough Council for the site

Billy J. Baker (8/8/07)

Glad to hear that the site is back up and more secure from the scammers. I was one of the early birds at Chicksands serving from January 1954 to November 1956. Always glad to hear from anyone from my era at the base to share memories.

Lucy Rhodes (3/8/07)

Marie Griffith (Whittikki) (2/8/07)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands on Able Flight from 1978-1982. I have been able to attend 1 reunion with my husband David Griffith in Maryland. We often wonder how our Chix friends are doing and the reunions are a wonderful way of catching up and reconnecting with "old" friends. Our time at Chicksands was an experience that can never be replaced; meeting new friends, and traveling in England and abroad. I notice that there are many web sites for Chicksands, but I'm not sure which ones are current or how frequently they are checked. It was saddening to hear the news that RAF Chicksands was closing, but the memories are still there. If anyone remembers us, please contact us at the email listed. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bobby Cooper (1/8/07)

I was stationed at Chix 76-81. It was a great time and I met a lot of great people, some of whom I still see on occasion. Hope this site can stay up and running. I look forward to sharing memories of the Air Force's most beautiful base.

Larry Abercrombie (30/7/07)

Decided to check out if any sites on Chicksands after finding out about Misawa Japan site. I was transferred from Misawa Japan to Chicksands. Was there Dec 70 - Nov 72. Dont know why but AF sent me there with only 1 1/2 years left on enlistment, but it did. Still keep in touch with a couple of guys from my flight.

Tom Robinson (29/7/07)

Nice to find this site, I was stationed at Chix 73-76. My wife Lyn Taught at the school and I was a 202 in the 6900 , later the 50th. WE have many great memories and made many lasting friends . Would like to hear from old chicx friends

Tommy and Lyn Robinson

Col Bill Smith (28/7/07)

Still searching for close friends Al MacDonald, Mike Caron, Mark Snow, Tim Barnette, and others from the 1968-1971 era 6950th Scty Gp Dog Flight. All of them were ditty-bops. Anyone have track on any of these guys?

Kaiser Thomas (18/7/07)


I remember Willie Stevens, Mark Dawson, Smitty from the gym and many more. I was there in 1987-1990. What a great place!

Jeffrey Ewing (26/6/07) that the website has become sane again I will provide my new email address. Hopefully a few early 1970's folks that I have lost touch with since the 2000 reunion will email me with updated contact information. I've back in Alabama since 2005 with my own video production business, producing commercials and historical documentaries.

Here is a long forgotten item I found in my Air Force personnel records file. A "Welcome to Chicksands" letter from an A1C Robert Randolph dated December 8, 1971. At that time I was about two weeks from leaving Goodfellow. Robert had been at Chicksands for a few months and was designated as my sponsor.

“Welcome to the Showcase of the USAFSS in Europe, RAF Chicksands. I have been chosen to be your sponsor for your stay here and will try to acquaint you with the base, its activities and the surrounding area. A little about the work and then I’ll go into the base itself. You will be working shift work, four swings, one day break, four mids, four days, and then the best part of the cycle three days of break. After the third cycle, you will fall into the routine; then you will only know what day of the cycle it is. The three days of break gives you ample time to travel around the country or just catch up on your sleep.

The base is small, even smaller than Goodbuddy. We are located about 45 miles from London, which is about an hour and a half by car or one hour by train. The base is quite pretty; hence the name: “Showcase of Europe”.

We have a BX that is quite small and not very good, but there are three fantastic BX’s located at Mildenhall, Lakenheath, and South Ruislip that you can easily get to. If you think the BX at Goodfellow is bad, wait till you get here. There is an eight lane bowling alley on base which is always in use. They have all kinds of leagues and if you are a bowler then you have it made.

The athletic program is quite good. There is an intramural and varsity program here. Each flight usually participates in the intramural league. The base varsity teams compete with other base teams in the UK and the rest of Europe; so, if you are a jock then you will really enjoy the sport program.

There is a theater on base but the shows are far from recent. I got here in August and I am still seeing the shows that were shown at Goodfellow in February and March. The theaters or cinemas, as the Blokes call them, in the English communities are quite good.

There is an Airman’s Club that costs a buck a month to belong to. I know it is better that the one at Goodfellow. They have a wide range of entertainment ranging from dancing, floor shows to strip shows. It is a good place to meet the British girls. I have never seen so many girls and do they have nice legs; but watch out because they will soak you for drinks.

The barrack life isn’t too bad and then again, it isn’t too good. You will be living two to a room which is great as it beats open bay living which I had at Goodfellow. Presently, some of the barracks are being fixed up and shouldn’t be too bad once everything is done. Just recently they started cleaning details which everybody hates. You will find out more about that once you get here.

The base is really hipped up on haircuts, shoe shines, and saluting officers in your civies. You will be pulling details up at work, in the squadron area and in the barracks. So you can see the situation.

That’s about all I can tell you about the base. Like I said, there isn’t much I can tell you that would not sound like a put on. Lets face it the life at Chicksands isn’t going to be all that great; no matter what they told you at your briefing. Keep a smile on your face.”

I don’t recall ever meeting Robert Randolph once I reached Chicksands; but I remember how much his letter deflated my expectations (a good thing). The day-to-day life of a first-termer assigned to the operations area turned out to be far from ideal but it sure beat field stripping a M16 or trying to get some sleep by counting RPG detonations instead of sheep.

Mike Butcher (22/6/07)

25 Dec 1937

Help wanted

When I left the Fire Dept at RAF Chicksands, I purchased a Royal Tara model of the Chicksands Priory. As I no longer want this, I have been trying to sell it on Ebay. There does not seem to be a category for this item. If you know if this can be listed under what heading please let me know. Some of you "younger" ones have a better grasp of these things. Thankyou

Mark Spurgeon (22/6/07

Hondo and Mona, I was looking for you contact info. This was the only lead I got. I hope all is going well.

Barry S. Jablon (21/6/07)

I was stationed at Chicksands from November, 1962 until December, 1965. I have connected with many of the airmen and Brits that I knew while stationed in England. Let's hear from more.

Bill Smorey (18/6/07)

How does one arrange a visit to Chicksands and the museum that established? I will be visiting the area for a couple of days in third week of August and have a couple of mementos I would like to donate to the museum. Thank you to anyone who can provide information.

Regards to all Chix alumni. Bill

laine Bruck-Zemanek (18/6/07)

Laine (1981-1983) - Anyone out there from this time frame? We have found a few of you but would love to find more of you! I worked as a chapel manager on base.

Sandra Simmering (18/6/06)

I am looking for a 7274th Air Base Group patch. I have a friend who was stationed there and is now retiring. I am putting together a shadow box and would really like to include this patch. If anyone has one they are willing to part with I would be happy to purchase it.

Matthew Kohn (15/6/07)

Does anyone know if the Chicksands gift store is still open?

Jim Hardiman (14/6/07)

I have a good memory of some of the U.S.Airmen who were stationed at Chicksands during the war. In Shepherd, about 3 miles from Chicksands there was an orphanage called St.-Francis Home. About 60 boys lived in this grim and dreary place. My brother and I came there in January 1942 I was nearly 7 years old.

The airmen from Chicksands used to visit us , sometimes coming with a sound movie projector and all the makings of a party, sometimes just dropping in with some candy bars and chewing gum .

They took the trouble to take an interest in us and I have always been grateful for that. There was not much to interest us in the orphanage and these visits were a highlight in our life.

After the war ended, in 1945 the U.S, Forces went back home ,but they did not leave us without a reminder of their generosity. We were given a large quantity of sports equipment,a nd they paid for an expensive new cooking stove in the orphanage kitchen to cook for the 60 boys and staff. This replaced the 65 years old existing stove. These men must be in their 80's now,but if any one who reads this comes across someone who was at Chicksands during the war tell them thank-you from Jim Harridan

Denny McCraw (12/6/07)

Thanks for working so hard to get this website going again

Valerie Volz (10/6/07)


Howard Aubrey (1/6/07)

So glad to see that this site is becoming active again. I ran the Base Safety Program from 1978-1981. I was active in the Top-4 organization, and have many fond memories of the Sands. My wife Sherry worked for the BX and ran the (I think it was called) Four Seasons store. Our sons Tim and Dennis attended base school at Chix. Hope to see a lot more activity here now that the spammer problem has been fixed.

Ron Bird (24/5/07)

I was at Chicksand from August 1973 to July 1978 as a teacher in the junior high. i taught history and math. I started the Knights of the Round Table at Chicksands for my students and it culminated at the end of the school year with a medieval banquet in the Priory. If anyone remembers any of the "Knights" or any other memories of the school, I'd be delighted to hear from them.

Today I am retired from teaching and live near San Antonio, Texas at Lake Medina.

Bill Barrett (16/5/07)

Nice site. Thanks for hosting it Bedford. I was at Chicksands in the early 90s. Would love to get in touch with Dave Shortt, Stuart McAuly, Pat & Natalie Brashear, and lots of others.

Bob Devine (15/5/07)

It's been a long time since I've posted on this site. Thanks Bedford Council for keeping this site going after all these years!

Was in the Ground Radio shop from '86-88. I'm still frequently in touch with Al Baker and Moira Mattingly. Spoke with Curtis Untalan a few weeks ago. I would definitely like to hear from Brad Armstrong, Mike Leavitt, Eileen Gleason, Doug & Mindy Jay, and Danny Glaza. Shoot me an email at rf_devine AT yahoo DOT com. BTW - I'm in the Washington DC area.

Hope to hear from any of you guys.

Bob Sakakeeny (10/5/07)

Was a 20270 at Chix 1963-66 on the "day lady" shift. Looking for Andy Smith, Cliff Harvey, Dave Smith and others who were there at the same time. Memory is fading, so looking for those who might remember more than I.

Ernie Robinson (8/5/07)

Thanks to the Bedfordshire folks for getting the site back up. Was at Chix from 1968-1972 on Charlie flt as a 202 working in the S & W Center. As you can tell from my email address I lived in Cotton End. Have some great friends from the village, Roy and Rachel Edwards who visit us often. Anybody from Charlie Flt from that era out there?

barbara kermack (28/4/07)

Hi,Im trying to trace June Scott ,she is scottish but lived in Chcksands approx;late 1960's. She married someone in the usaf and went to the u s. She had a daughter named Michelle.Does anyone know who she married? Thank you,Barbara.

Tom Kirkham (20/4/07)

Thank you for fixing the spammers and bringing back this board, I hope more people will start coming back. tk 66/67

Scott Hidy (16/4/2007)

Well, it is so nice to see this site back up minus all of the spam.

I was at Chicksands from 1976-1978. I was with the Security Police. Remember many weekend nights working the main and lower gates and seeing everyone coming to the clubs at the base. When I first got there, the Annex was the place to go. Until they tore it down for a cafeteria.

Then everyone migrated to the NCO Club. I had many good nights there also and met many good people both American and from the U.K.

After I left and the sent me to "why Not Minot", I wished I could have stayed for a few more years.

I have lost contact with most everyone that was there. But, I would always love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I know after all these years, it is easy to forget people.

But, in my mind, I remember a lot of the faces and a lot of names also.

So, please send me a note if you do remember.

Matthew Kohn (8/4/2007)

Hopefully this wonderful site will be restored for all to enjoy again.

Webmaster - Bedford Borough Council (8/1/2007)

I apologise for the problems we have been experiencing with these pages regarding being attacked by spammers. We are currently investigating methods of stopping this occurring. In the meantime I will be monitoring the pages and removing any unwanted content.

TOM HENDERSON (25/12/2006)

test message (24/12/2006)
From kentucky
This is a test. All I can see on messages that have been posted is a string of URLs. No message, just a long string of what appears to be URLs. Is anyone else seeing this?

Harold (Eddie) Thurston (23/12/2006)
From Detroit, Michigan
I was stationed at the Sands three times,starting in the early sixties up
to the seventies, I am seventy four now but
there still might be some people who remember me. Drop me an email.


derrick boyden (12/12/2006)
From boyle, co roscommon
I have been trying to find BILL STONER who was stationed at chicksands at around 1973 we used to go round the local pubs playing darts and at the time i lived in stotfold. If anyone knows of him or his where abouts please let me know. Seeing the pictures of chicksands brought back good memories of the Rod and Gun club also the july 4th celebrations. celebrations.

Laura (7/12/2006)
From Northampton,

I lent my book to a young Scots lad (+/-26 years) named John (surname unknown) when Johns pal Steve was lodging with me. John, who lives and works at the Army Barracks in or near Bedford, has refused to give my book back to me for over four months now.

Normally, I wouldnt bother, but this book called "Warlock" was signed by the author, Wilbur Smith,and the message is a Happy Birthday wish to me. I would really like that book back - anyone who knows this chap, John (whom I trusted implicitly when I lent the book to him)please let me know how to find him.

All I have is his mobile number

John - 07914 291 590.

I have even left messages for him saying I will come to Bedford and collect the book, or pay its postage back to me, I dont care if its a bit torn or grubby (was in pristine condition!) I just really want my book back.

I would be greatful for any help, an address, a landline number, a post-code, a point in the right direction to find him - anything! I dont even know his surname.

Best regards

From livingston, scotland
does anyone recall a group named the Versatiles? If so please get in touch,Iknow Tom Pointer who sang with the group 1963-65, from Chicksands.Thanks.

Colonel Bill Smith, USAF (Ret.) (29/11/2006)
From St. Petersburg, FL
Just checking in with a new e-mail address. We've moved from Kyiv, Ukraine (AmEmbassy Kyiv) to sunny Florida to put down some roots. Former 20371MA on Dog and Able (6950th Scty Grp) flights spanning '68-'73

Diane Sanchez (27/11/2006)
From Arizona
I set up a Yahoo group for RAF Chicksands seeing as the other message boards are down (temporarily I hope).

The only requirement is approval to join, which as long as you aren't spamming, you will get in.

You can post messages, photos, files, polls, etc. there.

Cheers, Diane

leona herod (25/11/2006)
From Healdsburg , Sonoma
I was at Chicksand 81-83 the only female firefighter.

Are any of you aut there that know me???

Lanie, David Smith, Robert Thomas, Bill, Jeff, and the many more whos names I do not remember, its from meopause.

Maureen (23/11/2006)
From Bedford, UK
Have loved looking at your site.
My husband was the village "Bobby" stationed at Shefford for a time.
He covered the Base too.
We were lucky enough to enjoy many evenings at Chicksands and several 4th July Celebrations.
My first taste of a Hot Dog,American style!
The welcome we had was awesome,everyone was so friendly.
God Bless You All!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Tom Kirkham (28/10/2006)
From Phoenix, Arizona
Does anyone know why the videoranch is down.

janice (23/10/2006)
From Bedfordshire
Does anyone out there remember a girl call joyce chalkley from Luton around the 1950's. would love to hear from you....

Alexander DeFazio (23/10/2006)
From Gulfport, Mississippi USA
Stationed RAF Chicksands 1962 - 1964. Looking for Carol Whalen, Carol Wood, and Anne Reed, like to say hi after all these years.

Robert (Ash) Ashley (17/10/2006)
From RAF Croughton, UK,
Greetings all "Final 99" members. I was the NCOIC Graphics in the photolab from 1990 - 1995. I started my career at chicksands in the 1367th Audio Visual Squadron, OL-F (Combat Camera) under MSgt Dennis Jennings. Later the unit was "Stove-piped" into the 7274th Communication Squadron. The time I spent at the Sands was one of the best in my Air Force career. Two years ago I was lucky enough to get another special duty assignment to RAF Croughton. It's almost like the Sands, but still not the same. If there any Public Affairs staff from that era, I would love to hear from you. (Skinner, Garfallo and Somerville) Cheers,

Thomas Kirkham (11/10/2006)
From Phoenix,

Beverley Loche (4/10/2006)
From Bedford.Beds, Minneapolis,Mn 55407
I used to go to Chicksands back in the day with my girlfriend to party and have a fun time dancing I dated a guy from there called Richard Ross nickname Rick. He was very tall and handsome and when he left he was dating a white girl Called Beverley my name. I was lucky that this one day that I was out I ran into Beverley and she said that she was waiting for Rick and I looked up and there he was he gave me a hug and told me that he was leaving tommow I said good-bye and walked off. If anybody remembers Rick and his friend Joe they shared a doom room together if anybody know send me an e-mail.
Thank You.

lee gale (4/10/2006)
From Henlow, Bedfordshire
I would be very interested to hear from anyone who knows anything about
Jack Fratellio based at Chicksands in between 1942 - 1950. He was an american italian.

I am specically interested in anything to do with his USAF service history. I would really like to know of his role during the war.

Can anyone help.

Kirsty McNee (now Smith) (30/9/2006)
From Buffalo, MN, USA
I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1981 until 1984 as a public affairs specialist at the 7274 ABG Public Affairs office. I knew many people and am curious as to what happened to them in the years since leaving the Sands. Some of the folks that spring to mind include Dave Smith, Bill Martin, Jeff "Snuffy" Smith, Mike Reynolds, Frank Jenkins, Katie Brownlow (Bankert), Leona Herod, Nata Zavala, Barry Miron, Gail Fitzsimmons, Chris St. Germain, Sandy Johnson, Bill Simmions, and so many, many more....

I am also interested if anyone has old pictures or memories of (now dead) friend, Phineas "Phine" Williams who worked in the packing and crating section of transportation for 4 years from 1978 or 1979 until 1982 or 1983.

Get in touch if you have any news!

Cheers, Kirsty

Thomas Topa (30/9/2006)
From Miami, FL

muriel manning (nee jones) (19/9/2006)
From berwick, northumberland
My mum was a WAAF wireless op' at Chicksands Y station 1944.

She'd like to hear from anyone who was there with her.

mick manning
mickmanning at

Josephine Tyers (18/9/2006)
From cantoria 04850, Spain
anyone who remembers staff sargeant james hill his son would love to hear from him his name is also james ronald hill he would be proud of him also our good friend jesse hill i did go to see himm in san antonio in 1980 but have lost contact i did work on base same time 1968 1970

Josephine Tyers (18/9/2006)
From Cantoria 04850, Spain
I Would Like To Hear From Anybody From 1969 To 1972 Who Remembers Staff Sargent James Hill Our Son is Now 36 Just Like is Dad He Would Love To Meet Him He Lives In England He Would Be Proud Of Him Also Jesse Hill I Believe Lives In San Antonio Texas I Worked On Base New Lots Of People Would Love To Hear From Anyone Who Remembers Me Am Retired To Spain

Bob Smith (11/9/2006)
From Chicago, Il
Sgt. USAFSS, 203 Russian linguist, '71-72 Chicksands alum. Now a criminal defense lawyer/writer. Still wish I hadn't gotten so drunk on my last date with Priscilla Johnson of Bedford. What a girl!I'da married her. Hope my wife doesn't read this.


April Brown (9/9/2006)
From Shefford, Bedfordshire
Looking for information on "Pat" Garrat, or Thomas Marvin Garrat, who served at Chicksands in 1953. His address at that time back home in the USA would have been- 116 East Cedar Street, Rawlings WYOMING.
Any information would be gratefully received! Thank you.

Marie Williams (31/8/2006)
From Hove, Sussex
My Grandfather was Bernard Egan Bishop who i believed worked with Denys Felkin at chicksands during WW2 . Bernard later became Captain for the intelligence corps in 1951.
Anyone who remembers anything about my grandfather would be truly appreciated to create my family tree.
Please feel free to email.

Robert Cheney (28/8/2006)
From warwick, ri
Looking for anyone from 1978-1980. My dad was Robert Cheney and he was on Baker
Flight. I, regretfully, was involved in the Bookstore Break-in at the time.
My buddy and I kicked the door in and proceeded to take a copy of every comic
book there as well as some nudie magazines. Visit my <a href="">site</a>
cheneys at

Kerry Brown (26/8/2006)

I was at Chicksands from 83-95. Worked in the Club and R&G, DJ'd aslo as Roadrunner doing rock and oldies.
Tons of good memories, just found some tapes of TC and Kaabar at the international club and TC's last all-nighter from September 88!

Drop me a mail if you remember me.

Don Spangler (24/8/2006)
From Kelseyville, Ca.
I was at Chicksands 1954-1958..Worked in the AIO Section as a Carpenter. Married Julia John in Dunstable in 1956. We met in Luton in 1955. Best Man was Frank Sinick.

Gillian Waller (8/8/2006)
From St Neots, Cambridgeshire
I am looking for Daniel Harris who i belive lives in the bedford area, I worked with him at telecom express.He is about 25 years old.

Elaine Kozanitis (15/6/2006)
From Pacific, King County Washington
I was at Chicksands from 1987 to 1990. I posted once before but that is an old, unused email address. Wanted to give an update.

franni (31/5/2006)
From bristol, ct
I am hoping that someone will remember if a horace goodwin served at any of the bases in scotland between 1940-1950..I dont know which unit or what rank if any...horace and his wife (name unknown)adopted a baby girl and named her veronica teresa goodwin..she was born feb 12th 1947 and adopted around 1947/48 via st teresa's abadour..I've been searching for 35 years and fell onto this site accidentally...if anyone knows of a way I can trace their whereabouts or movements at that time without a service number I'd appreciate an email from you asap..please subject it finding horace..thank you

barbara kermack (16/5/2006)

Im looking for anyone who recalls Thomas Pointer,he came down from Kirknewton to Chicksands in June 1963 and was a apr comm cen specl;739. 2167 comm sq; any info is appreciated.Thank you.

Rick Watkins (11/5/2006)
From Atlanta, Ga

I just found this site. I was stationed there from 76 to 79.

Joseph McGill, Jr. (17/4/2006)
From Charleston, South Carolina
Stationed at Chicksands as a Security Policeman from 79 - 81. Great years!!

JACKY WALTERS (14/4/2006)


jacky walters (14/4/2006)
From west bloomfield , michigan

barbara kermack (4/4/2006)
From edinburgh, scotland
Does anyone recall an africanamerican guy named Troy Pointer? He left Kirknewton,Scotland to go to Chicksands in 1963,If anyone can recall anything about him ie; job title, rank or the state he came from, in fact anything that could help me find could they please email me?

margaret frost akacampbell (26/3/2006)
From albany, ny usa
hi everyone just browsing thru was trying to contact some people from the past 1985 1987 rod mcdonald, al smith, aka smitty, perette dillard, aka ice,zac any info please contact me thank you,

Rich "Oley" Olechna (25/3/2006)
From Exeter, Pennsylvania
Was Stationed at the Sands from 1968 to 1971. Worked on Baker Flt. as an 292x1. Was the roomate of John Bonich and Cliff "chico" Chichowicz. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from that time. In search of Chico and the Bone. If you have heard from them let me know.

Bill Lowery (9/3/2006)
From Denver, Colorado
I was stationed at Chicks in 1975-1976
working as an X2. I left there for
the Air Force Academy just after the
'76 4th of July picnic. I've been back
to the area several times on various
business trips. Spent most of my time
at Chicks hanging out at was was the
the Falstaff in Bedford. It now is called
something else.

Would like to make contacts from anyone
that I might have come across with there.

Willie. C Bowen (9/3/2006)

Keith Riches worked at Vauxhall Works Luton.

Willie C. Bowen (9/3/2006)

My Email is

Willie C. Bowen (9/3/2006)
From West Columbia, SC
My name is Willie C. Bowen ( AF 14381322). I was stationed at Chicksands frome June 1952-June 1955. There was a basketball team called " Luton Comets" that played teams from Bedfordshire, Luton, and other areas. Some memebers of the team were frome England and Some from the Airforce.

Keith Riches- Luton
Mareen (wife)
Don Hambright- AF
"Red" Lautenheiser-AF
Would you please let me mknow if you have nay information on any of theses people or let them know how to contact me.

Willie Bowen
1009 Lakewood Dr.
West Columbia, S.C. 29171

Phone-(cell) 803-960-0434

Willie C. Bowen (9/3/2006)
From West Columbia, SC

CHUCK CRAFT (7/3/2006)



North Of Watford (South Of Bedford) Yahoo! Group for all with links to Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, including RAF Chicksands. Please visit us at:

Katrina Errington (7/2/2006)
From Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Im just wondering if anyone can help me. My father is an American called Ricky Patterson. He was stationed at Chicksands when I was concieved in 1974. I am really intregued to know if anyone remembers him or knows how to contact him. I would just like to get in touch again.
Thanks in advance if you can help me, or know of a good website that will find him x

Paul Smith (4/2/2006)
From Cirencester, Glos
My visits to close family friends 1970s stationed at chicksands were some of my most treasured memories. Still keep in touch with a few back in the states. so sad to hear chicksands as i remember it is no more. One person never forgotten is Donna Marie Bourque, in her teens as i was then she will always be very special to me.If she is out there! drop me a line.

Jay Meikle (24/1/2006)
From San Antonio , TX
77-79 Able Animals. What a time it was, it was a transition from living with mom and dad and highschool to living on your own and experiencing it others going thru the same. I enjoyed every min of the two years stationed there...remember many names and faces....if you remeber me drop a line/email some time.

David Armentrout (23/1/2006)
From Mechanicsville, Virginia
Hello to all my mates from Baker Flight. I was an X-2 from August, 1968 through October, 1971.
I have not posted anything on this site in several years but I hope this finds everyone well. Thanks to Danny Pugh, I'm back in touch. Danny and I had dinner together with our brides just this last Saturday. Please let me hear from you if you know me. TA

Danny Pugh (5/11/2005)
From Richmond, Virginia
Jim - sorry about the e-mail address. It is supposed to be .net NOT .com What did you do on Baker Flight? I was a 202. I roomed with Bob Gallagher when I was at the dormitory. Other people were Jeff Needles, Darrell Gardner, David Sullivan, David Armentrout, Ed Gifford, Jim Clampett, John Bolt, Cecil Hankins, Lou Meyers, John Sharron, Steve Williams .... need to hit "refresh" here, can't remember any others at the moment.
Danny Pugh

Jim Hart (1/11/2005)
From Richmond, Texas

Have tried several times to reach you at your listed email but have been unsuccessful do to failure to deliver. Was at the Sands same as you and on Baker Flight. Name is familiar can't put a face to it thought. If you see this contact me at the listed email.


Steve Michael Boscarino (30/10/2005)
From Richmond, New Hampshire
I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from September 1976 to July 1978. It was the most memorable and romantic time of my life in the United States Air Force, probably in my entire life. I think of this time with so much emotion. Some names are faded from my memory but the ones that stick out most are my former supervisor, SSgt Willie "Jack" Jackson and Colonel Jackson, base commander. SSgt Latham was another one of my supervisors; he kinda reminded me of David Bowie. But the one person who embedded and emblazoned a spot forever in my heart was my unforgotten love of that period in my life, Elaine C. Miller, Airman First Class. We were in the Security Police/Law Enforcement Squadron. I'll never forget the priory and the stories of hauntings, those nights standing on the main gates in the middle of the night with the fog rolling in and listening to the Moody Blues and Boston. If I could relive those moments again, I would. Several English gals come to mind, I shall never forget, there names were Jill Ball and June Burley; I wonder whatever became of them. Those were unforgettable times. God Bless to All...I miss you!

Karl Dahlin (15/10/2005)
From Norfolk, Virginia
My dad was stationed there (OSI) from about 85-88. I was 10-ish. Lived down the street from Angela and Jessica. Was in scouts on base with Joe and Matt Guidotti. Elvis Nubie lived a few blocks from me- best friend. Played soccer with Coach Carl. They let us play in the british league. Always lost. Andre scored a goal and it was like we won the season. Hah hah. Used to ride bikes to the Burger Barn and play the arcade games near the MTV video machine. I lived next to the bridal path (queens way). RIght out back was the ball field and newarby was the school where I went to fourth grade. Mr. Pendleton. He made us learn to serve Tea. I hate tea to this day. Wow, so much to remember!

Danny Pugh (11/10/2005)
From Richmond, Virginia
I was a "202" Baker Flight 1969-1972. Retired, now. Finally have time to look up friends from that time. I drove the big black 1953 Daimler Consort Saloon. I was the one who hung my gold painted chukar boots between the two water towers up by the dorms a few days before I left. John Sharron was my "watch-dog" for that venture! Anyone out there from that era?

barbara kermack (10/10/2005)
From scotland , uk
trying to locate Troy Pointer who was in Chicksands in the early 60s.Any info welcome.Thanks.

Hondo Stewart (6/10/2005)
From Wilmington, Ohio
Hey, looking for Tim Bigalow...I was there 92-95 anyone know his whereabouts?
Mona says Hi !

Margaret Porter (26/9/2005)
From South Shields, Tyne and Wear
I came across the Chicksands website by chance and it brought back so many good memories of over 30 years ago when my friends and I used to visit the camp for the evening. I used to live and work in Bedford (the Bernie Inns steak house in the High Street) Does anyone remember Ed Rotzinger from Pensylvania? he married my friend Angie Cooper, they have since divorced and remarried other partners now. I also remember one Danny Lincoln Spoon from Montana. HAPPY DAYS!!

Jon (Wayne) Hobbs (16/9/2005)
From Pennsylvania
Would enjoy hearing from able trick friends from '66-69
anyone who played golf at John O'Gaunt or Letchworth
Anyone who remembers our flght trips to Stratford-on-avon, Aviemore, or Coventry

let me know

Richard Schwing (26/8/2005)
From Orlando, Florida
I am a real old timer. I was stationed at Chicksands from Jan. 64 to Jan. 67 6950th Security Wing Baker Flt. I tremendously enjoyed my tour of duty there I was last there in June of 96, but of course the US Air force was no longer at the base. I would love to hear from any Chicksands Alumni from my era. Thanks

John Torrez (25/8/2005)
From Annapolis, MD
Stationed at Chix from 1977-1979. 6950th Able flight until my last six months when I went on Easy flight. I remember my sponsor's last name as Hamilton. I remember before my family joined me, my roommate was Dave Antley. Off base, we lived in Bedford and I can remember my landlord, Mr. Rigby's address as 78 Hookhams Ln. Renhold, Bedford (why I can still recall that, I have no idea). Anyone out there, drop me a line and say 'hello'. Cheers!

nicholas burtch (25/8/2005)
From keflavik, iceland
My father was stationed at Raf Chix during the time period of 90 thru 93. i'm now in the air force and was wondering where all my friends from those good ole days are? i wish the base were still open because i would have loved to be stationed there. i really enjoyed looking at old pics and seeing the priory and Rosetta. i hope new pictures are coming soon.
SrA Nicholas J. Burtch

Brenda Owens (24/8/2005)
From Newark, Delaware
I forgot to mention that I was in the 6950th on Dawg flight (Grasty) during my 1978-1980 tour at Chicksands. I wonder where Mary Dancy Mason is? Nadine Edgerson Farley? Mary was my first roommate when I lived in Fox Dorm and Nadine was my second roommate. I was also in the 6950th during my 1986-1990 tour. (Able Flight) Lived in new base housing on Tyler Place. The last babysitter we had before PCSing was Kim Teran. She was wonderful.

Brenda Owens (23/8/2005)
From Newark, Delaware
I was at Chicksands twice 1978 to 1980. I was then Brenda Grasty. Ran track for the base team. I enjoyed my tour and enjoyed it the second time from 1986 to 1990. I was then Brenda Johnson. I remember Bedford, Shefford, Haynes, Hitchin, Luton, etc. I loved going to Picadilly circus in London. I remember Alton Towers, Blackpool, Heathrow Airport-driving on the left side of the road-the wheat bugs every summer-driving up to Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Croughton, Upper Heyford, Bentwaters, Greenham Common etc. A lot of these bases are closed now. I remember the Point-a nice movie theater. I forget where it was located, but it was nice. So many memories.

Melvin Davis (17/8/2005)

I was stationed at RAF Chicksands, from 1975 thru 1979, Security Police Law Enforcement, I truly enjoyed the tour there met alot of good english friends, guys and gals, if there is anyone out there that may have been there during that time and remember the wild and good times on the disco nights at the NCO club drop us a line, say hello,

Susan Cox Barnett (10/8/2005)
From San Angelo, texas
Iam looking for my son Reece stephan who was adopted in 1961 By Capt. Nickerson or Nickolson who was stationed @ chicks in the late 50,or early 60,s if anyone remembers him please contact me. Susan or irene

Jim Yarnell (27/7/2005)
From Weatherford , Texas
RAF Chicksands from 1972-1974 Played QB for the Fighting Chicks All UK QB in 1972.

Angie Taylor nee Studman (3/7/2005)
From Owhata Rotorua, New Zealand
I now live in New Zealand but I used to live in Hitchin Hertfordshire then moved to Henlow Bedfordshire.
Several members of the armed forces stationed at Chicksands lived near us and I would love to make contact with any one of them.
Gail & Al Fichter from Texas
Master Sergeant James Legget although it was his children I knew
Felix Cosme I believe still lives in Stotfold
As children in the 1940s-1960s we spent many happy hours on 'Base'
My late father Billy Studman used to take his dance band to the base to entertain the troops in the 40s-50s.
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers either him or knows of the people I have mentioned
Thank you Angie

kent huffman (22/6/2005)

anyone out there that was working at the USAF CLINIC from 1981-1984?

Randy Rodelo (2/6/2005)
From Pasadena, CA
I am looking for anyone from 7274th ABG that was in Charlie Flight. I have contacted some other members but want to know if anybody else is on the web site. It's good to talk to the Sands Alumni.

I am also trying to contact Tracy Agnew a good friend from the Sands day's, but the e-mail listed indicated it was no good... does anybody know how to get a hold of her...

Also looking for Donald (Don) Duncan, who was in the Comm Squadron on the Hill from '82-'84. He was from Orange County area and grew up in So Cal. Would love to talk to him and see what is going on....

Hope to contact some of the Sand's Alumni...



3101961 LAC Foster H (26/5/2005)
From Manchester, U.K
are there any ex RAF and WAAF wireless operators and teleprinter operators who were stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1947 till December 1948 when the station closed to RAF personnel and was then later used by the American Forces.

Many happy memories of this station and trying to snare the pike which swam in the stream running through the camp and picking the chestnuts for roasting on the hut stoves.

joannepeters (24/5/2005)
From hinesville, georgia
hello again, i had forgotten to mention that i was a nanny at chicksands for thehill family in 88, i stayed at chicksands untill 91or 92, i would like to get hold of my good friends who at the time were in high school, i was in 88 18,my freinds are tracy short<her step father who was in the milatary is chuck short>, the last time i heard she was in colorado, nicole perkins, her mother in 88or89 was incharge of the restrant in the n c o if u have anyinformayion, email me,

joanne peters (24/5/2005)
From hinesville, georgia
yes hello, i used to be a nanny at chicksands for some of the military, i had a few friends there, chicksands was a really nice base, and i had good memorys there , and some good friends, do u think chicksands will ever reopen to the u.s military again?

George Montague (20/5/2005)
From Minchinbury, N.S.W.
Jerry: That Able Trick picture was posted by me, at one time I worked for Jones, it was after I left D/F.

Tom Kirkham (15/5/2005)
From Phoenix, Arizona
Good memory Jerry, I have a pic posted on my site at (go to AIR FORCE)of a trip to Gordons Gin in London. So far no one from 66/67 has come up with any names. They must have old-timers and can't remember or had to much Gin that day. Best of

gerald w (jerry) markle (9/5/2005)
From jacksonville, florida usa
on the chixnet/gallery page the first picture is titled " able trick, chicksands 1951". i was in that trick and have an identical photo. i also have one taken prior to this photo, but it is missing the first person shown on the left side. in the first photo there we're 10 sitting, 7 squatting and five standing.

my recollection of the names is as follows (left to right):

1) unknown
2) myers
3) jones (trick chief)
4) pickett
5) harris
6) haage
8) simon
9) davis
10)symons (id)
12)fogg (asst t/c)
13)adams (tn)
14)martin (tn)
15)reeds (ca)
22)markle (yours truly) (wv)
23)king (md)

i may have incorrectly identified some of these, but i'm reasonably sure i've got them right.

hope this is of interest.

gerald w (jerry) markle (9/5/2005)
From jacksonville, florida usa
on the chixnet/gallery page the first picture is titled " able trick, chicksands 1951". i was in that trick and have an identical photo. i also have one taken prior to this photo, but it is missing the first person shown on the left side. in the first photo there we're 10 sitting, 7 squatting and five standing.

my recollection of the names is as follows (left to right):

1) unknown
2) myers

George Montague (2/5/2005)
From Minchinbury, N.S.W.
This is a message for Don Hudak.

I was also at the Sands from 51/53 and the TSgt. promoted to WO was Max Hawkes. Also I think you are talking about Ray Baluh who went through radio school with me in 1950 and flew with me in Vietnam in 68. He married a local girl and she lives in San Antonio now. Ray and I along with around 20 others arrived in April 51 and were housed in the 3 huts between the messhall and the road leading down to the RAF area. I am in contact with Dick Stranahan who came over from Germany with the first group. Was in contact with Ed Wiggens who was one of the first officers assigned but he passed away last year. There are not many of us around now but it is nice to hear from one of the early birds. AFter my 2 years at the Sands I spent 3 years in Scotland at the 37th/6952nd.

JOHN C. STANTON (25/4/2005)

Joseph A. Kessler (20/4/2005)
From Luton, Bedfordshire, England
USAF Retired. I spent 11 years at RAF Chicksands between 56/76. Enjoyed everyone of them. I retired here in 1976. Worked in England until I reached 65 in 2003 and retired here. If anyone remembers me and would like to get in touch please feel free to do so.
Joseph A. Kessler

Chicksands Alumni & Friends (15/4/2005)

Don Hudak, USAF Retired, (1951-1953) has contacted the Reunion Coordinators and is seeking information about folks from the early days. He reports that he and 3 other young men from his high school in Mt Pleassent PA were all stationed at Chicksands during the early days. I believe I understood him to say that none of them were aware that the others were coming over to Chicksands until they all showed up.

He is still in touch with Ray Henry who now lives someplace in Florida, Ed Sistek who still lives in Mt. Pleasent. The 4th amigo was Ray Ballow (USAF retired) who is now deceased.

Mr. Hudak remembers a young Tsgt who was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer during 1951 - he can't remember the fella's name but remembers knowing him from those days. Mr. Hudak remembers living in the huts and was one of 200 USAF personnel stationed at Chicksands during the very early days. He thinks he remembers Ambrose Jackson (Jack)....and hopes that as his Chicksands conversations continue that he will remember more people and events.

Mr. Hudak is hoping to catch a hop to England in time for the reunion. He has not been back since the days of his Chicksands assignment.

If you wish to contact Mr. Hudak - please send an email via or leave a message on one of the web message boards.

Chicksands Reunion 05 Coordinators (15/4/2005)

recent reunion updates at

Valerie Willis Lawrence (10/4/2005)
From Fallon , Nevada
Its great looking at all these old memories. I am in particular trying to reach an old friend of mine. Her name was Rita Morrow. We were both on Baker Flight of the 6950th from 1979-1981. I used to be quite a runner. I'll never forget my first run to Bedford--I was so proud!

Elizabeth Ainsworth (30/3/2005)
From Widnes, Cheshire
I was sorry to here the Yanks had left Chicksands! I thought they were there for good. I was invited to a Christmas party there in 1991. My Fiance was stationed at local RAF Henlow and many of his wing had tickets for the 'do'. It was one of my most favourite nights of the 90's apart from the night my son was born, which occured 9 months after the Chicksands party! What I managed to see of RAF Chicksands was amazing, it was like going abroad. We had to convert our pounds to US dollars before we could buy our bottles of Budwieser from behind the bar.

barbara kermack (29/3/2005)
From livingston, west lothian
hi im trying to locate an old friend troy pointer he was at chicksands and kirknewton early 60s.any info much appreciated.

Diana (Mossey) Sanchez (22/3/2005)
From Sierra Vista, AZ
It is with great sadness I am posting the passing of my father, Phillip Mossey, this week on March 15th. He was Fire Chief at RAF Chicksands from 1985 to 1990. He was a great man, a wonderful father.

Chicksands Reunion Coordinators (12/3/2005)

Please visit to read Ambrose Jackson's account of life at RAF Chicksands in the early days. A photo of Ambrose (Jack) is posted there to prove he wrote the article....I don't know for sure but I recall something about his having snuck in a camera into the facility and taking a self photo - could the photo posted be that same one.....hum...I wonder. Judge for yourself.

Reunion plans are still being formulated - we hope to have some major reunion announcements for pubishing by April 5.

There have been 2999 visits to the website since Bill set it up. That's pretty impressive I think.

Best to all....hope to see you there in 139 days.


Your Reunion Coordinators

Tom Kirkham (10/3/2005)
From Phoenix, Arizona
I've got some pictures on a separate page of my web site It is marked Airforce ss and has some pics from Chicksands (trip to Gordon Gin Factory) and Kirknewton. If anyone can put names to the people would appreciate it and will up date as I get info back. Can't get back to the reunion but wish all well and a safe trip. Duty was from 7/64 to Scotland and about 1/66 to 7/67 in England.

Tracy Chandler (Agnew) (8/3/2005)
From las vegas , nevada
looking for Randy Rodelo was stationed at chicksands early 80's. Just want to say hi and see how you are?

Chicksands Reunion Coordinators (5/3/2005)


For so many Chicksands veterans and dependents, their time spent there is a very
special part of the span of years they have been allotted. Even though perhaps
unrealized during a youthful tour featuring fun pursuits that overshadowed military
duty, service at Chicksands is now remembered as an important contribution to the
US and its allies and being on the Chicksands team in whatever role is a source
of justifiable pride.

For almost ten years, former Chicks have gathered at reunions, written books, painted
pictures, and posted website notes affirming the affection held for our former base
and her extended family, now widely scattered over time and space.

For so many, going back to Chicksands is important; a need to be fulfilled. Our
veterans group has been very fortunate, indeed, especially since the USAF withdrawal,
to have been befriended and welcomed by generous hosts who worked closely with some
among us who planned and coordinated reunions and individual visits. But time marches
swiftly on and nothing should be forever taken for granted. The planning of a reunion
by foreigners at a military base perpetually at a high Defence Condition takes delicate
nurturing and considerable work.

Many Chicksands veterans are approaching hourglass milestones beyond which the ability
to travel abroad is not assured. Neither can we assume an unbroken string of hosts
willing to put up with us, advocates able to spend time opening doors for us, or
coordinators among us known to our hosts and able and willing to pull so many bits

The end of July fast approaches. If Chicksands is a special place in your heart
and you'd like to revisit, join us this time round. A "next time" isn't

Joe Prati (25/2/2005)
From charleroi, Pa
spent 3 fun years at raf chicksands(68-71) sorry to learn that the old base is no longer. if any of the base team soccer players from that time frame ever come on here would love to hear from you. we had a very nice team and enjoyed playing with all of you.

David Greenawalt (18/2/2005)
From Yuma, Az
I was stationed at Chicksands from April 1964to April 1967.I had a wonderfultime there,I was on charlie flight with a bunch of nice guys. Would like to here from any of them.Many a nights playing darts at the "Dirty Duck"and the times in London.I've been back twice and love the country.

David Greenawalt (18/2/2005)
From Yuma, Az
I was stationed at Chicksands from April 1964to April 1967.I had a wonderfultime there,I was on charlie flight with a bunch of nice guys. Would like to here from any of them.Many a nights playing darts at the "Dirty Duck"and the times in London.I've been back twice and love the country.

Cadar B. Helms (17/2/2005)
From Fort Worth, Texas
Hello all. I am looking for a 7274 Air Base Group patch in both subdued and color if possible. If anyone can help I am willing to pay for or trade for the patch. Please feel free to email me at:


7274 SPS '81-'83

John Morris (14/2/2005)
From Hayes, Va.
Have attempted to contact Roger Ward via the address given on his post of Jan 15th, but it keeps bouncing back as undeliverable.

Roger, Please get back with me..


Bill Grayson (13/2/2005)

Fellow Chicks: let's meet for a drink at the Green Man in Stanford the evening of July 29th. To kick-off the reception for what will be an important and memorable reunion back at our favourite base, I will buy the first drink for each reunion attendee (all services, dependents, civilians).

You need to be there as we rededicate the Lest We Forget Memorial, including in thoughts and prayers our UK/US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will be raising new US and POW/MIA flags that you will want to hold for a few moments beforehand.

You need to be there as we rededicate the US Room of the Intelligence Museum and turn over newly-collected artificts of the US era at Chicksands.

You need to be there to help plant a memorial tree in the Priory's Walled Garden.

You mustn't miss the opportunity to join a special dinner in the Priory or the fun outdoor BBQ we are planning.

Sign up ASAP; I'll see you at the bar of the Green Man!


Chicksands Reunion '05 (12/2/2005)
From Shrewsbury, PA
A recent check of airfare from the east coast reveals some reasonable fares..... example - Baltimore Washington International to London Heathrow - on British Airways the coach class ticket is $590 return including taxes and fees. That is down nearly $200 since a check yesterday....I booked using Expedia. Hope to see you at the reunion. Becky

robert w miller (23/1/2005)
From tampa , fla
looking for charly brown

SUSAN (23/1/2005)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!I have not checked in for a while and also have a new email address. I am still looking for DAVE SNOW and JOE PARKS who were stationed at CHICKSANDS in the late fifties early sixties.GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!

Dailey Upshaw (14/1/2005)
From Omaha, NE
Looking for some friends I was stationed with from July 1983 - June 1987. Cassandra M. Gorman (daughters Nicole & Patricia); William Stephens (wife Barbara); Carla Hickman (son Jason). Send e-mail if you see this. Thanks, Dale

Georges L. Mener (14/1/2005)
From Corvallis, Benton/Oregon
FOR SAM BRASWELL, USAF Chicksands or any other, especially* U.S. Navy Personnel stationed there any part of WW II. Link with, desired.
Also, is this Base still staffed, by U. S. Navy, (Public Knowledge)?

Thank you.

Love & Regards

Chicksands Reunion '05 (9/1/2005)

Meet us in Bedfordshire in 201 days!

Reunion organizers are busy planning this event. Registration and inquiries come in nearly every day so a good event is expected.

Early registration has now ended - reunion registration fees are $45 for individuals and $55 for families/groups.

Please note: the number of tickets to the Priory Dinner is expected to be limited. If this is an important reunion event for you and you hope to attend, please secure your eligiblity by sending your registration as soon as possible.

The reunion website is

Al Anderer (4/1/2005)
From Medford, N J
1963-1966 at Chicksands , some great times and if any Baker trickers are there let here it. Remember basketball chix/oxford Bill Bradley.

steven c bowen (30/12/2004)
From west columbia, south carolina
My father was stationed @ Chicksands RAF from 1953 - 55.with the USAF RADIO COMMUNICATION . During his time , my mother came to stay with him & i was born 05\15\1954 in bedford hospital . I have never visited since we left (i was 18 month old ). His name was Willie C. Bowen (I think most people called him "Jack") I think he ran with a guy Named Kevin Bandle. Just wondering if anyone new him or remembered if he fathered any children before mom arrived?

Chicksands Reunion 05 (26/12/2004)

Congratulations to Phillip & Merrilyn Mitchell of Wisconsin who won the drawing for Chicksands Reunion BBQ tickets.

Please note: Event planning continues - if you have requests or interests that the committees should consider please write to Your input is very important and will contribute to the success of this event.

Happy New Year all....

Jerry Warren (24/12/2004)
From Woburn, Mass
I was at Chicksands from 1969-1972. Would appreciate if any would drop a line and let me know how some of the other folks are. Merry Christmas, Jerry Warren

Guy W. Green (16/12/2004)
From Cartersville, Ga
RAF Chicksands Jul 90 - Jul 93. Worked in MPF(CBPO)Training Manager ie CDC's, 623's etc... If you remember me, e-mail me. Also TRM 123.

Jerry Dewey (9/12/2004)
From Lakeside, Ca
62-65 BAKER FLT---anybody know the whereabouts of Bernard(MIKE)Hornbrook from Flippen Ark?---Last time I saw him he was in Sacramento Ca. that was in 1966---Thanks Bedford for this website, sure brought back A LOT OF GOOD MEMORIES.

J. Jones (6/12/2004)
From Ottawa, Canada
I remember the Peacock pub on Mill Street and the Corn Exchange dances 1958/59. Also remember a few names, John Dankowicz, Terry Robards, locals (blokes) Dex Dodson and Denny (???) ... Wonder where they are.

Do they still put lime juice in their lager?

Paul B. Lajoie (2/12/2004)
From Billerica, Massachusetts, USA
Greetings all. I'm one of the old timers. 1956/1959. I was an equiptment repairman but spent a good part of my time climbing all 5 of those lovely towers, 280Ft high. Part of my job was antenna maintenance. I did manage to excape with one of your nice girls. I married her in 58 and had a son in 59. I would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Cheers. Paul B. Lajoie

Greg Stamper (29/11/2004)

Whoops. Correction: John was at Chix in the 70s. Berlin in the early 80s. I met him in Monterey in 1983. Sorry for any confusion.

Greg Stamper (29/11/2004)

I've posted here before to no avail, but thought I would try one last time.

I'm looking for John Jenkins. Russian 208, stationed at Chix in the late 70s/early 80s. John was later commissioned and went to Sicily, I believe.

Feel free to forward any info. Thanks.

Stuart phipps (25/11/2004)
From Lower stondon, beds
LOST DOG last seen in chicksands woods on 17th of Nov if anyone knows of any information please contact me on 01462-815535 and ask to speak to Sue



Cheryl Ventura (22/11/2004)
From Burbank, CA
I would love to hear from anyone who may have known a young Air Force man stationed at Chicksands in the late 1950s, early 1960s by the name of Max Ventura.

If you knew him, please email me with your memories of him. I am working on a project and would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

Mary Jo Kean, nee Hughes (8/11/2004)
From Auburn, AL
My Dad, James Hughes, was stationed at Chicksands from 1974 - 1977. I was in 3rd - 5th grade there. I would love to hear from fellow classmates or anyone that remembers our family.

Chicksands Reunion 2005 (31/10/2004)
From Shrewsbury, PA
To be eligible for free BBQ tickets please send your registration form and fee. A drawing of the first 50 registrants will be held on December 1 to award the prizes.

I will be in the Shefford area in early December 2004. I'll have update on accomodations and eating establishments when I return. This info will be posted to the website.

Cheers all - Happy Thanksgiving


Dennis Greeno (23/10/2004)
From Goodlettsville, TN 37072
I was a member of 6950th Able Flight from Nov 1975 to Oct 1978. Lived at 60 Oak Road in Bedford.

Jeff Watson (22/10/2004)
From Douglasville, Georgia
Was there from 1982-86. I used to dj for the teens at parties at the priory. Best friend was Brian (forgot his last name). We were on several softball teams together. He worked at the chapel as an admin spec. I worked at the HQ as a Management Analyst. Anyone who may remember those times feel free to email me. (My two daughters loved feeding the ducks at the lake!) Like all the others, best assignment of my career.

Lucy & Chris Walker (23/9/2004)
From Bedford, England
Sue & Chris Morasci, thanks for the reply to my message, I am having a problem getting my email through to you, im not sure why, prehaps you could email me. we look forward to hearing from you both

Coach Willie Stephens (22/9/2004)
From IL
My name is Coach Willie Stephens, I remember some great times, winning the UK basketball championship, Col Jack Deilman was the commander, I was there from 86-89, I really like to find my best friend who stayed in England after the service, his name is Mark Dawson. I neve forget the people in Bedford and shefford, they open there hearts and mind to all of us. Thanks for making your towns a home away from home.

Sincerely Coach Willie

Jason Foster (18/9/2004)
From Chaska, Minnesota
Hello alumni of R.A.F Chicksands. It has been quite some time since my first post which was in November of '97. I was 15 at the time and posted a inquiry of my father Wayne G. Foster who was stationed at Chicksands I believe from '88-'91 as a cryptologist. I am looking for information of any sort about his death. I also have some general questions about his life while he was there. I apologize for the bluntness and saddening post but I feel closure is way past due.

I hope all who are reading this, can understand that I was a young child at the time about 8. I now have many unanswered questions about the passing of my father and would like to speak to people who new him or our family.

When I first posted in '97 I had some very informitive replies from some incredibly nice individuals. Thank you to all!!! I have lost touch of these people and would like to get into contact with them once again. I also would encourage anyone who I have not talked to please email me. I would greatly appreciate it.

I thank you all who have served in the Air Force. You are the ones who make the United States the greatest nation. Maybe you feel your service goes unnoticed, but it doesnt. I will continue to keep our nation, service men/women and President in prayer. Thank you for reading my post. God Bless

Jason Foster

Ed Maloof (14/9/2004)
From Concord, New Hampshire
Looking for Margaret (nee) Thompson. Bedford 1958 thru 1961

Randall Groombridge (10/9/2004)
From Fort Worth, Texas , USA
Looking for Kathleen Blackall, Kathy Loftis, Elaine Miller, Harry Pike, Rebecca (Becky) Berkley, and Terry Iaria.

Chris & Sue Morasci (9/9/2004)
From Paker, Colorado
This is in response to the note left by Chris and Lucy Walker. Received an e-mail from a friend saying you were trying to track us down. We're living in Colorado now and have been for about 9 years. Send me an e-mail

Chicksands Reunion 05 Coordinators (28/8/2004)

Many of you have visited our reunion planning website at That site is updated frequently so please keep checking back.

We have a few registrations already and wish to thank those of you who have submitted registration forms and checks to demonstrate your interest and support of this reunion effort.

Please keep those registrations coming and be sure to notify your Chicksands friends who may not have internet access. If you are willing to volunteer for the reunion let us know at

Early registration incentive: Of the first 50 registrations received we will have a drawing for 2 passes to the reunion BBQ. If you have already registered you are already in contention for the BBQ tickets!

pammi (25/8/2004)
From Chicksands, Shefford

Im currently living at Chicksands and love to hear that so many people have had happy times here. The pictures are fantastic. If anybody would like any information or pictures please email me

Sid Leluan (dependant) (23/8/2004)
From Tucson, Arizona
Stationed with my Father (deceased 9/99) SSgt sidney J "Rocky" Leluan from 1967-1973. Should anyone have kids who were with you at that time (7-13 y.o.) who would like to share memories, I'd love to hear from you/them. Keep the fond memories of Chicksands close. Sid III,

Gordon Hale (18/8/2004)
From Salt Lake City, Utah,USA
(second try, accidently wiped out the first effort !!!!)
Now. In 1945-46 I was stationed at RAF Cardington with the 102 Demob Unit. Sometime during that time we had a unit photograph taken, the whole lot of us on bleacher seats.
When I moved to the USA I left my copy of the photograph behind with my family (since deceased). Now that I am in my 80's, I have been trying to find a copy from various sources, but no luck. Came across your web- sight and, what the heck, maybe you can find one ?
I was in the RAF from 1940 to 1946.
Sorry to say I was never at Chicksands.
Any help you can give will be very much appreciated. Hope its not too much bother.

Thanks for reading this,
Gordon Hale.

David Kidd (14/8/2004)
From Dayton, Ohio
i was stationed at Chix from 1985-89 as a 306x0 (crypto)was married but wife and step kids went back to states, my daughter stayed with me. was a part time bartender at the Rod and Gun. Would like to hear from anyone who knows the whereabouts of Bobbie Taylor (AYA director)Robbie Kennedy (British) or Ms Janet Ivy (mainden Name. Hope to make in to the reunion in 2005. Thanks for the memories.

William Goodliffe (12/8/2004)
From East Hendred, Oxfordshire
I did not serve at Chicksands, but was the next door neighbour of Dennie and Jeannie McDermott, and their two sons Michael and Mark. Dennie served at Chicksands in the late 1980s when I was only five years old and me and his sons used to play together. I'm trying to get in touch with them as a treat for my Mum, and to let them know I'll be attending Georgetown University in their home city of Washington, DC this coming academic year. If you are Dennie or Jeannie, or know of them, please email me at the supplied address I'd be hugely grateful and it would mean a lot to my Mum. Thanks, Will Goodliffe

Lucy & Chris Walker (10/8/2004)
From Bedford, United Kingdom
WE are still trying to contact Chris & Sue Morrasci (not sure of the spelling) who were ststioned at Chicksands mid 70's, I did receive an email saying that Chris was last known to be working for Lockhead Martin. Any one who knows there whereabouts, please leave a message on this site.


Alumni Coordinators (5/8/2004)

We have opened a new website for planning and coordinating the 28 July-2 August 2005 reunion at the Priory. Preliminary info is up now and more is coming very soon. Please check
2005 Reunion

mrs yrena fright (26/7/2004)
From hitchin, herts
updating all my messages on all boards,
looking for bob mcdonald he served at chicksands 1971-72 any one who new of him or knows of his current whereabouts please contact me asap,
thank you
mrs yrena fright.

suzanne toates (12/7/2004)
From blackpool, lancashire
looking for kathy martinez(formerly)not sure of new married name. worked together at the child care centre chicksands 1988-89. if anyones knows of her whereabouts please contact me.

Suzanne Toates (12/7/2004)
From blackpool, lancashire
hi,i worked at the child care centre at chicksands from 1988-1990.I would love to hear from anyone who also worked there at that time and anyone who remembers me.

Brian Snyder (8/7/2004)
From SA , TX
Still looking or Jerry Rice--"E&I" team out of Kelly. We put in a LOT of time at Chix!

Fred Vairetta (29/6/2004)
From Susanville, California
Just looking for my old buddies that were on Able Comm. from 1969 thru 1972.

Chicksands Alumni & Friends (29/6/2004)

Important Chicksands Alumni & Friends announcement expected July 1, 2004. Please check htm soon…

Maurice (Reese) Anderson (3/6/2004)
From Salisbury, Maryland
Just wanted to update my Email. 1978-1980 was my time in paradise. DOFC . 207x1 RDF.
If anyone remembers me drop me a line, I would love to hear from You.

Bill Loyacono (2/6/2004)
From Hernando, MS
Anyone I know out there?? Worked at Post Office in 78-80. Played football when we won the UK Championship.

Work with Corps of Engineers in MS just South of Memphis, TN

Ken Pierce (26/5/2004)
Was stationed twice at the Sands, Mar 67 - Dec 69 and Jun 72 - Jun 77. AFSC: 702X0. First tour: Worked in Pers and Maint on the hill. Spent numerous hours in the Airmen's and R&G Club. Nickname was Hawkeye. Married an English girl before I left, like so many of us, still married to her. Second tour: Worked in both orderly rooms, Scty Sq & Scty Gp. Had some wonderful times, both tours. Would like to hear from anyone that may remember me. Cheers.

Bob Pratt (18/5/2004)
From Haughton, La.
Stationed @ RAF Chicksand from Feb 63 thru March 65. I still miss the place!!

Keith Grendahl (4/5/2004)
From USA
I know us oldtimer are getting pretty scarce but would like to hear from anyone from the 7534th Dispensary from the early 60's, or anyone who frequented Condelis during that same period.

John Wright (1/5/2004)
From South Portland, Maine
Served at Base Supply 1967-1970 looking for any friends from that time. I have had contact with Sharon Butcher, James Warren, Emory Dodge and John Walker from the 2167th Maintenance. Anyone else around ?

Chuck Schultz (24/4/2004)

Lived at 65 Foster Hill Road in Bedford from 66 to 68. Across the street was a grocery store called Readman's. We are planning a trip back to England and Chicksands and are wondering if the Readman family still has the store and if our old "flat" is still there. The Readmans were very nice people. Mainly remember Yvonne and her brother whose name I think was Colin but am not sure. Would like to hear from anyone with info or who knew us when we were there.

Gordon (22/4/2004)
From Langley AFB, Virginia
Stationed at the Clinic from 84-97. Can you believe it, I am still in. Just back from the desert, and probably heading there again soon. Is anyone from the old medical crew still around. Col Brannon was the boss, and Russ Baker, the shirt. The crew used to be Bob Sanchez, Tom Hodges, Jeff Health, Steve Smolinki, Dave Bauer, and many others. Drop me a line if you can.

Howard Aubrey (17/4/2004)
From Burlington, Kentucky
I believe the all era Chix reunion at Wright-Pat is going to be cancelled due to lack of participation. Sharon, please correct me if I am wrong.

Here's a proposal: Who would be interested in just an informal get together there on that Saturday in August? We could meet at a designated time in the Museum parking lot and see where it goes from there. This could be a total flop or a lot of fun. I'd be willing to keep a list of names of those who indicate they would be interested, and provide it on request. Who knows, if we could get enough names, maybe we could still get a formal reunion going. If you are interested, let me know:

Howard Aubrey
Chix 1978-1981

George B.Montague (17/4/2004)
From Minchinbury, New South Wales
I am saddened to announce the passing of Ed Wiggins. Ed was one of the earliest alumni of the 10th RSM. This was announced in the latest FTVA Newsletter

Phil Williams (16/4/2004)
From Momence, IL
I was stationed at Chicksands from 1973-1976,in the Security Police/Law Enforcement field. I now live about an hour south of Chicago. Looking for anyone from that AFSC or others from that time period.

Sharon Lee Butcher (16/4/2004)

For various reasons, the proposed 2004 Chix reunion at Wright-Patterson has been cancelled. I regret any inconvenience. Interest in a gathering was not sufficient to proceed.

Peter Nicholls (22/3/2004)

My father served the school for about 24 years ending in about 1994 if anyone remembers their Host nations Advisor/ History Teacher please get in touch.

Robert Lanning (16/3/2004)
From Cibolo, Texas
Anyone who knew Larry Lanning, my father, who was stationed at RAF Chicksands in the early '60s, please contact me at

- Robert Lanning

Keith Grendahl (8/3/2004)
From Orlando, Florida
Thanks to the Bedford Borough Council for maintaining the great site. I was a medic at Chicksands 1960-1963. It was the best assignment I could have wanted. I loved the English countryside and the people of Bedford were wonderful. I vividly remember the embankment, Bedford Park and of course the old Flower Pot. Many pleasant evenings of ale and darts. I treasure the time I spent with you.

Dennis Severson (18/2/2004)
From Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Was at the Sands in 65 & 66 as a RFP/DF operator on Able Flight. Will be going back to England with my wife and would like to visit Chicksands with my wife on either July 1 or 2, 2004.
I understand the base is no longer a USAF base but a multi-national Security Training Center.
I need some help. Does anyone have the address of the base so I can write a "how do I do get information on how to revisit the base letter" and/or a name/phone number of anyone on base that might help me make arrangements to revisit the Sands?

Randall Groombridge (13/2/2004)
From Fort Worth, Texas
Assigned to Base Law Enforcement from 1977 - 1979. The "Best Assignment" ever in my 20 years in the AF. (RAF Chicksands was definately the AF's "Best Kept Secret")

harry raymond (11/2/2004)
From columbia, md
hello there. i was stationed there from 1965 through 1967. does anyone out there remember being there at that time?

Sharon Lee Butcher (11/2/2004)


Larry Churchill (26/1/2004)
From Pensacola, Florida
Second Annual 2167th Comm Sqdn ("D" Flight)--

We are having a reunion for members of the 2167th Comm Sq.

who served at Chicksands between 1963 and 1970. It will be

held on Sat. August 7, 2004 in Pensacola, Florida .

For more information e-mail :

Larry Churchill

Sharon Lee Butcher (24/1/2004)
From TN
Yes, a 2004 ALL-ERA Chix reunion is being planned for Wright-Patterson AFB USAF Museum in Aug. The Cold War wing of the museum is now open. It will not be as elaborate as the 2000 biggie in the UK, but it promised to be a lot of fun. The museum simply cannot be beat. Watch for further details. Care to help? Let me or Bill Grayson know if you can support the committee in any way.

Alumni Coordinators (19/1/2004)

Mark your calendar: we will hold a reunion 20-22 AUG 04 at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton OH.

We plan a relaxed, informal, low-intensity get-together centered on opportunities for small group interaction, relaxed picnic and BBQ mealtimes, plus a tour of the USAF Museum.

Watch for details our official website: (click on the Wright-Pat Reunion button, which will be updated shortly). We are in the process of picking "headquarters" hotels in 3 price categories.

For now, if you are interested in possibly attending, please post a follow-up on Write your full name(s), number of persons attending, your city/state, and please type out your email address.

CAN YOU VOLUNTEER TO HELP WITH ADMINISTRATION AND/OR LOGISTICS? We need former Chicks to help get the word out, answer questions, and compile registration. We also need Chicks on the ground in Ohio to help with hotels, meals, and etc.

Roger Ward (17/1/2004)
From Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
I would be pleased to hear from anyone who can help build up the Friends of Chicksands Priory archives. Photographs of the Priory, gardens and estate to compliment those which we have to date.
especially on of the interior, 1940-. Newspaper cuttings ref. to the same and to the ghostly occurences which are said to have happened. Many will know that we have more than one ghost, although Rosata is perhaps the most famous. If you have an experience you wish to send, I will consider including it in a new book about the Priory to update the 1982 Legend and Lore. thank you.

Susan Colon (17/1/2004)
From Incirlik AFB, Turkey
If any one knows Brian McGivena,, he lives on LUCAS WAY in Shefford,, could you please pass my email addie on to him. My husband Cisco was there in April, May time frame of last year and visited with him,, thats when we found out his wife had passed away. Not to long afterwords are cp crashed and we lost his email. We both really want to hear from me.
Susan and Cisco Colon

Richard Schwing (9/1/2004)
From Orlando, Florida
I would like to get in touch with anyone on Baker Flight, stationed ther during the years of

Richard Schwing

Maggi (6/1/2004)
From Perth, Western Australia
I am not an ex service personnel, and I wasn't stationed at Chicksands. I was bought up in a childrens home in Bedford from 1953 - 1963. I just want to say 'thank you' to all the people involved in giving us an enormous Christmas party every year. We were treated with such generosity, and confronted by so much food, some of which we had never seen before. We were also given a Christmas present to take home! It really was a happy and important event in many childrens' lives. Thank you so very much
Maggi Bebb

Jim Hart (5/1/2004)
From Richmond, Texas
Happy New Year to all who still visit this notice board. Baker Flight 68-70

brad fennell (29/12/2003)
From oxnard, ca
I'm looking for some old friends. If any parents are familar with my last name and have sons or daughters that where stationed at Chicksands in the early 80's please write back.

Jonathan Sayers (1/12/2003)
From Reading, UK, Berks
Can anybody tell me where in the UK I can buy a copy of the Grayson book on Chicks?

Also, please visit my site on RAF Greenham Common:

BillJones (23/11/2003)
From Houston, Tx
Does anyone remember and/or know the where abouts of John Sullivan,Hartford, Ct.,Dog trick 58-61.

SUSAN (13/11/2003)
From NJ

Bill Bryant (3/11/2003)
From Tallassee , Alabama 36078
The Fifth Annual Reunion of the 50's Fighting Chicks saw the largest group yet converge at Virginia Beach, VA, on October 22-25. Phil and Jill Parker superbly arranged the affair, and for those of you who didn't make it, you missed a hum-dinger. Next year's reunion is scheduled for Myrtle Beach, SC, tenatively for Oct. 25-28, with Jim(Popeye)Romano and charming wife, Rosalie (who'll probably do most of the work) in charge of arrangements. The Hampton Inn at Broadway, on the beach, is the designated hostelery. If you were at th' Sands anytime during the 50's, any AFSC, any trick, come join us. It's a great time to buy back those wonderful years when you had the world by the tail and were certain you were immortal.

James L. Horner, Msgt, USAF Ret (18/10/2003)
From Haverhill, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Looking for anyone that remembers me and was stationed at 774th Air Base Group,Transportation, RAF Chicksands from 24 July 1988 to September 1994.

Marcia (29/9/2003)
From Leander, TX
Greetings to all. My name is Marcia. My mothers maiden name was Zelma Chamberlain. I was born in 1969 in Bedford, England. Reportedly, my father was stationed at Chicksands Air Force Base. I now reside in the USA. I am looking for my biological father.

Kenneth Booth or Booze.

ANY information would be greatly appreciated no matter how far fetched it may seem. I have a blood disorder that has put me in the hospital and close to death a couple of times and I would love to meet my father. I have five wonderful children who would also love to meet their grandfather. I hold no grudges, would just like to get the chance to meet him.

Thank You or

Al 'Doc' Taylor (2/9/2003)
From Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Just added 267+ Chix Pix at:

2167 COMRON 1966 - 1969

Donnie Feltner - hiding in the mountains of KY.
Big John Foster - Washington state

Still looking for:
() Steven Baker "Stretch" Moore - California
() Mark Hurst - Utah
() Dennis Zulewski - Buffalo NY
() Richard Thompson - "Cheese Country"

Mother needs VW to go to the store. Time running out. Call home immediately!

Aubrey W. Burdette (Burt) (2/9/2003)
From Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida
My wife and I just returned from a visit to Ohio. While there we visited the AirForce Musem at Wright- Patterson AFB. We had planned to attend the reunion there this year and was dissapointed that it was posponed until next year. However, we had a great visit there ant he musem is an absolutely a must. I will encourage all to make plans for next years reunion at this base. My years at the Sands were 53 to 55 and still remain as one of my best memories. Any old timers, let me here from you.

Barry "Jabs" Jablon (6/8/2003)
From Warwick, Pennsylvania
This E-mail is addressed to Donald Fay who left a message on this site some time ago.
I was stationed at Chicksands from late 1962 until late 1965. I lived in Baker Dorm and worked shift work until mylast six months at which time I went on straight days. I was friendly with Bill Leone, Dennis Greensides, Steve Kufrin, etc. I seem to recall your name and I have tried to E-mail you at the address you listed but my messages keep coming back as"undeliverable".
Are you the Fay I served with?

yrena (31/7/2003)
From hitchin, herts

Mike Bryant (18/7/2003)
From Gadsden, Alabama
Well, I just browsed through the comments section and I now feel really old. Just one ol' geezer older than me. I was stationed at Chicksands from '58-61'. We were the last out of the Q-hut's into the new dorms. Man it was like living in a hotel. I remember that the food was always good, or maybe as young as I was, I was just always hungry. I have attempted to locate a few of the fellows I served with in "D" block with little success. Has anyone ever heard from Sgt. Guy A. Payne? Probably left around '63.
Had a lot of good friends there during those years. Rotating shifts, first every 3 days, then every 5 days. You never knew if you were coming or going. Later, Mike

Al Doc Taylor (14/7/2003)
From Indianapolis, Indiana
Just added 267+ Chix Pix at:

2167 COMRON 1966 - 1969

Donnie Feltner - hiding in the mountains of KY.
Big John Foster - Washington state

Still looking for:
() Steven Baker "Stretch" Moore - California
() Mark Hurst - Utah
() Dennis Zulewski - Buffalo NY
() Richard Thompson - "Cheese Country"

Mother needs VW to go to the store. Time running out. Call home immediately!

Martin Dickinson (10/7/2003)
From Towcester, Northamptonshire,
I am the assistant director of the NENE VALLEY CHAPTER. This is the Harley Davidson chapter covering Northants, Beds and Bucks and am looking to be put in touch with your motorcycle club, if you have one.
The reason for this message is to forge links with Chicksands to organise a get together for a ride out next year.

My background is as follows:
1976-78 Bedfordshire Police
1978-83 British Military
1985-date Prison Service.

I am obviously aware of your need for stringent security procedures but maybe if I could be put into communication with somebody from the base we may be able to forge a link.

Martin Dickinson

Martin Dickinson (10/7/2003)
From Towcester, Northamptonshire,
I am the assistant director of the NENE VALLEY CHAPTER. This is the Harley Davidson chapter covering Northants, Beds and Bucks and am looking to be put in touch with your motorcycle club, if you have one.
The reason for this message is to forge links with Chicksands to organise a get together for a ride out next year.

My background is as follows:
1976-78 Bedfordshire Police
1978-83 British Military
1985-date Prison Service.

I am obviously aware of your need for stringent security procedures but maybe if I could be put into communication with somebody from the base we may be able to forge a link.

Martin Dickinson

Paul Wood (30/6/2003)
From Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England
Researching Richard Bloodsworth: Chicksands 1953 to 1955.
I am researching my family history and would like to find anyone who knows, or knew of, A1C Richard S Bloodsworth, AFSC 29150, 10th RSM (designation changed to 6951st RSM in May 1955), home state Florida.
If you can help please contact me at: or

Many thanks
Paul Wood

Raymond 'Paddy' Buick (27/6/2003)
From Canterbury, Kent

I was stationed at Chicksand priory in 1944 / 1945 and again from 1946 / 1947 in the RAF. I always remember my time there fondly, and it would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me from then, assuming some of you are still around !!!!


Ray (My son's)

Donald Fay (24/6/2003)
From Orlando, Fl

Maggie (1/6/2003)
From Ampthill, Beds
Hold on to your memories as all has changed at Chicksands over the past few years, all your houses stand empty and wasted, we miss your wonderful 4th July celebrations and all the kind generosity given to the local people in the area. The elephant cage has long gone. with good wishes to you all.

CA&F (8/5/2003)
From Washington,
We have a new but limited supply of Fighting Chick Shirts in the Gift Shop of our official website, See a photo and description there. Shirts, including S&H are $32.00 with 100% of proceeds going to Chix Alumni projects (Priory and Intel Museums, obelisk restoration) and to USO care packages for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Only Large and Extra Large sizes available.

Gene Craft (3/5/2003)
From Wilmington, DE
1983 to 1985 Tour at Sands. Great memories. 304x4 Radio Repair in LGM. I fixed your R-390s, Racals and everything in between. Now, practicing law in Media, PA. And not on mids anymore. What I wouldn't give for a pint of bitter. I miss my friend Sam Whitbread. Anyone a member of the White Heart, Shefford Dart team 83-85, then please email me. How about the pubs in Hitchin? Lived at 36 Ivel Road, Shefford. Do you remember the Chinese take-out at pub closing time? Still have my dart board and golf clubs from the R&G. Hey, Gary Stearns, Joe Zelnis, Eric Pace, Dave "Chico" Moreno, Tony Manucci, and all others from maintenance, get in touch!

David A. Weimer (1/5/2003)
From O'fallon, Mo.
I was stationed at Chicks from 05/62 thru 12/64 as a 292x2 with Charlie flight. When I got there the elephant cage did'nt exist and our chow hall was the Priory. Yeh, sneaking across the Commanders parade field for midnight chow was always an adventure. You had to be there. Our Ops were the old block buildings on the hill behind the post office. I was in "J" block. When the new Ops center and the cage went operational we thought we were something special. Could'nt beleive all that new equipment. My roommate was Larry "touch" Johnson. We ran together thru tech school at Goodfellow in Texas and then at Chicks. I lost touch with him after Chicksands. Another good friend was Joe Gilbert. I was later stationed with him at Karamursel in Turkey. If anyone out there knows of them or their whereabouts I would be greatful. I just found this site and it sure brought back some fond memories not to mention a slight bit of moisture to the eyes. Thanks and have a great day.

Sharon Lee Butcher (28/4/2003)

For a most interesting news story about Chicksands possibly housing some of the former Iraqi military elite, please go to,,2-2003191124,00.html

Sharon Lee Butcher (23/4/2003)

An all-era Chix reunion is being postponed from 2003 to 2004, likely centering around Wright-Patterson AF Musuem, Dayton, OH.

Margaret C. Rhodes (21/4/2003)
From Battle Ground, Washington
Hi I'm looking for Margaret Burns and John R. Kivett, if anyone knows their current address of phone, I could really use it at this time.
MSgt Margaret Rhodes

Phyllis Mazzarisi (15/4/2003)
From st. petersburg, fl
I was a 207x2 from 83 till 85 on Dawg Flight. Any old friends out there email me.

Sharon Lee Butcher (9/4/2003)

All-Era Chix Reunion - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH - 1-3 Aug 2003

Reunion Headquarters Hotel: Holiday Inn North, 2301 Wagner Ford Road, Dayton, Ohio, 45414, telephone 937-278-4871. The hotel is about 10 minutes from the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB. Everyone please contact the hotel individually and make your own reservation.

Banquet dinner on Friday eve, 1 Aug, in the Holiday Inn. Speaker from the Museum invited. Dinner cost yet to be determined.

Informal outdoor BBQ Saturday eve $10.00 per person (under 5 free). (Watch this space for details).***

This reunion will be loosely structured, permitting people to renew acquaintances, and come/go as they please. We plan to organize a group tour of the Museum's Cold War Wing. The Dayton area also has quite a lot to offer visitors.

Contact Jeff Ewing at if interested in attending. Registration fees to be announced soon.

david robersond (31/3/2003)
From Memphis, tn
Lets all support our troops in this dire moment. Tell the world that Peter Arnett has just become the Jane Fonda of this war.


Rebecca Fahey (29/3/2003)
From Shrewsbury, PA USA
Greetings! There is a reunion in the works....planned for late summer '03 in Dayton Ohio, home of Wright Patterson AFB. Sharon Butcher is the primary contact and I believe Jeff Ewing is helping out a lot too....Anyhow, my role is to update the emailing list - so if you attended the Y2K reunion at Chicksands (we had a good time right???) and your email address has changed since that time - please send me your update.

If you didn't attend Y2K and would like info on the Dayton reunion please send me your snail mail and email information - I can add you to the list - so that you will get the info from Sharon & Jeff.

Jim, Brea & I visited Chicksands just before Christmas - we had a great visit to the base, Intelligence Museum and of course the Priory. The walled garden didn't look like much in the dead of winter - but it was still there!

Take wishes to all and please support our troops (US, UK and others) and all those who serve. Pray for peace!


Chicksands Alumni & Friends
Program Coordinator
former USAF SSgt, RAF Chicksands, 1976-79

From Indianapolis, Indiana
Just added 267+ Chix Pix at:

2167 COMRON 1966 - 1969

Donnie Feltner - hiding in the mountains of KY.
Big John Foster - Washington state

Still looking for:
() Steven Baker "Stretch" Moore - California
() Mark Hurst - Utah
() Dennis Zulewski - Buffalo NY
() Richard Thompson - "Cheese Country"

Mother needs VW to go to the store. Time running out. Call home immediately!

Bill Grayson (18/3/2003)
From Washington,
To my sister and brother volunteers for military service,

It is only time that separates us from our troops now making ready to go in harm?s way. Whether you are an ex-Chick of 1950 or 1995 or some period in-between, first you volunteered to be sent anywhere, perhaps for dangerous duty, and only then did you get lucky to receive a Chicksands assignment, good for a few years. Over a quarter-million US and allied service people are preparing in the Mid East because, first, they volunteered.

At our rededication of the ?Lest We Forget? Monument at the Y2K Reunion, I offered an observation that I feel even more strongly about today:

?The single most defining difference separating military duty from civilian life is obedience to orders in an environment characterized by austerity, unpredictability, and possible danger. Troops ordered to troubled areas go. This monument commemorates those who followed orders and made a sacrifice by putting aside preference, comfort and safety. No one can ever count on always being safe but uniformed service people swear an oath to follow orders and some are sent to Chicksands while others go to combat or dangerous operations.?

Our young people over there are our replacements down the years. They and the families left behind deserve our respect, our support and our prayers.

God Bless our Nation and its Troops, Our Leaders, Our Allies.

russell suter (13/3/2003)
From biggleswade, Beds
My grandfather, Peter Coombes was an RAF serviceman based at Chicksands during WW2. He died recently & I'm hoping to do some sort of memoir thingy for him.

Does anyone know of him, Sandy or Leslie(I think) Vinney or of a RAF site for this era to discuss this issue and others such as reunions.

Thanks in anticipation

Russ Suter

Guy Green (12/3/2003)
From Cartersville, GA
RAF Chicksands Jul 90 - Jul 93. Worked in MPF(CBPO)Training Manager ie CDC's, 623's etc... If you remember me, e-mail me. Also TRM 123.

Timothy C. Cassidy (11/3/2003)
From Chillicothe, Missouri, USA
Was at Chicksands from April '79 to April '80. Assigned to JOCC "B" while there. CMSGT Dokman was the top enlisted man there and Major White and Major Scott were the commanders. Played on the Flag Football and Basketball teams. Worked with Bill Pierce, Jeff Rasmussen, Terry "Dex" Reinhardt, Calvin Greene, Russ Jordan, Steve Brandt, Joe and Gwen Crouse, Billy Burton, Ed Alpaugh, Don Miller, Patty Parker, Bob Sexton, Brenda Paine, Phil Darraugh and Hank Akins among others. Had a blast and was amongst the most enjoyable time of my career. Would Love to hear from anyone who was stationed with me and/or who knows me. Enjoy all that life has to offer always.

Joseph Michael Gerhard (10/3/2003)
From St Petersburg, FL USA
A week ago I provided a web site address for a military registry. I did the same for another home page link. I have been told that a CANT FIND came up. However, I did okay with For what it may be worth.

Joseph Michael Gerhard (8/3/2003)
From St Petersburg, Fl
Susan posted a query l2/2/2003 asking about a web site to find ex military personnel. Sent a msg today. Returned because her e-mail address is suspended. I suggested she try The site is supposed to be America's Largest Veteran/Military Registry.

Russell Willcut (5/3/2003)
From Riverside, Ca
Looking for Walt Beatty, Wayne Johnson, Dale Edwards and Sue Gatward. Stationed at the Sands from 66-68.

Sharon Lee Butcher (4/3/2003)
From Tennessee

CHUCK CRAFT (27/2/2003)


Sharon Lee Butcher (24/2/2003)

Re: 2003 Chix Reunion at Wright-Patterson AFB this summer. Due to sudden change in my work, namely shuttle disaster and possible Iraqi invasion, I may have to decline further work on the reunion. Unless someone comes forward soon to assist, particularly in keeping an Excel spreadsheet on interested personnel, I will have to bow out...therefore, no reunion. If anyone can come forward and assist with such a spreadsheet, please do so immediately...front and center! Respond to my work e-mail, please.

SUSAN (12/2/2003)
From NJ

Charlie Whittinghill (10/2/2003)
From Smiths Grove, Kentucky
I was stationed at Chicksands from 1969 thru 1972 and played fast pitch for both the 2167th Comm Sqdn (C flight) and the bast team. I also played and coached basketball for C flight. Here are some of the players I played with on the base softball team in 1971: Coaches- Bob MCelroy and Joe Garrity, players: Bob McDermott, Bob Elliot, Roger Sibole, Dave Siefkas, Ron Bernier, Charlie Schwartz, George Crenshaw, Bill Westwood, Bob Marsh, Ken Brooks, Gary Coley, Ed Jenkins, Luke Sexton and Dick Lenhardt.
Here are the names of the C Flight basketball team: Joseph Donnerberger, Lenny Binder, Vincent Govoni, Robert Thompson Jr, Reynaldo Valencia, James Papinchak, Rickie Barbrey, Eugene Neefe, Francis Walker, Timothy Johnson, Gerald Irby, Merton Hill Jr, Rodney Andrews, and of course we always appreciated the support given to us by our Squadron Commander Capt. Dell'Angella.
Any of you guys see this, e-mail me as I would like to hear from you.

Charlie Whittinghill

Allen "Doc" Taylor (9/2/2003)
From Indianapolis, , Indiana
Just added some Chix Pix at:

2167 COMRON 1966 - 1969

Found Donnie Feltner - hiding in the mountains of KY.

Still looking for:
() Steven Baker "Stretch" Moore - California
() Mark Hurst - Utah
() Dennis Zulewski - Buffalo NY
() Richard Thompson - "Cheese Country"
() Big John Foster - Washington state

Richard Watson (5/2/2003)
From Shady Valley, TN
Would love to hear from Charlie Flight members from the 68 - 71 Vintage.

Coach Willie Stephens (4/2/2003)
From Ft Sheridan , Il
I really enjoy my tour from 86-89 at chickands, I play for the mens basketball team, Coach the women to the United Kingdom Championship, Coach the youth soccer teams on and off base, as well as play for the Base Soccer team. I will never forget the beauty of the people of England as well as the beautiful for the country.

God bless the Queen

Coach Willie Stephens